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  1. "By far"... not exactly, there are certain caveats though. Limiting it to the term "buff" brings it up a bit as well. Well there is a couple of factors to this; the biggest being he is the most straight forward coupled with the limitations of the encounters themselves for most gameplay tactics. Vex certainly doesn't need a buff (not without out some mechanical reorganization) but accepting Chroma as is because he is "good" at a couple of pieces of heavily curated content (which he isn't the de facto necessary pick) that don't reflect the majority of the game is ridiculous. He gets away with because he is simple, If DE didn't touch the numbers but took away self-damage affecting Vex gains I could pretty safely say he would be dead in the water for what everyone praises him for. Considering DE has taken some of their time to remove self-damage interactions (from weapons), leaning so heavy on that to operate him should be a huge red flag. In any case Chroma does what any other frame does without powers... he just does it with more damage and that isn't good design.
  2. Depending on the situation, you don't need to have Peacemaker active all the time anyway. If you are doing enough damage right away (you usually are) you are going to work faster with quick toggles, and benefit from all the energy orbs (plus whatever other energy mechanic you are using) to effectively use it for as long as you want with minimal restrictions. Honestly, Peacemaker is the only exalted-class ability that was designed with the idea of toggling correctly; fairly quick transfers and peak efficiency within seconds. Every other Exalted-class ability is encouraged to pick it over the rest of the gameplay. Clunky slow transfers, added resource investment, a clear downside to having the effect removed (for whatever reason)… but I'll continue on this in a bit. I would like to say however that while Peacemaker is only LoS it is also always 50m range. This follows all of Excalibur's limitations on his other powers (namely Blind; which supplements/covers his weaknesses). Added to that Waves are fairly slow traveling, have damage fall off, and only go to 40m (where they do only 10% of the damage). Personally I think people should factor in players aren't likely to use the waves for the sole purpose of attacking through actual walls for the simple reason that there isn't any mechanics that let you easily see through walls (anymore). Excalibur doesn't always have the luxury to spend time blinding attacking through the wall because if he gets over run or somehow gets flanked, he has himself completely exposed. However, Mesa has 2 fairly powerful omni directional defensive abilities that lower the risk for Mesa to move into LoS all while decimating everything. With that Peacemaker isn't entirely movement restricted. There is the augment of course but since it can be activated in the air (along with the quick toggle and auto aim) it isn't hard to clear whole areas by flinging yourself through the air toggling before you even hit the ground again. There are a lot of things wrong with how most Exalted-class abilities are handled (lets just look at Spectral Scream which follows all the limitations but has no access to mods...) but when has resource management ever been a balance factor for power in Warframe? None, save maybe Peacemaker, are the top tiered "weapons" in their own "slot" let alone weapon class. They all [mostly] have added resource management (energy, now restraint), limited mod selection, disadvantages for toggling off or being dispelled (such as falling/pushed off a map), direct enemy counters (nullifiers, arbitration drones, ancient disruptors; all whom which may force a toggle), and mechanical suppression (energy drain units, certain mechanics, certain modifiers). You know what doesn't have any of that? Normal weapons, many of which deal more damage both faster and larger range and/or area. So why aren't exalted weapons thee peak with all the restrictions and limitations in comparison to everything else in the game. If we are talking about sheer power, EB isn't even the front of the line without also considering Blind (which is dipping more into resource management). But it certainly is a simple to use skill with a balance of both offensive and defensive capabilities. There are certainly valid arguments to suggest that EB is over tuned in comparison to his brothers and sister though realistically they all need buffs (with Valkyr needing some reorganization, especially with Garuda doing her theme so much better). However Serene Storm gets around some of those limitations by detaching itself from energy and focusing more on CC. Baruuk also is far tankier with all his defensive capabilities; I mean just EB vs SS, Baruuk mitigates more damage than Excalibur let alone everything else Baruuk can do. If he could do straight up EB damage he'd just be a better Excalibur. If I were to suggest anything for him it would to add more utility to the ability; like innate debuffs to even further enhance indirectly cripple (lower damage output) and/or make more vulnerable (increase damage dealt to, whether through armor reduction or adding a multiplier of sorts) enemies. In this fashion Baruuk will get a slight boost to his damage that also functions as team utility by supporting the teams damage and increasing their survivability even more. Simply disagreeing with theme direction isn't a call for change unfortunately.
