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  1. thank u DE for all that efforts but please don't forget about PLEASE WAIT problem and connection problem in Egypt and other countries i still cant play the game cuz i cant play with my friends or anyone :(
  2. Please DE i hope u see this msg and not ignore it .. but here in Egypt game doesn't work probably (can't play with anyone or can't find ppl in public matches on pc) and many many ppl report abt it i hope u know what i mean and i hope u fix it soon .. thx DE
  3. Thx DE for ur efforts really u are amazing guys .. but pllllss someone see this 🙁 it's so annoying glitch And prevent me from playing with katana swords "my main melee"
  4. DE please fix katana swords problem with grib and thx DE ❤️
  5. Please fix katana grib / sheath problem pllls
  6. Thhx for fixing umbra falling i wrote abt this on forum and here u are .. now pls fix karana sword grib problem 🥺 and thhhx again DE
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