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  1. Nice, 3 skins i want to see since their first reveals (by their creators). I actually likes (a lot) the Skopos skin for Polearms, but the Jotunheim's trident skin is so nice too !!! And this Heavy Blade skins, no doubt i will used it when this comes out (Suprema for my "huge close combat experts", like Atlas, and Mizar for other frames, like Females frames)
  2. Yeah, for christmas, thanks DE !!! my Clan is ready !!!
  3. Cool to see the return of items peoples don't have, but, for peoples who already haves (like me) the 8 things in Red, do we'll have other things in place of ? like NW Creds maybe ? i hope so I'd love to have the possibility to convert old NW Creds we have for have new ones (when you have a lot of millions of Credits and doing all acts as possible, you know, trade the last NW Creds for Credits...) I love the changes about the acts, the Kuva each week (finally !!!) and 30+30 Ranks, so thank you, some great changes and thank you again for the old weekly acts we can do after, this has been really usefull for me for the season 2 for reach 60 ranks after not really plays during 2 weeks (because, you know, after 5500h, i'm waiting new contents each time )
  4. The part in red really affraid me, especially in endless (i know you don't like the word "endless" but some peoples love to do longtime in endless sometimes, and, if we can do more, we can do less) Why ? because, if you consume ALL of your Combo Counter with ONE Heavy Attack, it's a nonsense to use this Heavy Attacks during long endless i think, and used some mods for compensate this will be a very bad ideas for our builds. When i imagine more combos, it's for being more powerfull and more powerfull against IAs who are more powerfull and more powerfull, and i can't imagine doing the sacrifice of all of my combos for, after that, being less powerfull. That's not really pleasant to imagine, so i think this will be very unpleasant to play
  5. Very nice Ephemera. I'm used it on some Frames now (Nekros for sure ), but i'm sad, no new festive decoration or "decorations glyphs" (like the Christmas Bauble glyph) for Halloween for the Orbiter. In my Tenno Dream, this festive decoration could have a Skeleton (in place of the Snowman), Spider's Webs and Pumpkins
  6. 1) With this new customization to bought 1, 2 or 3 new config slots, do you have any plans to change how we forma'd our items and/or we uses Focus Lenses ? my mind about this : a) If you forma'd a mod slot on an item, you can, in this slot, and in the Config A, put the Madurai Polarity, and, in this same slot but in the Config B, put the Naramon Polarity (but you can't use the Umbra Polarity in any Config unless you put an Umbra Forma in this slot). With 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 Configs, i think this add will be very necessary for allow us more modularities, and i don't think a new (again) type of forma (like the Aura Forma) could be smoothy for QOL... b) I think a lot of players waiting since a long time to have the possibility to put 5 Focus Lenses (1 for each Focus) on an item (and changed in a Build Config the Lens used) and the possibility to removed any Lens equiped. I think it's shame to see no QOL changes for the Focus since a long time (the changes about Zenurik is for removed the energy channeling efficiency, so we can't consider it like a QOL) 2) I'm excited about how we'll loot Grendel, because. Only 25 Vitus Essence per player if we are 3 friends, one different key per player. Doing this keys with friends will be very cool (that reminds me Void Keyshare). But what about the BP ? in the Leverian maybe ? or in the inbox after the 3 other parts looted ? 3) And what about the Operator ? actually we can't use, for example, the Intruder mod for our Operator, so, hacking is much harder with the Operator (especially in Sortie, or when we use Limbo in Rescue mission because we can't hack with Limbo if we're in the Rift). So, what do you think about adding the Parazon to the AMP too ? this could be an upgrade for the Parazon when people have their first AMP i think 7) You says "custom weapon to our lich", so, for example, the Kuva Tonkor can have different profiles ? not only the profile we've seen in this Prime Time ? if yes, this will be the types of damages only ?
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