  3. Fairly certain they meant 'percentage' based (it is a form of multiplicative but its product is instead added at the end) being that 'useless on a lot of warframes' was also said. Combined with making the aura a bit more useful for team play means that you are likely bringing down its top end potential. +XXX% of base additional is leagues more useful on already tanky warframes (like say Valkyr who also isn't in any actual particular need of it) than say like Ember. In contrast Oberon has a flat additive buff that is the same for everyone (more useful in buffing up the lower end survivability than the higher end who don't really need it because of diminishing returns).
  4. They didn't "fix" it, they changed it. They basically "corrected" the problem by substituting an apple with an orange rather than getting a new apple. It was multiplicative but now it is additive, that isn't just a fix of the calculations. They could have left it multiplicative (we wouldn't be having the Roar vs Vex discussions quite as frequently)... but they didn't. No matter what would have happened it would have been a change of efficacy thus his strength removed (which is a nerf, justified or not). "Best Turret" is relative, after all the 'rosiest smelling crap is still crap in the end'. It is an energy hog that 'randomly' (it is a windowed timer without the augment) stuns and that randomly attacks single targets (yes it is not AoE). Unless you mean procs which by that it is element dependent and single target (just as random). I honestly can't say for sure how much (if at all) Vex helps Effigy but it still takes around 2k energy to kill a level 120 corrupted Heavy unit. And his 1 will always be trash even with Vex boost as long as its aiming is wonky and it locks you into a stance (like exalted states). When you could just use a Lato and easily surpass your 1s output with everything it makes you do... its not good. Its okay but you then sacrifice other aspects allowing every other amp frame to close the gap (which isn't extremely large to begin with). But fun is what you make it.
  5. I don't know what you are arguing for because you are misconstruing my words. 'The world isn't fair', I say it a lot in a number of threads... I shouldn't need to preface my thoughts based on the existence of something else however it is a group of others that demand the "equality", not me. The frames mentioned need attention independently of each other, I don't need Excalibur to suggest the others. Now there is a group of people that say "you can't touch the Prime, that isn't fair" but if I flip it using similar logic it suddenly is unacceptable to be "fair"? I don't care what the developers spend their time on. If this was the "year of PVP", you would not hear a peep from me about it. I'd hope if they spend time on it they have distinct reasons as to why they are doing anything like they should for any change in design or addition of function but DE are free to make their own choices. I'll feel out what they do, perhaps give explicit feedback then move on (maybe ill play more if I like it or I wont if I don't; it is the inherent risk in changing anything), like how people are suppose to behave.
  6. Its weird how I can imprint Chroma on just about everything said by concept. But I suppose I did say I was biased. Not bad performance Amazing buffer Doesn't fit player fantasy Just a weapon frame Boring, clunky, passive. A heat weaponry Ember can get up there to Chroma level damage (there is some relative factors that will have Chroma deal more) however in the general play of the game it is far more than enough. I just find it interesting that simply because Chroma is an internal buff in comparison to Ember's external debuff (honestly it is the same for Banshee and she is the peak) that he is meta and she is not; though I suppose that is partly encounter design disparity. A little over simplification on Vex though any support frame (which is going to be there for meta content) is going to cover survivability problems especially in the content where Chroma is considered meta. I mean I suppose it is my own problem with "Top Lists", too much opinion not enough compelling direction. But if we are going to tangle the META into a discussion about reworks I would prefer that we focus on the design choices. No rework that doesn't bring a damage amp or healing/invincibility utility is going make it into the meta so we might as well focus on gameplay variance. All the frames listed bring more to the table than Chroma which is just a higher damage version of every frame with a weapon.
  7. I am certainly biased but he is only functionally meta because he has a high weapon damage amp that *can* last a long time (low maintenance); only made simpler through recasting and a situational share range (lol@MirageEclipseAugment). Weapon buffs tend to get high picks because weapons are ultimately the most efficient and consistent killing force. But that is literally the extent of his being. His other powers could be nonfunctional lightshows that do weird things (in reality it isn't that far off now) like peculiar mods and no one would find it unusual. That isn't good design at all and it is only accepted because we can abuse self-damage to make it a reliable buff. If DE took off self damage Chroma would've been thrown by the wayside for Eidolons right away. If you gave any frame a decent damage amp ability and you got a meta level frame. Simply the only frame that was listed that isn't as one-dimensional as Chroma is probably Wukong (though I find Wukong more interesting still; and Nukong was funny while that was live), as all the others at least have different builds, playstyles, and niches. For example, I reject a lot of assertions that Ember is as bad as she is made out to be. There is the simplicity of WoF that should be addressed but its that way because it is a passive ability that allows you full access to your arsenal. But Accelerant, Fire Blast and proper planning/preparation allows Ember to perform well even in longer forays of endless. Her biggest problem is she is an energy hog to perform in higher capacities. I mean there are certainly changes worth noting, like combining Fire Blast and WoF and adding a new ability (I personally would love a phoenix theme to match her visual designs) or streamlining Accelerant's mechanics to ease the gameplay pacing, but she isn't for lack of smolding everything around her.
