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  1. Nice to read that, thank you Dany My question means i don't want it for "real money" in PS Stores, because if we have a lot of plats, you know... but if it's free like for PC it's better for sure
  2. Nice, but i hope this skins will be in Platinum in the Market...
  3. So fast !!! Hello @[DE]Daniellei've a question about this : if we've bought the Oneiro skin, and some days later - as a daily tribute - used a 50% off (or 25% or 75%) for bought an Oneiro's animation for an other Warframe, do we'll have a refund of this daily tribute for used it again ? i've personaly used a 50% off on the Oneiro's Noble Animation for an other Warframe.
  4. I've just seen all is ok now, Armure Tibor Prime (Tibor Prime Armor) is correctly mentioned in the Pack
  5. Hoo, so nice to see Oneiro's skin coming so fastly ; il love this Harlequin (Harley Quinn approved !!!) style I've just seen, in the French PS Store, the Imugi Prime Armor, listed in the ZEPHYR PRIME ACCESSORIES PACK (Prime Vault - Prime Accessories Zephyr Prime for the exact name in the French PS Store), in place of the Tibor Prime Armor (i'm 100% sure it's an error)
  6. An other Necromancer's themed frame for me... it's been too lonnnng...
  7. Red Zone Reduction : nice Maybe - in a near or far future - we'll have the ability to build Dojo Decorations in our Orbiter... i'd like to see a Necromancer's style in my orbiter with Obsidian Stones and other things
  8. And... the DC Community close his doors too, and @[DE]Danielleyou've never been a part to
  9. I've put the Aristei Prime Shawzin in my Orbiter as a Decoration, but i can't play with it with the Shawzin emote (it doesn't exist in the list of Shawzins)
  10. I've ask me the same question due to my actual 50% off so thank you for this answer, i will used it for the Druk instruments
  11. I really like to see, one day, a remastered of the old derelict's missions with this Arcanes Helmets includes and changed for Arcanes Dragons (Corrupted Arcanes styles, like corrupted Mods but for Arcanes with some buffs for equilibrate with all others), for a lot of reasons (new remaster, return of old loots but in a more logic and modern ways and not linked to a particular skin, real interest to do all new remastered missions of the old Derelict's missions, and this Arcanes could be really fun for specific builds) For me, it's - actually - the best boss' fight in Nightwaves to
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