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  1. (PS4)Crazy_Mr_J

    Free Universal Promocodes [All Platforms]

  2. (PS4)Crazy_Mr_J


    Hey, Solaris people !!! see my plan about Nef Anyo !!! FOR THE SOLARIS UNITED, YEAAAAAH, BABYYYYY !!!
  3. (PS4)Crazy_Mr_J

    Day of the Dead 2018!

    No new DotD skins this year, like in 2017 except for the Dread during this event. I'm sad, because a lot of weaps don't have this skins, and this "specials moments" (Valentine's, Halloween, or Christmas) are the best moments between "big updates" for have new players in WF, and we don't have Cool Tennogen Halloween Round like in 2017 too. I've a question : the event will be really a new one or an old like the Jack O'Naut event ?
  4. (PS4)Crazy_Mr_J

    Coming Soon: Devstream #117!

    Just for pointed one of my posts with some adds :
  5. I completely agree with you, that's a serious problem, but a teammate just saying me we don't have this problem anymore. I've verified and his right, the problem is solved, maybe in the last patch, so it's good now
  6. @[DE]DanielleWe have the same problem in our Clan about Arcanes : All peoples in my Clan haves the same problem since the last update (23.5.0) : when we have Arcanes on a config, we have the same Arcanes on the others, and when we changed it, that changed the Arcanes on the others configs 😞
  7. (PS4)Crazy_Mr_J

    Hitsu San's Workshop - Syandanas maybe?

    Finally !!! you've make an Equinox skin, and i like it so much - that's great !!! i hope DE will include this skin in WF ❤️
  8. (PS4)Crazy_Mr_J

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop!

    The things i wish to see for milestones : allow us to bought schemas (in the market) of the weapon if we unlock it, for allow us to bought more (ex : for have 5 of the same weaps for have a lens of different Focus Schools for have the same weap but with a different Lens, or for have more than 3 builds). allow us to change rank of a mod as we wants if we reach the rank (ex : for a 10 ranks mod, if we reach the rank 10 of this mod, we can put it on a build at rank 10 or less. If we reach rank 5, we can put it on a build at rank 5 or less, but not at rank 6 or more until we reached the rank. This change can help us to put Legendary mods at the rank we wants (really useful for Umbra/Sacrificials/Daily Tributes Mods we only have ones, and for have only one Mod of each)) Thanks for reading me 😉
  9. (PS4)Crazy_Mr_J

    TennoGen Round 13 - Accepted Items!

    OMG, this Nidus Skin is amazing !!! and we don't have an Halloween Tennogen round this year, so sad. I love the Deluxe Skin, but i love much more this skin (reminds me Zergs or Tyranids, so a good style for me. You've doing a great job on this Skin Mz-3), and this Syandana will be great for my Nekros "demon-angel style"
  10. (PS4)Crazy_Mr_J

    TennoGen Round 13 - Accepted Items!

    Sure, but if you're on consoles and you doing streamings, peoples who playing on PC seeing this skins when you plays, and, maybe, wants to bought it on PC after that. Don't understimate this indirect support 😉
  11. (PS4)Crazy_Mr_J

    Hitsu San's Workshop - Syandanas maybe?

    *Prey the Tennogen-god for have a more funny way to use Rapiers with Melee 3.0 for using this skin* 😎
  12. (PS4)Crazy_Mr_J

    TennoGen Round 13 - Accepted Items!

    This round is one of my favs because : Excalibur Exaltation Skin by Cheshire (waiting for a long time for this skin) Loki Kodama Skin by HitsuSan (HitsuSan touch !!! the best Loki Skin for me and, for me again, the best HitsuSan Helmet) Nova Corpra Skin by Frelling Hazmot (using it in Fortuna update in the Orb Valis open-world could be cool i think) Nekros Graxx Skin by Faven (i hope my Nekros Prime will be nice with this Skin and maybe with the Primes Details on it) Sildarg Syandana by led2012 and daemonstar (could be cool on my Ash Prime with his Koga Skin) Aphria Polearm Skin by Arsenal (using it in Fortuna too, but i want used it on my Cyath Polearm, please DE) Eisen Sword Skin by Rekkou (i hope the Melee 3.0 will be much more cool with the longswords, because this skin is so cool) Ogun Hammer Skin by Stenchfury (on my Arca Titron with my Atlas or Chroma !!! thanks for allow me to breaks skulls with this skin !!!) I can confirm for PS4 plateform because, except for the last 2 Tennogen Packs of the Round 12 (because i need some plats), i've bought all Tennogen Packs (for collection and for support Tennogen Creators who makes a great job), and bought a lot of this Packs with plats i've got with trades (because i've played a lot - more than 4000 hours - so i'm trades a lot and i love trades with others in WF or other games)
  13. (PS4)Crazy_Mr_J

    Favens Doodlebox. Limbo WIP.

    @fredaven this helmet is very nice (i'm a fan of inquisition and pirates styles). I'm curious to see this skin with Primes details 🙂
  14. (PS4)Crazy_Mr_J

    (All Platforms) Proxy Rebellion Weekend Event

    I don't understand peoples complaining the difficulty of this event. Ok, i'm a Vet and i've forma'd a lot of things, but, generally, don't doing events in matchmaking or stop complaining please. Playing with frames allow you to playing in teamplay. I've used, in Def, Speedva and my Friend Tesla Volt, and we have played this event only togethers (with no others), so this event is possible, but guys, Proxies are Robots, so uses status who are better against them 😉