  8. You need to define your parameters. What Level ranges are we looking at? What content is it? I mean a breeze can kill a low level enemy but the waves by themselves will eventually fail Excalibur. And if you want to talk about actual melee weapons... Polearms and whips/flails, even Heavy Blades and gunblades, (the meta range weapons) have both the damage and range on Exalted Blade (with waves) with the added benefit of also being omni-directional because of spin attacks. I am going to ignore Titania because Diwata is only a part of her 4th with Pixia being extremely powerful in their own right (also a ranged weapon all together). However... Range is not a huge advantage on Excalibur when it is only directional forward and falls off in distance. Valkyr and Wukong both boast significantly higher survivability both in and out of their exalted states. Besides that, add in Valkyr's augment and she is closing gaps instantly and they all have options to force finishers. That is all particularly important when we then consider modding and the combo counter. They can all make use of CO (Excalibur just happens to have the edge with his augment and how basic modding works) however EB isn't particularly simple for the combo counter. Waves don't count toward the combo and unless you make sure you are close enough to be sure you will hit them with the actual blade, it is fairly likely you'll kill them with a wave. And you certainly don't want to let up too much or you risk being overwhelmed quickly which isn't as big a problem for the other two. It particularly means red crit builds on Excalibur are quite a bit more niche while Valkyr and Wukong are much more straightforward (and set up as soon as 2.5x multi as well). And in the situation you are getting close enough for the blade to count then you are already doing what Valkyr and Wukong are gameplay wise. So now enemy level comes in. Waves are powerful early on... but as time goes on spamming E alone is not going to cut it. If it is taking a few swings to kill something with waves, Valkyr and Wukong could have already one shot it and they are not even in as much danger while doing it. Valkyr and Wukong are going to do that far longer (in enemy scaling) than Excalibur is going to when we only consider exalted potential alone. I mean otherwise we are comparing apples and oranges because you already listed a handful of frames that are already going to blow Excalibur out of the water in the same situation. Simply, the more experienced Excaliburs are going to bolster their performance with Radial Blind (8x stealth damage on top of CO can be insane with the augment) with the added benefit of also helping him survive. Then on top of that they can possibly also build for the counter which is better supported with Slash Dash. That is going to give you a way more effective Excalibur but that is also far beyond the scope of simply spamming E whether you are using EB or not. But... Chroma is a 'killing frame'. 3 of his 4 abilities are directly tuned to do that. It just happens 2 of them don't do that for most the game efficiently and the other is a buff that doesn't count as Warframe kills. To which, the frames you listed are also frames simple enough to press a couple of buttons and be done. All but Khora (though her 1 can be very powerful and is spam able) have been accused of 'press 4 to win' gameplay on levels so much higher than Excalibur so I am not sure what line you are trying to draw between Excalibur and a need for a change.
