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  1. Solus is a Sun Themed Warframe Stats Rank 30 : - Health : 260 - Shield : 400 - Armor : 250 - Energy : 250 ABILITIES Passive Photovoltaic Body : Allies near Solus and Solus himself regenerate energy overtime 0.5/s - More efficient the more allies are near Ability 1 Photonic Splash : Solus makes his front side shine for a moment, blinding every monsters in front of him. - Half Spherical Shape - Deals really low damages - 25m radius Augment : UV Bomb : Photonic splash can now be maintained and Solus is able to move while using it, the blinding effect is shorter but ennemies get skin cancer. - Affect Ennemies with viral and fire Ability 2 Light Speed : Solus converts his whole composition to Photon, making him into a laser, traveling light speed while dealing heavy damages to any foes getting in his way. - Cylindre Shaped - More powerful in the center - 20m distance - 3m radius - Slow casting Time of 1.5s/2s - Deals fire Damage Augment : Relativity : Light Speed deals less damages but slow down hit ennemies for 5s (6m radius) Ability 3 Solar Storm : Solus claps his hands making an uncontrolled solar arc itself producing a solar storm - Cone shaped - Deals less damage the farther it is. - 12m radius - Deals radiation Damage Augment : Gama Burst : Solar Storm now creates projectiles chasing a few ennemies, when touching them, said projectiles acquires infinite punch through. Ability 4 Super Nova : Solus Charges up energy and explodes. - Uses Energy and health (The more it is charged the more it uses health, It cannot kill Solus but it can leave him with only 1hp) - Sphere shaped (center is Solus) - Can be Charged for more power strength and range - 15m radius - Deals Explosion Damage Augment : Black Hole : Super Nova now pulls in near ennemies while casting, whilst the radius of explosion is smaller, the more ennemies that are pulled in, the more the ability is powerful. I'm sorry for any typos. English isn't my native language.
  2. Phase 1 datamass still is bugged. It needs to be fixed. pls DE.
  3. Vallis ponds water is ''hard'' and I can't fish in it ...
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