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  1. The time is coming for the best period of the year, my undead friends !!!
  2. Nice for the Umbra Forma BP Do you have any Plans to seriously change the Larvling/Candidate System for directly have the weapons we'd like to have ? if i've a good memory, we have begins Kuva Liches with 13 Kuva Weapons, you have adds 3 others Weapons after and recently 3 new other Weapons, so, 1 chance on 13 each time we downed a Larvling to have the Weapon we wants, 1 chance on 16 after and now, 1 on 19 to have this weapon. What do you think about a system where you had new NPCs in Iron Wake, one for each faction (Steel Meridian for Kuva, Perrin Sequence for Sisters, etc...) and the option to select the weapon we'd like to have at the next Larvling/Candidate to this NPCs plus other things to this NPCs ; this could be interesting for removed this Grind for Grind and gives to Iron Wake an interesting place for that (not just for bought a Riven each week...). By the past, i've personnaly doing 4 total hours doing Captures for have a Nukor, and i've doing that before the last 3 new weapons' realease... I've seen this message : So, my hope to see this Arcanes Helmets changed in Warframes' Arcanes Dragons (like Corrupted Mods) and Buffed aren't considering ? i think this could be a good thing for a Deimos' Reworks for the older Orokins' Derelicts missions with new loots in this missions (and for have more custom Builds like the Rhino Vangard Helmet for Speed Runs). What do you thinks about this suggestion about Holokeys ? Actually, with the Modding system, we needs to have dupes Mods for have the same Mod but at different ranks ; do you have any Plans to change that ? maybe by a more friendly system like "for each rank you have on a Mod, you can choose any of this rank on your Build"
  3. Hello @[DE]Danielle I've a question about the challenges : if we've already unlocked this Deimos' challenges on PS4 (like me), and migrate on PS5 after that, do we automatically unlocked the corresponding trophies on PS5 or we needs to do the challenges again (or a part of) ?
  4. For me, this 2 steps are good steps in the good way for have holo-keys, but, this steps must not the only ones, because, in the first step, if u already doing all the sisters you actual needs, you can't have this holokeys unless when you adds new Tenet weaps on Sisters, and for the second Step, like usual, you can do a lot of Void Storms without any keys (sometimes, some hours of farming and no Holokeys). For me, you must add this too : Each Corpus Void Storms' missions gives you Holokeys (+1 for Neptune or +2 for Pluto or +3 for Veil) : Spy - 1 per Successfully hacking Data Vault (3 Data Vaults) Volatile - 3 (due to time spend in this mission type, especially in solo) Extermination - 1 (due to a lot of killing enemies and faster to do) Defense, Orphix and Survival - 1 Per Rotation (due to endless-style) Each Void Storms' missions, you have a X% chance to have 1 Holokey dropped on Corrupted Corpus units (so, you have more chance to haves Holokeys in Corpus missions) More chance to haves Holokeys depending the Proxima (max chance in Veil) Smeeta, Ressource and Ressource's Chance affect this Drop, like the bonus in Endless-Type concerning ressources (because, you know, it's a ressource...)
  5. Cool to read, i've got some issues in the Baro Relay and just able to see the last thing and no skins at the end, so thank you ; i'm just waiting them in my inbox now
  6. And what about adds new ranks for Intermissions before the end of the actual one ? i've a lot of points lost in the Void and i'm always interested to bought Nitain Extract for my Aura Forma and Stance Forma's crafts I'm sure i'm not the only one who's interested by this new Ranks, so please, add them before the ending of this Intermission
  7. Absolutely, but, if they really had this new "Bash Lab Dojo Room", i'd like to know the exact size of this room for known what i need to do in my Dojo before the update is live. Can you answer to this question @[DE]Danielleplease ? thanks in advance
  8. Do you're really surprised bunch of bugs occurs in WF ? some bugs are always in this game since a long time (Kuva Siphon Black square !?) and some bugs occurs again with a new update due to "we don't want to beta-test new updates before lives !!!" I personally thinks devs (in DE or in others studios) are overwhelmed by the technologies they used, because, some decades ago, when you've creates new codes for games' development, you've really understand how this codes affect olders' codes in the game you create, but now, actual games have more complexity and Games' Studios don't really wants (or can't) to waits enough time for really testing new updates before lives. Haves somes little bugs isn't a problem if Devs realeased patchs days after the release, but realeasing an update or a game with major bugs is a real problem in regard to the players (like releasing an update without really listened players about releasing DevWorkshops before the update just gives me the feeling that "it's just for information !!!") Guys, i've just an advice before the update : if you wants Kuva with your Steel Essences, trade it now !!! i suspect shadow changes about Kuva currency with Steel Essence due to the new Acolytes Spawning Frequency with this update !!! But, despite all of this, i really loved this game and i'm excited to do this new update with my Friends
  9. Hello, I've just reached, today, the max Ranks for Nightwaves (30 + 60) Can you add new ranks again please ? it's just frustrating to reached the max and - like usual - need to ask for more Ranks again if we don't have the next Season... Thank you
  10. Ok for 20 Vitus Essence, but Vitus Essence farming aren't interesting in comparison to the Steel Essence, and 6% (or 12% with Ressource Chance Booster), will not change that (that's reminds me the 5% / 10% / 20% chance of the Lichs Ephemeras). For me, for the Steel Essences, you have changed in the good way with 100% Drop Rates for the Acolytes, and your Plans to adds 100% Drop Rates of Arcanes + Spawn Frequency of Acolytes increased are, really, a very good way to farm in WF (without Grind for Grind, just Farming again and again), but i think Arbitrations need the same treatment with Vitus Essence, especially if you considers the Primaries and Secondaries' weapons need this Galvanized mods for being betters in some ways (in comparison to Melees and/or Some Mission Types and/or Endless Missions, according to you) EDIT : And just for add other reasons to change the Drop Rates of Vitus Essence, reminds you this rules for Arbitrations : A Rank 30 Warframe is required to play Arbitrations. Once a player loses all their Health, they die instantly (no Bleedout phase). Same for Your Companion. Missions have Special Rules (ex for Survival Misssions : Life Support Capsules are worth 75% of usual). Arbitration Shield Drones (you understand what i want to says...) Arbitrations Missions are alerts Missions (so, if you don't want to do a particular mission and this mission is the actual Arbitration, you need to waits... and if you've already doing the alert, you need to wait the next too...) EDIT 2 : we really needs, after finishing all Steel Path's missions, a new unlocked Elite Arbitration mode after that
  11. Hello @[DE]Helen@[DE]Rebecca@[DE]Megan@[DE]Taylor@[DE]Danielle I've an important (for me) question to ask : if we are a console player and bought this Pack, do we'll have - like Baro TennoCon Relay in 2020 - the entire PC inventory or the Console inventory only ? EDIT : one day, maybe an answer... maybe... lol
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