  9. Frames are slightly different from weapons but I could make a whole thread on all the things wrong with how DE did skins vs variants. Which is why they need to define why its done like anything else. Not everything can be a slippery slope. Buffing Nyx doesn't suddenly mean they have to buff <inseret meta frame>. That is not how balance and consistency works. If the point of the redesign is to bring up the visuals of the Primes in question to more modern designs (at least make them not the same as the base model) then it should be simple reasoning to understand which is and is not on the table. Even though there will be whining on literally anything DE does (connected to this topic or something brand new entirely) it is unavoidable. Yes and no. Only progression tied to him is the MR which in the grand scheme of things is nothing and means nothing. Otherwise he is just another variant which behaves like the other 2 for the most part. I am not going to disagree that it was a dumb promise though in reality it wasn't the actual pack that is the problem it is the series of choices they made after. The ONLY time Excalibur Prime was a sidegrade to anything was before Forma and Aura capacity. During the initial release Excalibur Prime was NOT an upgrade, he was basically a skin. He had the exact same stats as Excalibur but had an extra Madurai polarity. Before Formas and boosted capacity there were distinct builds min-max builds for each one (and arguably standard Excalibur had the best build due to having the best allotment for Radial Blind). Then those 2 aforementioned systems came in and they were exactly the same for a couple of years. Also during that time they tentatively released Frost Prime in an event. It was at first believed that they would just be helmet skins but then Frost came out as a whole separate variant too (though much like Excalibur only real difference was the helmet). I don't even remember if Frost had different stats or if his boosted shields came later (when DE decided to update them later). Mag Prime came out much the same as well until Ember Prime was released with much fanfare, a slightly different model (though as mentioned in other posts still very minimal in comparison) and Prime Access (I believe it was soon after Founders ended). Each release after the Prime designs increased detailing as well as loaded more and more stat changes until at some point they went back and gave Excalibur and a couple other early Primes stat changes (in this particular focus Excalibur Prime extra 25 armor only). This was the first time he was an upgrade (even though 25 armor was nothing an average player would notice)... years after the fact. Simply this is a cumulation of choices DE made far beyond what Founders had any control or forethought for. First they made the Prime separate from the Standard. Then continued a series line that they knew would be missing a part for many people. They then made it a clear upgrade long after it is over through additional systems and changes. What I paid for was a "skin" to now what I got is a separate frame I didn't particularly ask for. A "skin" that is particularly statistically less useful than Umbra (and design-wise less appealing my large margins) and can't be used any other way. I personally wouldn't say he is a sidegrade to Umbra because Umbra is generally better (an upgrade); the gap between them just isn't as large as the standard-prime relationship. I am aware I bought it after all. That said people already feel Umbra was a bait and switch on the subject. Only getting around it by sidestepping the issue and focusing on the literal text. "Well he's not Excalibur Prime!" So? He is gilded, has Prime stats, and functions like Excalibur with an extra system on top. The spirit of the promise is stretched to its limit. So much so the only real use out of Excalibur Prime being a shiny skin can't even happen because he cant be used on that variant. But the community isn't going to in an real volume call out DE for that being they got something they wanted. I am also well aware, it is the reason I wrote it that way. The only thing this promise does is hinder everyone but no matter what DE does (or doesn't do), someone is going to be mad. Well aware. Though the point of the "suggestion" is to actually make it skins (Founder Skins) as to not completely invalidate the purchase. In that way they wouldn't be so far off from being like console skins. Then everyone has access to everything and the game can proceed as normal unhindered.The only reason for the "flashy cosmetic" is for that goal but it will never cease to amaze me how petty people can be (in general) over a cosmetic. I mean otherwise I said I "personally" don't care if people paid $50-250 like Founders for subpar items, that is their own choice but it is only for the fairness of the deal. I don't need to search, I have read through and even participated already in a number of them. I am simply not afraid to state my opinion on the matter when I feel like it. That is all.
  10. The simplest solution would just be letting Prime helmet on Umbra and vice versa for the people that care for such things. The founders could just forget about the actual Prime and be like everyone else on Umbra because it would finally just be a skin. But did you see the inferno that suggestion caused in threads on the subject and that is absolutely nothing new to the game period. I personally don't like the argument of calling skins "content" because it elevates a problem that isn't there. There is no gameplay element to it, you aren't actually missing anything. However, they could make a new skin for everyone but that doesn't particularly do anything for the problem of Prime consistency (for the actual frame) and they can add a new skin at any time for any reason (ex: the switch skin; which by the way all the platform skins are in one way or another exclusive yet somehow Prime gets the most flack). He still looks like his non-prime counterpart (you can make any skin variant a pseudo-prime skin by just using a gold color if it has metallic textures; like the one in the tenno pallet). It is how people get away with making Prime tennogen without actually being Prime. My personal suggestion is redefining the Founder's Pack as skins (which was its original state back in the days it was around), make a flashy Excalibur cosmetic for Founders and redesign the Prime model. Then re-release Excalibur Prime to global. With my ulterior motive that now DE can actually make a Prime system (since all the Primes are again obtainable) that runs parallel (or perpendicular if people feel saucy) to Umbra to make them actual sidegrades. But I already can see the resistance points on both sides so.... meh.
