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  1. @HitsuSan : i love how you do the weapons' skins with Reil; do you have any plans with Reil to creates Polearm and Heavy Blade's Skins ? that's my favs weapons types so... 😍
  2. And what about Breath of the Eidolons ? because we have a loooooooot of it 🤔
  3. The Cast, The Cast, The Cast Is In The Air !!! 😎 More Seriously, i love this idea, and that's reminds me this could be interesting to cast two-hands abilities during movement, because, you know, for preventing dying because we're immobilized or need to bullet-jumping before the ability cast 😅
  4. I've some problems with the accessories on my Equinox Prime. When i used a Tennogen skin (Divisa), i've a space between the arms accessories (RIV Elite) and the Warframe (for the fused side, not for Night or Day if i'm seeing correctly)
  5. I've the same problems with my Equinox accessories colors since the last Hotfix; i've cliped this problem on Twitch : Warframe : Accessories colors problems on Equinox (Since Buried Debts: Hotfix 1 on PS4)
  6. Same, i've doing the sacrifices by the past
  7. Nice to see "We all lift together", thank you DE 😉 PS : i've a problem, i can't do the Sacrifice for the Red Veil syndicate (Suspect to Neutral). I don't know if this problem occurs with this update, but i need to unlock the Red Veil Stencil before returning in my previous Syndicates (Suda, Hexis and Meridian) 😭
  9. Hey, Solaris people !!! see my plan about Nef Anyo !!! FOR THE SOLARIS UNITED, YEAAAAAH, BABYYYYY !!!
  10. No new DotD skins this year, like in 2017 except for the Dread during this event. I'm sad, because a lot of weaps don't have this skins, and this "specials moments" (Valentine's, Halloween, or Christmas) are the best moments between "big updates" for have new players in WF, and we don't have Cool Tennogen Halloween Round like in 2017 too. I've a question : the event will be really a new one or an old like the Jack O'Naut event ?
  11. Just for pointed one of my posts with some adds :
  12. I completely agree with you, that's a serious problem, but a teammate just saying me we don't have this problem anymore. I've verified and his right, the problem is solved, maybe in the last patch, so it's good now
  13. @[DE]DanielleWe have the same problem in our Clan about Arcanes : All peoples in my Clan haves the same problem since the last update (23.5.0) : when we have Arcanes on a config, we have the same Arcanes on the others, and when we changed it, that changed the Arcanes on the others configs 😞
  14. Finally !!! you've make an Equinox skin, and i like it so much - that's great !!! i hope DE will include this skin in WF ❤️
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