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  1. I've put the Aristei Prime Shawzin in my Orbiter as a Decoration, but i can't play with it with the Shawzin emote (it doesn't exist in the list of Shawzins)
  2. I've ask me the same question due to my actual 50% off so thank you for this answer, i will used it for the Druk instruments
  3. I really like to see, one day, a remastered of the old derelict's missions with this Arcanes Helmets includes and changed for Arcanes Dragons (Corrupted Arcanes styles, like corrupted Mods but for Arcanes with some buffs for equilibrate with all others), for a lot of reasons (new remaster, return of old loots but in a more logic and modern ways and not linked to a particular skin, real interest to do all new remastered missions of the old Derelict's missions, and this Arcanes could be really fun for specific builds) For me, it's - actually - the best boss' fight in Nightwaves to
  4. Any chance to have this skins for free (alerts maybe ?), or, at worst, in platinum (in-game market ?) for consoles, because Steam users can have this skins for free and i don't want to spend money in this skins, even if i'm an older fan of the Unreal Tournament's games (and this skins haves stylish looks )
  5. As a PS4 gamer - and PS5 in the future - i hope so; i'm an older Unreal Tournament's gamer and this skins makes me... nostalgic And i hope other skins in the future... like for the Held Continuous Weapons... not only for my Kitguns, but for other weaps too
  6. I already have Sporotrix Schema, but i don't have the Arum Spinosa Schema so nice to see thank you
  7. Ok, trophies are not in your priorities, i understand that, but i've a question : we'll have the trophies retroactively if we already haves the prerequisites ? Finally (like No Man's Sky) !!! so thank you; PS5's Black Edition one day maybe and trophies waiting me for that My Nekros is happy; i hope the Marked for Harvest can be used if allies (or other game effects) kills the Marked enemies 👻
  8. We really needs to have a "mirroring option" when we wants a real symmetry for peoples - like me - who wants to. Dojo Decorations for Orbiters when too ? i'd like to creates coves in my Orbiters and other things 🎃
  9. Maybe the hope to adds the things linked to Decorations in my previous thread posted in October :
  10. With No Man's Sky, when you transfer your saves on PS4 for your PS5, and retrieved the datas on your PS5, that's automatically unlocked the trophies you already have with your PS4's saves for the new PS5 trophies' list. For me, the real major problems with the trophies on PS5 - and for Warframe - is the trophies linked to a type of weapon you need to mastery, because, when your a Vet in Warframe with a lot of hours, you have XPs all things, and if you need to forma'd a type of weap you already XPs for this trophy, you simply can't (or don't want) to do, and we already need to forma'd for
  11. *Delivered with all new - and old - next-gen bugs* Ok, it's easy, but so fun in my mind 😏
  12. When i've received the last Prime Gaming items (operators accessories), i've seen the mask and eyes accessories swapped their places, and i think it's cool in some ways, because i've actually 2 Masks on my Operator. I hope this bug will be a feature for allow us to do some "fusions" Front (before adding the new Vayas mask) Front (after adding the new Vayas mask) Side (before adding the new Vayas mask) Side (after adding the new Vayas mask)
  13. I'm really curious to know if allies (or other ways to kills this marked enemies) can kill this enemies and Nekros have this Shadow (or the healing) mechanic, or the marked's enemies must be killed by Nekros ? if not, can you add this possibility please ? like the Larva changes about stacks if killed by others.
  14. Yeah, got the same problems with the Operator's hairs ; i think it's not linked to the black color but to lightnings itself. You can see the differences on my captures (1st isn't bugged for the hairs, 2nd is bugged, and 3rd not bugged for the red on the hairs but black seems bugged) EDIT : and in the 3rd capture i can see the eyes haven't the good red too, because the eyes - for my operator - are normaly more "dark red"
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