  11. You don't need Steel Fiber on either of these. Armor gains diminishing returns rather quickly and only affects health. Adaptation is a form of DR that is always percentage based. They are both tanky enough to make easy use of Adaptation and have armor boosting abilities naturally. Valkyr depending on your build can benefit from either since Warcry is already an armor buff and she has naturally high armor. Chroma will almost always benefit better from Adaptation just for the simple fact that it also boosts shields (once you cap Vex, shields are an extra buffer). In the grand scheme of things if you are allocating 2 survival mods you are better picking Adapation and vitality/redirection on the already tanky frames (or frames with stable recover abilities). Though honestly there is a lot of playstyle variance in the discussion. Adaptation is better if you are aggressive since it's output depends on taking hits and can reset while Steel Fiber is stable reliable armor protection at any given point in a mission.
  12. It depends on how they do it. Like I said if there is a classic skin there is literally nothing for founders to complain about, nothing has to change for them. It doesn't effect the rest of the community negatively either, it only affects the people that are envious. Most of the community probably doesn't actually care. Most the community probably wont even know and if they aren't on PC they wont even see them. Forums does not equate to the community at large. There are exclusive cosmetics all over the place but I am not losing sleep over any of them. Yes and no. You dismiss the Founder anger (for people that actually care for the exclusivity) because its a minority group complaining about petty things. Which lets be clear here I don't care if he was released, if people want to pay $50-150 for him (and the other useless weapons in the grand scheme of things) I am not going to stop them (but with Umbra out... now that is a terrible deal). But yet its not petty for everyone else to complain about what was basically a cosmetic since its release? It is only relatively recently that Excalibur was an upgrade but now there is Umbra which is arguably more statically viable/powerful (because of those Umbral polarities). I don't blame Founders for being mad that they paid $50-250 for skins that DE basically invalidated from using practically (at least Excalibur is still viable) and a scheme that was most likely to clean up for working around the Founder deal rather then the intention from the beginning. I can certainly agree there isn't much to be gained if it is simply for appeasement but it's not. It's for consistency, which DE is open to or otherwise they would have never boosted his stats to begin with (even if it was only just 25 armor to start with). Its not like its expected they drop everything to do it and we've been down this road before. DE makes a decision, the forums thrown a fit and DE waits for them to tire themselves to sleep. I don't know? Why didn't you list Rhino too? Its probably because Ember and Rhino have slightly different models (it is fairly easy to tell them apart, no matter the color scheme or helmet choice). They certainly aren't a huge difference like the latests of Primes but they are definitely more than Excalibur, Frost and Mag. Ember sort of is cheated because one of her key differences is technically an attachment Prime Shoulder Armor piece that is removeable. That said Frost and Mag also have removable shoulder attachments. If we are talking about dire needs of visual pass it is easily Mag > Frost > Excalibur > Ember > Rhino. They just happen to be the first 5 Prime frames with Loki being next and the start of more heavily worked models. So much so he was the start of the Prime toggle debate because of how different his model was and how skins worked. So yes, technically Ember and Rhino could use a pass too but not more than the first 3.
  13. I wasn't going after your opinion (at all really) fundamentally but part of the reason you stated it could easily be side stepped (with zero effort on DE's part) which is why I said it. If there is a classic skin you can keep what you have and everyone that wants a more consistent prime design can have that. But no one needs the passive-aggressive stance. If you don't get conflicting opinions there isn't a reason to discuss in the first place and the value is only as good as how well you make your case. I didn't say they were exactly the same, I said they use the same basic model. If you swap them you can only tell by the golden flakes (which Excalibur, Frost, and Mag have so very little of). With the PBR updates on the frames allowing tinting on those metallic parts can just obscure their differences even more (especially Mag). So my point was that if you swap the chassis, don't equip the Prime helmet and do random colors, no one on the fly is going to be able to tell the difference between the standard and the prime; not without getting close and inspecting. So not a full replacement if for whatever reason there wasn't a classic skin but only you would have the same basic model (just without most the metallic bits; his forearm spikes and extended tint on his spine). Combined with everything else going on in Warframe (like Syndanas), no one would know but you [the player making the choices about loadout] about the swap without the better designed comparison. Those are the facts. With the general tide of opinion it is a surprise DE does anything with anything. They make unpopular decisions all the time and they do it because they feel it makes sense to them. Warframe reworks (lack thereof for Chroma), weapon balancing, reward generation, content pacing/removal... the list can go one. 'DE can't win anything from making/releasing Umbra. They can only lose.' As evidence from the firestorm that ignited after Umbra's release. Winning and losing is only a matter of perspective. No matter what DE does the general trend will continue. And people are always angry and hateful, it is one of the most dependable human qualities. But as I said before, this particular hate is pitiful considering Prime is a skin/cosmetic in just but everything but name. Umbra exists now so getting worked up over customization of other people is ridiculous. Consistency? Only Excalibur, Frost, and Mag are Primes by Helmets not by Frames. I can understand focusing on Excalibur because it was the original topic however believing the others are different story shows the double standard. Only differences on any point is that Excalibur Prime is exclusive (even though he has a replacement). What if Frost/Mag Prime players "like that he is a simple reskin and nothing too fancy, nothing over the top." So if DE decided to update Frost and Mag, Excalibur Prime would the only Prime that has the same basic model as his standard version. Why is that fair? Because people can't handle their own emotions and feelings? He should be elevated (design-wise) just like every other Prime not just a helmet (mostly). Mesa or Chroma level? Probably not but that is why I shared that Frost design from years ago. It is simple update with the spirit of the original. Since DE isn't going to give the freedom of customization on Umbra for Prime helmet there isn't many other options left.
