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  1. WTS Adarza and Smeeta Kavats! Leave a PM here or in-game. Open to nego. Some imprints are more negotiable than others. I have some single imprints that are not listed here. These are open to trade with other single imprints. PM me here or in-game.  Tiber - Adarza Kavat Ball Ears, White Energy, Leaf Tail 180p - Imprints x2 Eos - Adarza Kavat Fennec Ears, Grey Energy, Peacock Tail 150p - Imprints x2 Kris - Adarza Kavat Tufted Ears, Turquoise Energy, Guppy Tail 180p - Imprints x2 Met - Smeeta Kavat Fennec Ears, Yellow Energy, Peacock Tail 150p - Imprints x2 Irobot - Adarza Kavat Tufted Ears, Green Energy, Mermaid Tail 120p - Imprints x2
  2. Can DE post the Prime Time catch-up dates and times in each Prime Time post? I've been missing the past many ones due to time zones and it had been difficult to find information on catch-up times because I don't see a link to that in the warframe site or forums.
  3. hi, what are the re-screening times for this? i always miss prime time as it's completely not in my timezone.
  4. oh that's good. four of the same streams? where can i find the dates and times?
  5. timezones.... we in asia would easily miss the entire prime time
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