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  1. And guess what? DE is more likely to adress this over bile costs
  2. Bile costs are insane, lvl 8 heminth perk is near to useless, if it reset appetite to ALL resources it would be worthwhile. My years of farming cryotic and morphics are gone in a day... This is system is for veterans you say? Why we have ability to skip hacks then? It is of no problem to hack in under 8 sec or stockpile ciphers for a veteran. Ability to heal our pets when it is of no problem to a veteran player to heal his pet? Is it a joke?
  3. Bile resources are all RARE wtf DE I burned already throught 5 years of my resources in bile category
  4. Well after Xoris nerf cos it was “giving unbalanced damage” lul, this was expected
  5. TYPE: [In-game] DESCRIPTION: [Ability bug] REPRODUCTION: [Just run near magnetic anomalies as in video] EXPECTED RESULT: [Expected to anchor back to my position] OBSERVED RESULT: [Magnetic anomaly interrupted 4] REPRODUCTION RATE: [Every single time]
  6. I found this bug that displacement effects end her anchor prematurely
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