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  1. Can confirm. Lost 3x Kuva Floods to this bug. One was a 5k too. Feels bad.
  2. We saw amazing reworks and fixes for Warframes in 2018. Titania's changes were welcome but not enough, can we expect Titania and Wukong to see reworks in 2019? If so, like Nyx or Saryn?
  3. Can we talk about how few weapons have been added to the game this year? And when one does hit the numbers are just exceedingly low?
  4. When are Zaws going to be able to use skins? Having Tennogen for a type of weapon should mean I should be able to use it for that type right?
  5. Most of my melee builds revolve around Channeling either for extra damage or for health returns. I can understand the idea behind removing or changing the system while you are changing melee as a whole. What exactly is the plan for replacing mods for that use channeling such as [Life Strike]?
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