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  1. Inspector

    Finally got baruuk.. i am disappointed.

    It's fair to point out that some frames are build for specific content, however Baaruk is very well rounded and designed Warframe. If you build him right he can easily out dps most frames in regular content. You are right, he struggles with armor but most frames do too. Him being released in Fortuna is not coincidence, he does very well there. This post was also super misleading. I don't think DE is ignorant of Wukong's lackluster kit, but adding to the list of people demanding a rework isn't helpful. Positively structured information and ideas of how to solve the problem is much more appealing.
  2. Inspector

    Coming Soon: Devstream #123!

    We saw amazing reworks and fixes for Warframes in 2018. Titania's changes were welcome but not enough, can we expect Titania and Wukong to see reworks in 2019? If so, like Nyx or Saryn?
  3. .2 away from maximum critical chance! Taking all offers, highest offer wins. No end date yet, just putting this out there seeing who bites. I may be busy for finals this week but I may be online for a direct message offer. Otherwise please post here or message me via forum message. Thanks!
  4. Inspector

    PLEASE DE Lower this DOWN!

    If anything I'd ask them for an epilepsy or seizure warning, as I don't think warframe has one. I don't understand what you expect them to do, they have many helpful toggles for brightness and effects that I have used for similar problems.
  5. Can we talk about how few weapons have been added to the game this year? And when one does hit the numbers are just exceedingly low?
  6. Inspector

    Coming Soon: Devstream #115!

    When are Zaws going to be able to use skins? Having Tennogen for a type of weapon should mean I should be able to use it for that type right?
  7. Inspector

    Hostig games by players has to go

    Options -> Gameplay -> Matchmaking Ping Limit This effectively limits what games you will go into based on their ms to yours. This can make matchmaking take more than normal, or may force you to start a game as host.
  8. Inspector

    Hostig games by players has to go

    This is a personal problem because you opt into world which means you are entitled to nothing. If you have such a bad time with this I'd suggest solo or make a group of dedicated players for your internet standards. You should also know you can limit the ms number to what games you joined. The fact you make no notion to this shows what little you know and you would go right to DE to solve your problem and blame their servers.
  9. Rivens start at MR 8, and it may be worth noting we do not know what MR restrictions [Gram Prime] might have. [Gram] Rivens are expensive as it stands now, but I am super excited!
  10. If you are looking for something like that I would recommend looking forward to [Gram Prime] and maybe getting a riven for it. Currently as my theory build for it would be something like this: Last slot for a [Gram] riven I have for it with Toxin, Heat and attack speed at 75%. This effectively frees up three slots that would be used on the weapon and gets us everything we want for a Crit/Condition Overload hybrid Heavy Blade build!
  11. You have a good mindset for what currently is one of the most powerful melee builds in the game, however [War], like @DarkRuler2500 said is not the best weapon for the build. I would recommend a Plague Keewar due to innate viral and being able to build it your way. It's worth noting, and unconfirmed by devs, that building Gas damage with [Condition Overload] procs the %60 additional damage three times. I know many might be in disbelief but I can assure you by my own testing it is true.
  12. Inspector

    Coming Soon: Devstream #114!

    Most of my melee builds revolve around Channeling either for extra damage or for health returns. I can understand the idea behind removing or changing the system while you are changing melee as a whole. What exactly is the plan for replacing mods for that use channeling such as [Life Strike]?
  13. That's exactly why I made this. She is TOO good with this rework. This build is using only one ability with 100% status chance to make things very easy, but balanced. After her rework it will be 3 abilities with guaranteed status procs. No other warframe in game can make even close to that claim.
  14. That is an excellent point, added a link to main article to rework page.
  15. "Saryn pollutes the environment with a caustic mist, inflicting 250 / 275 / 300 / 350 Corrosive damage per tick to enemies within 8 / 10 / 12 / 15 meters over a duration of 3 seconds." For some reason in my mind this has always read as Corrosive Proc. TIL Worth noting this incoming change could make Spores much better in this circumstance, but time will tell. Reason I build gas is because on testing Gas damage procs Condition Overload a whooping three times. 180% damage per gas proc is insane, but I do have an alt build with Corrosive in mind. Unfortunately there is no quote for this that I can find other than using it and seeing a significant damage increase. Quick Thinking can be a pain in the ass to be certain, a good alternative would be Steel Fiber especially after her rework. I just hate being one shotted without a response to it, maybe they could fix the stagger instead of Saryn? Just a thought. Best skin for her in the game, which is saying a lot because her prime skin is great as well. You did a hell of a job, and the colors I like work really well with it.