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  1. Baruuks the new Wu kong. He is easily the most forgotten frame since they just pushed him out before Christmas and completely forgot he existed. For comparisons sake revenant and khora all got tons of tweaks and changes to fix there issues and baruuk for nothing. He needs an inmate way to restore his 3 it better not be a #*!%ing augment, he needs his 1 to be duration based, his 4 needs fixed with how it interacts with his augment.
  2. Movement is the only skillfull thing waframe has going for it. Its not something you can press a button and instantly have it done like with killing and survival. In other words, got gud.
  3. I'd rather they make his passive work on a 90 second timer like pheonix renewal than have 3 charges of it. That way it stays consistently useful in endurance runs especially arbitrations, as well as short missions. It also just feels S#&$ty to have a part of your kit be a completely finite resource. Imagine if nidus could never gain back stacks that he uses when he triggers his passive. Other than that it depends on the clones AI being capable, and defys nuke being able to actually kill enemies at levels that actually matter, because DE has a bad track record for damage reflection abilities. Look at nyxs rework her 4 is the same concept and it's still complete and utter garbage ability for killing anything
  4. We know Nyxs rework didn't accomplish anything besides making her 2 not garbage, so heres a skin that makes here EXTRA THICC so youll play this mediocre frame anyway
  5. Speaking of making the frame less of hassle razorflies need to either be invincible, or refreshable in razorwing. Titania wants to be in razorwing and she has an augment that is somewhat mandatory if you want to compete with other dps frames that makes you want to stay in razorwing even more, having to refresh the ability is immensely counter intuitive since the aggro draw from razorflies is the main thing that keeps her alive. Either make the razorflies immortal or make picking up a tribute totem revive one razorfly
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