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  1. I am experiencing the exact same over-long serious lagging problems monotonous repetitions - attempting to level up a melee weapon on any mission! Do we have to go to the DE Support to finally resolve this Xbox Bug issue?
  2. Indeed...the Ghost and Mrs Muir...👀🐱‍🚀👀✔
  3. Big Thanks DE! I accept the heart-felt apologies. Looking forward to the unvaulting of Nyx Prime for the first time! Tremendous.
  4. Thanks for listening to your loyal faithful pc/console players! Yes, we are waiting for the PERMANENT REMOVAL OF THE VIRTUAL CURSOR. This is a positive start. Let's wait and see if the full reversal to the Original console/pc settings are being re-instated or not.....
  5. Dear Digital Extremes, please give All your console players - the Choice, The Option , And the Freedom to revert back to the Glorious Original Console Setttings, please? Also, For The Love Of God, Please Remove/Erase The Much Hated Loathed Disliked Notorious "virtual cursor", please?
  6. l hate this new format. Awkward, extremely clunky, and super-slow motion "virtual cursor". Why ruin/disturb/dysfunction the original superb magnificent console xbox controls? Why on God's earth? l had newcomers to DE Warframe LOVING THE ORIGINAL BRILLIANT xbox console but now dont want to play warframe any more! Ask me why DE ruin the original sublime UI? l cannot explain the non-sensical "changes". Dear Digital Extremes, can you restore/re-instate/give us back to your loyal faithful xbox players the option to switch back permanently to the tremendous Original Controller format, please? The original D PADS positions were Perfect! But now are rendered non-existent.Please, as previous xbox warframe players have eloquently commented with passionate depth and details RESTORE to the superb Original xbox console settings, please? Will you listen to your console players or will simply ignore us? l have spent hard-earned monies supporting DE development and although we - are the supposively the so-called "minority" warframe players - We Love Warframe With lmmense Passionate Care Devotion And Love. I rarely post - as l, like the majority of console players, put up with the bugs, nerfing of weapons or warframes but this really upsets and hurts. Why? Pc/console "unification" or absent-mindedness/laziness? I still like WF - bought me into video gaming. In fact, the game that l Love the most! Please take into your consideration, your devoted console players heartfelt pleas to reverse this vacuous decision, please Digital Extremes?
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