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  1. Thanks for removing a fun movement mechanic exclusive to 1 frame, i love having all frames be the same. The game got so much better for it.
  2. Yes please, this is very needed. The fact that we have to rely on EULA breaking discord bots to even see what arbitration is up is sad
  3. The Remnants of the Void had a 12k point requirement. Phantom Vanguard had 8k. It was made very clear to everyone both with a clan spam ingame multiple times a day as well as on our discord that if you couldn't participate you could be temporarily removed from the clan to make room for other people and then get an inv once the event is over. It was also made very clear that anyone not over this minimum would be kicked. Not only in the time before the event and during but even when getting recruited. We are a competitive clan that enjoys rallying the entire clan together to push us high on the leaderboards. If you do not want to be a part of this there are plenty of other clans where this is not the case. Also, I wouldn't call getting the 4k points for Glaxion Vandal contributing in any way. That's just playing casually for the ingame rewards and has nothing to do with the leaderboards.
  4. Thank you for finally having a proper clan event
  5. Or just make it 100% like it should have been from the start.
  6. Thank you @Ebbtides ❤️ I'm so happy your course was shown, it truly shows some of the crazy things that can be done with the amazing movement system of Warframe, and i'm so proud to say i have beaten it.
  7. Clan Name: The Remnants Of The Void Architect: --RV--Silverdk Platform: PC
  8. Could we maybe fix profile lighting before fixing a bug that made it looks good? The lighting in the profile makes almost any fashion look really bad compared to how it looks in the rest of the game. This bug at least made it a little closer. People wanna show off and compare fashion, make them able to do that.
  9. It stopped being a side game when they locked 24k MR points behind it. The amount of time needed to max out a k-drive is 3-4 times higher then it should be
  10. Nice of you to boost it artificially, really makes us trust you in future events like this The point im making is that don't act like we filling up the scans when we clearly aren't, just put a timer behind it then. And no a 30 upvote reddit comment doesn't count for anything.
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