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  1. As a lover of my Melee build Saryn most of these changes are a gleaming beauty in the darkness... The only real fault I have is the completely damaging idea of removing Viral from Spores and swapping it with Miasma's Corrosive... The halved health from the spreading Viral proc was the main reason I loved her... Please find a way to retain it in her new kit as the Corrosive proc just won't stand up in late game for anything other than Grineer, which would sadly kill the main reason I bring my Saryn. The other changes seem fantastic and I'd love to see how the "Infinite" Spores duration works but the "scaling damage" aspects being tied to consistently keeping the same Spore "batch" running is a dead end for any content beyond survival missions as most "wave" based content or inconsistent spawns kills the Spores damage growth... Still looking forward to these changes and hopeful these suggestions are taken into consideration, thank you for your time and trying to make sure this game is ever growing...
  2. I was always under the impression Baro was in it like a "ticket" arcade. We trade him our hard earned prime parts for his "ducat tickets" and we can then trade those for things we actually want (with credit tax, of course). I can't help but imagine Baro laughing like a crazy while staring at a castle made, furnished, and decorated with junk prime parts.
  3. Just run lots of Neo and Lith fissures, other players bring her relics all the time. You'll have her soon enough.
  4. Ones continental origins is highly irrelevant... The point was that it was a pretty bad move on their part, as someone who has completed the raids I was looking forward to this "celebratory" emblem to show my completion. Finding out it was just the emblem from LoR with a new lighting effect was a bit disappointing TBH. So when I saw that my brother who hadn't quite gotten to Trials level gear yet, had gotten it as well, I was kinda happy. "Well cool, I guess they gave everyone that one and had another prepared for the "Trials" completers". But that wasn't the case... So my brother and many other new players (players who were JUST given a free Excal skin and an event for a bunch of practically free weapons and a syandana), had an item taken from them. No they may not have "deserved" it, but if you give something away, you don't get to go "Oops I didn't mean to do that, give it back". That's childish and irresponsible, hence, why I was nearly certain that DE would have merely given it out to all players and merely made a new emblem for the reward. Their fault should not cause a players easily avoidable disappointment...
  5. This, I personally agree, I was almost certain that they would have made a modified verion of the JV symbol as an "Oops we f**cked up" reward. People LOVE free stuff but HATE having their free stuff taken away, bad response in my opinion...
  6. Put in on in advance and hope it starts up fine while you're sleeping, works for me and you can watch it later, you'll miss out on the trivia plat but you can get those sweet free displays.
  7. You could put it on before you go to sleep and hope it doesn't bug up... then watch it later.
  8. I have not and never will be a fan of "exclusivity", we are a PVE focused game with a massive eye for "fashionframe" why limit others options? You want it to be your special thing any newer player couldn't have just because they joined at the wrong time... Trials are being overhauled for a reason, they were easily cheese-able broken messes that meant very little... as does a floaty thing that looks neat. Look i can even compromise here, have a new emblem that looks nearly identical to the Jordas one but make it have a different logo on the "medallion" that has say, the new Venus open world faction "Solaris United" symbol and have it as a reward for an archwing miniboss in the spirt of the Plague star event with a reskined golem or something... You get to keep your precious "prestige" and you can now rock the two of them at once for that "symmetrical-but-not-really" look...
  9. Please give some way of getting them, like maybe Plague star event or something. i was planning on helping my brother get the Jordas sekara but he's not going to be anywhere near running JV before it's removed. Which really sucks... he loves the infested aesthetic.
  10. So trials are leaving and we can get arcanes from eidolons? Is there a new way to get trial emblems or are newer players out of luck?
  11. Would like to add my frame to the index: Styx (placeholder) the Elder Ent.
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