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  1. Adding to this The disappearing pillar in the custom dojo courses also disappear when in the dojo, unlike all other disappearing objects that only function when doing the course. This makes working with them hard since touching them require a reset of the dojo, if you want to move them. And since you are looking at dojos please fix the lasers in custom dojo courses, they go through everything, creating massive lag and breaking many courses. I suspect they also go through the walls of the room just by the sheer amount of lag created.
  2. Sure thing mate This would make me quit the game
  3. Getting even just one or two items on this list would be a big help!
  4. If you do a lot of arbies like me you will have more statues then you can ever farm stars for. Right now i'm sitting on 100 ortas after giving away a ton to my newer friends.
  5. Please allow us to sell seeding step for credits or add it to the store instead, right now it's just a dead drop that feels horrible to get. Also any plans to change how arbi drones scale? right now they are impossible to kill at high lvls
  6. Sad we had plans to do a dedicated dojo room for playing football. Hopefully this means the time will be spent improving the decoration system and fixing its bugs instead.
  7. would it be possible to have skins show in the loadout screen? would make it easier to tell the difference between loadouts using the same frame
  8. Thank you for fixing this horrible bug, now i can truly enjoy dog days to the fullest Gamin
  9. The reason people ask is because for a large group of players raids where all they enjoyed. DE promised they would add them back so people keep asking
  10. Agree, maybe locking it behind placing top 10 in an event.
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