  14. This is probably just me being my usual cynical self but I find it interesting the evolution of the arguments around "whether Excal prime can be looked at". I suppose at the base it was always because "only a fixed number of people benefit from it" and envy and jealousy but at least it held some merit when Excal Prime was 'thee' upgrade (even though 25armor at the time was absolutely nothing; and it wasn't even that for a long time before that). But at this point it is anger at a simple cosmetic because Umbra now exists (which is better designed... and free). Yet, we also get a firestorm at the conversation of letting Prime be used on Umbra. It is odd to watch a single cosmetic destroy a game... hehe However in the fairness of everyone, focusing on Excalibur is missing the point. Frost and Mag definitely could look at a Prime visual pass as well. And it should be done for consistency not on the bases of people affected. Those 3 Primes are the only 3 Primes that are nearly indistinguishable from their normal counterparts without getting real close to inspect them (especially if they aren't wearing a prime helmet). You are entitled to your opinion but DE could just keep it as a classic skin (on all of the primes they retouch), there really isn't a reason to just scrap them. Honestly you could just use the normal chassis and barely miss a beat anyway though. Its not like it needs to be Mesa or Chroma level of touch up especially with this as an example... Super simple Frost Prime redesign that keeps the sprint of what it was but with that slight Prime push.
  15. Just to keep this short... the disconnect I am having with your concerns is that you frame it such that "swap equals forced use". Swapping skills, on any frame, is merely an option. You are free to prepare before the mission and not swap a single time, it is not a required action. You don't need to cycle each time as you only just need to activate it again. A swap on the basic level (which is honestly like 90% of the people that request a swap mechanic) doesn't change a single aspect on how Chroma plays in general. What it does do however is open him up to choice, correct mistakes simply, and micromanage if you so choose. If you don't want to do any of that you are free to just not participate in the swap mechanic, just like Ivara, Vauban, Khora, or Equinox can just ignore those aspects. They work exactly the same. But I have already highlighted instances where a swap might be beneficial that happen in real time in a mission. Where Chroma has flexibility to do whatever he wants because right now you just deal with it because you have no other choice. Simply, a swap in of it self does nothing unless you want to use it. So if the biggest concern is YOU don't want to use it because XYZ (button troubles, unneeded, playstyle preference, etc) then you don't particularly need to worry much because it is entirely optional and really doesn't affect you, however adding it anyway lets people who actually want to make use of those flexibilities as they want, they can do that. This is a "chicken or egg" scenario. It doesn't particularly matter which one came first because in the end one of them leads/lends to the other. In this situation, there isn't are concern connected to which DE does first (or at all really). DE isn't going to make a swap on Chroma then base the rest of the game design around it. In that same breathe they aren't going to think a lot about Chroma just because they vary up a mission. The swap in itself isn't reactionary to enemy presence as much as it is a tool you wield to manipulate the environment. If you don't need to change then you don't have to... unless you want to. I mean I already do... all the way up to like 300 (I honestly don't have the appetite to go that far even very often). The way the game itself is set up already pressures you to go from any element to Toxin the longer you play anyway. Unless you mean constantly swap then no... but why would you constantly need to swap?
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