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  1. That's a great question for ppls who already have 90 max slots when they reached the 3 free slots daily tribute (i've 1255 days but don't know if i'm in this list of players, because i've 90 slots since a long time), so i hope they'll have retroactive slots, but i've no real hope about it I think the DC can help DE for playtest on consoles (or PC) the updates before the release (like Beta updates), for help with the updates with the DC feedback, but DC can't actually do that. Cool, thanks Danielle. Like usual, i think we can expect this update for Tuesday. My body is ready !!! It's like Melee attack. By default, it's "Circle", so we can't move the AIM with the right stick when we attack with "Circle", so i've changed my melee attack for "Square" (some friends used R1 for melee but i don't like that), for little more reactivity (less distance between "Right stick" and "Square" than "Risght stick" and "Circle"), and i'm reloading with one click on the touch pad (i've 4 "hotkeys" for items in my gear wheel too with the touch pad, for Archwing, K-drive, Simaris Scanner and Tranq Rifle. A great use of the touch pad, simple and efficient in game).
  2. Mmmh, ok... Mmmmmmh, ok... Mmmmmmmmmh,ok... PS : if you are a WF player who understand - like me - the problem we will encounter for have this Aura Forma now, don't hesitate to says what do you think about it please, thanks.
  3. Finally an update to do since long weeks of waiting, because i've stop to play WF since some weeks because, you know, when you're a Veteran with more than 3,5 years in this game and with ~ 5460h that's great to see new content for comes again in WF, according to me I'm just really curious how horrible will be the 1st ability use of Gauss with a PS4 controller... we can't use the right stick when we hold down R1 + X with the official PS4 controller; i like the toggle abilities much more. We have the same issues with alternate fires on some Weapons (like the Panthera), because we must hold R3 for the alternate fire but we use this Right stick for aim
  4. That's my actual wishlist for new Tennogen added to WF. Warframe Skin : Atlas Blade of the Lotus - Skin & Alt Helm by BeastBuster Syandanas : Night Hunter l Syandana by Mz-3 ION Cloak | Syandana by Yatus Weapons Skins : SUPREMA - HeavyBlade Model by Hitsu San Mizar Heavy Blade by Girtan Jotunheim's Trident I Polearm Skin by Mz-3 Yuganta - Polearm Skin by BeastBuster Kantokk Graxx -Polearm by Faven Lahnss - Graxx Polearm skin by Faven Wuush - Graxx Whip Skin by Faven
  5. I've found the real problem. That's not exactly a BUG, properly. If you have, in the arsenal, one or more "empty slots" in your gear wheel, you don't see the "+" symbol for add new ones. So, for solved this problem, you don't have empty slots (so, add new items in this slots). I've edited my original post for add this comment. Hope this help others who have the same issue.
  6. I've seeing (since some weeks) an other problem with the Gear Wheel : I've saw one Devotee during a Fortuna Bounty
  7. Hello, I've a problem (since some weeks) with the Gear Wheel in the Arsenal (Ex : Energy Consumables, Air Support Charges, etc...), because i can't add new items in the Gear Wheel (no more "+" at the end of the Gear Wheel), and when i've previously removed one item of the Gear Wheel, i've lost the slot for this item. I hope you will solve this problem, because it's really annoying. Thanks EDIT : i've found the real problem. That's not exactly a BUG, properly. If you have, in the arsenal, one or more "empty slots" in your gear wheel, you don't see the "+" symbol for add new ones. So, for solved this problem, you don't have empty slots (so, add new items in this slots).
  8. @[DE]DanielleHello. Ok, cool and thanks (i've the criterias), but what about the Simaris Glyph with the simarisdisplay code ? because, some of my freinds (and me) don't have the Glyph but have the Display.
  9. No Nekros Prime accessories (Uru Prime 😭) this time (again), and i don't need this packs (i already have this Primes and this Accessories), so i'll pass this time (i'll save my money, yeah !!!)
  10. I love your Suprema Skin for Greatsword weapon, but i'm really disappointed, cause no metallic texture on the cutting edge, so that's seems not really realistic, more plastic cutting edge. I think this could be better with a metallic texture (ex : on the second blade color scheme, the black part of the blade plus the little white cuting edge on it could be better in metallic according to me). What do you think about ? Otherwise, "i'm so exciting now" because your Valkyr Leonessa Skin will come to us in the next update on PS4
  11. Doing the "Gilded a Modular Weapon" Weekly Act of this Nightwave is really frustrating for me, cause i'm playing the game since more than 3 years and i've already have all the Kitguns and Zaws i want. Previously, in the Nightwave Season 1, i've build a new zaw for this act (for create a Guandao-Like Cyath), but now, i've already Gilded all of my Modular Weapons and i don't want a new one, so, can you allow us to have a new way to do this act please ? or add new Modular Weapons with each Nightwaves
  12. Please DE, i hope to see (asap) some changes about Ephemera's drop chance in sanctuary, because 1.01% is horrible, and we need to do 8 waves for that; others have 5% Drop Chance now and it's more simple and pleasant to do for have the others (one loot each wave in sanctuary, so 4 waves for a Rotation C, like 5% Drop Chance, could be pleasant, not perfect, but better i think). And why don't allow us to drop Aura Forma Schema in the Hexis Drone's drop table in Arbitration ? (like Oberon Schemas for Eximus Units or Harrow Chassis for Corrupted in Fissure, both are great to loot) because that's actually very hard to have. I think allow us the possibility to drops some things (like Aura Forma Schema) in Rotations could be frustrating for a lot of players, according to me. Otherwise, the Fissures' changes seems good
  13. AshiSogi Tenno is actually invalid on PS4, but Rahetalius is valid; maybe on the next update for AshiSogi Tenno's Glyph, and like usual, thanks for this share Voltage
  14. @HitsuSan : i love how you do the weapons' skins with Reil; do you have any plans with Reil to creates Polearm and Heavy Blade's Skins ? that's my favs weapons types so... 😍
  15. And what about Breath of the Eidolons ? because we have a loooooooot of it 🤔
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