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  1. I'm sorry, I'll need more clues/instructions to find the spot.
  2. A screenshot would be great, can't seem to find the spot you mentioned.
  3. Based on my experience, I suggest: Go straight to Cambion Drifts from Orbiter then talk to Mother there to start ISO Bounty. Skip tier 1 and tier 2 vaults, go back to the surface as soon as you kill the necramechs. (25-30 mins instead of 40+ per run) Buy Resource Drop Chance Booster or recruit teammates that have it active. Buy Resource Booster, bring Smeeta Kavat equipped with Charm. I acquired 36 scintillant total after hotfix 29.0.4 (before I got zero), in around 30 T1-T3 ISO runs, all from drops. (played as Nekros) Note that I have both boosters active Reso
  4. Many rare stuff in game have similar drop chance, however there's just not enough necramechs for us to kill/farm. It takes 20-25mins to kill 6 mechs if skipping vaults, 1 in tier one, 2 in tier two and 3 in tier three. I have done around 40 T1-T3 iso vault runs with Nekros, yet I've gotten zero rare necramech mods. (not using Mod Drop Booster) 40*25mins is about 16.7 hours play time, kill counts: T1, 40 ; T2, 80 ; T3, 120. I would suggest treat these as lucky jackpot for now and wait for future updates as other means to get the mods will likely be added. Hopefully it won't take too lon
  5. It just feels frustrated to even play anymore (until fixed for GOOD and never ever return in any form), the worst feeling in this kind of games: taking away (by bugs) what was given as player UI suggested.
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