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  1. A comment of a WF player who've apparently never doing previous NW, because, by the past, we've got the ranks retroactivly during an Intermission ; during Intermission 2 (if i've a good memory), originally at ranks 30+30, we've got 30 more ranks, and when this changes occurs, i've got 5 Ranks retroactivly. Verify before posting - this sort of comment - next time please, because, sometimes, i've says (for me) DE doing "bad things", but about this retroactive things, it's a good thing and thank you DE for that ; i've just says "i hope it's the same thing for this new Ranks", that's it
  2. Ok, cool, but we'll have the gained ranks retroactivly when this new ranks occurs ? like when you have add new ranks by the past in NW ? and i agree with others about "no limit for ranks" because some Vets' players like to do some acts each week for have reasons to play WF regularly between major updates 🎃 And a last question : Kintsu Xaku Alt Helmet when in the NW Market ? because, with this new 30 ranks, i don't know when i must save my "crystal tokens" for this helmet 💀 Thanks about this new ranks BTW 🎃
  3. @[DE]HelenGood evening 🎃 i've a simple question ; if we already have the "Special Drops", like the Sacrifice Tea Set, can we have this Drops this week too ? 🎃 EDIT : because, you know, i like mirroring in my Orbiter 🎃 or have dupes for my Dojo 🎃
  4. Good Evening DE, I want to ask you if you can do some things for this event please : 1) an Halloween orbiter Theme (ex : replace the Snowman of the Winter Theme by a Squeleton, the Tinsel by Spider-Webs, Pumpkins, etc...) 2) new Halloween themed Decorations (Pumpkins, Spider-Webs, Skulls, Candles, etc...) 3) "generics" Glyphs (like Pumpkins, ideal for helping like Decorations in the Orbiter) 4) i like the New Naberus Glyphs (Stinkeye, Rotting and Grapeskull) and the New Naberus Sigil (Grim Grin), and i'd like to see if you can create a Glyph, in the same style of the 3
  5. Very nice Primes, and the Resource Booster is a good Decision Wow the Guandao's skin is gorgeous, really long to wait for seen the profile of this Weap ; hope my usual colors feets well on it, and hope Guandao Prime will have more Statuts Chance (14% maybe ?) and more attack speed ; i'd like to see the reverse of Lesion for this Weap (Lot of Crits and around 15% Statuts)
  6. I'd like to see changes about Kuva Liches, like how we get the Weap, cause doing a mission again and again with the hope to have the Weap we wants is really horrible (16 Kuva Weaps, so each time, 1 chance on 16 to have the Weap we wants ; one time, months ago, i've doing 4 hours of Captures just for have the Kuva Weap i want... not funny) I'd like to see an NPC in Iron Wake, maybe a Grineer Defector linked to Steel Meridian, and this NPC can have a mission for each Kuva Weap, and we just need to take the mission linked to the Kuva Weapon we wants ; this mission can be a mission linked to
  7. Leaks are never been a real reason to understand "this thing is the next..." ; the real news about the next Prime (Nezha) can be seen in this video posted on the official Twitter : You can clearly seen the Nezha Hoop... now i'm curious to see the Weaps, or maybe a new Primed Sentinel !? and MR 30 test when ? because, with this new PA, if you don't have the Founder Pack, and if this PA have 1 WF + 2 Weaps, we just need to have 1 Weap for have the XPs for the new MR 30... with the Vitrica maybe... And when DE will really listened (or reads) the real players of WF, who are t
  8. The percentages of Drops is génerally a misunderstanding of the real drops' chances ; i'll explained why. If you have 10% chance to have a mod, and 2.01% chance to have the Rare, it's not 0.201% (2.01/10) chance to have the Rare mod, it's always 10% chance to have one mod, and after that, when the chance occur, you have 2.01% chance to have the Rare Mod (so, the last 97.99% you don't have the Rare, you have an other Mod). When the Drop Mod Chance Booster affect this Drop chance, that does not affect the chance to have the rare (so you don't have 2.01 X 2 = 4.02%), this Booster only affect the
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