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  1. 17 часов назад, DrivaMain сказал:

    You keep hitting the crewship, of course the shield will rotate to block your fire. What you need to do is NOT damage it before you take out the shield. If you don’t damage the crewship the shield will not rotate.

    Shields keep facing me matter what like sunflower faces the sun

  2. Bile costs are insane, lvl 8 heminth perk is near to useless, if it reset appetite to ALL resources it would be worthwhile.

    My years of farming cryotic and morphics are gone in a day...

    This is system is for veterans you say? Why we have ability to skip hacks then? It is of no problem to hack in under 8 sec or stockpile ciphers for a veteran. Ability to heal our pets when it is of no problem to a veteran player to heal his pet? Is it a joke?

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