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  1. I hope so. Dissing Grandma like this is just not cool.
  2. That is just lazy writing. I know who I am too, but I'd be p***** if my parents were too lazy to come up with a name for me. Heck, it would have shown an insulting lack of interest if my parents had named me Quartius because I'm their fourth kid, but not naming someone at all is seriously cold and callous. I love my new Space Grandma, and she deserves a name.
  3. ROFL That is pure awesome dude. Great comment.
  4. I call my mother Mom, it doesn't mean she lacks an actual name. In fact my kids have to specify which grandma they mean by using her name (my mother or my wife's mother), but they don't need to specify which mom. BTW don't mistake my hyperbolic language for actual excitement.
  5. This is still happening. I hope DE is making progress on it. It is REALLY annoying.
  6. What. The. F***. I've reached the end of the Heart of Deimos story line. Did I miss the part where Grandma gets a name? The f***ing bat**** idiot robot starts with a name, but Grandma never gets one? What the h*** DE? I love you guys, and I love this game, but come on! Please tell me that I missed it, because 1/2 of you guys probably will be grandmothers someday, so you REALLY shouldn't have missed this.
  7. Lol yes, exactly that 😂. And on Steel Path, I was using Grendel with a heavy attack build Pennant vs Corpus, until I got to Neptune and I tried out Garuda. I don't suppose they explained what might be leaking out when you cut a shield with a knife...🙄 Thanks.
  8. Oh that's intentional? Weird. Good to know. Thanks.
  9. Side note: it would be nice if we could click a "notify me of replies" button AFTER already submitting a reply.
  10. Are slash procs supposed to be hitting Corpus shields on the Steel Path? Toxin procs are skipping shields, but slash procs are damaging shields instead of health. I'm having a hard time imagining shields bleeding from being cut with a sword... although to be fair, it's also hard to imagine enemies bleeding from cuts that didn't get through their shields.
  11. That's weird. Because in the run I did that on, I had the health refresh twice before I tried activating the console immediately (which then worked, killing it). Sorry it didn't work for you.
  12. I'm not sure I'd go that far. It still doesn't deal with the armoured Corpus bots, but I tested it and toxin IS currently skipping shields. Does anyone know, if slash procs hitting shields is a feature or a bug?
  13. What gives? Are you guys seeing your toxin and slash procs skipping shields on the Steel Path? Because when I hit them with slash procs I sit back and watch them do shield damage until the shields are gone. I find toxin pretty useless (the occasional corpus bot has armour), so I haven't tried it, but slash is definitely not working normally against Steel Path Corpus for me. I tested it using Garuda with both her abilities and slash proc weapons without abilities. No love. I also tried it using Grendel with a heavy attack Pennant (I didn't use any of his abilities at all). It was hard to fin
  14. Interesting. Good to know. Oddly the propa doesn't do that. Although propa does hit it from a MUCH farther range than you would expect. (at least 3-4x as far as the graphics would suggest, I would guess) I don't want to test it out because that battle was such a slog. But, I may need to suffer through it my son out when he gets there on his steel path. So, thanks.
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