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  1. Quasars is a clan that accepts anyone of any race, creed, gender identity, sexual orientation and even weebs. Everyone is super nice and wants to back each other up especially when we see people going sixteen hours doing a run for a single event; personally I'm not even that good and I still had two groups of three back me up to get a score higher then I'd get on my own - I'm not at all ashamed of being in Quasar's and you won't convince me to be otherwise with the labels you put on us. Its not fun to see your friends get called 'exploiter' or trash talked, and have to deal with that, especially when they show a video of exactly what they did. It's against clan rules to disparage other players too, just so we all get along well with the community. You wouldn't want to leave your friends hanging either right so why must we? As to exploits, its a big clan, I don't personally know anyone who did any switch teleporting to kill mobs, or negative crit to kill things. And I think using a Mod that does what it says it does, shouldn't be an exploit - DE went out of there way awhile ago to increase the degree of consistency with how mods are worded, its nice to see things do what they say on the tin.
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