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  1. They won't fix that in order to keep Sickening Pulse garbage
  2. I don't, it's just annoying to recast it for flies
  3. It feels way to clunky to use if a fast paced game, I propose to rework it entirely to an ability that is primarily used to respawn fallen razorflies while in her 4 and it's previous effects moved to passive - once every (say) 20 secs next kill spawns tribute, tributes have rotation (and priority if you run out of buffs DUST will always spawn 1st) - DUST>ENTANGLE>THORNS>FULL MOON
  4. Companions basic abilities shouldn't take mod slots - 3 abilities + Vacuum/Fetch + Health mod + Armor mod + Pack Leader/Primed Regen- 7 slots taken by mandatory mods. Where am I supposed to place 4 elemental mods, Bite, Maul, mecha overdrive etc, crit-link etc.
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