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  1. On the chance that DE sees this let's discuss how Echos should change. I'm bringing this up because I'm seeing a lot of people say one of two things. Either that they should last for ever or they're not worth it. What should change to make them actually appealing? Now if DE doesn't want to change much then I am in favor of them lasting forever since they can be taken out at any time anyway, but I am NOT in favor of getting rid of them entirely and replacing them with umbra forma. I think umbra forma should stay as rare as it is so that in the future, if more umbra mods or frames are added, it keeps that level of power under control. Now my suggestion for a possible replacement for Echos is why not more amalgam mods. I think they are fun to use since each one helps bring out different play styles, and that would work with the mission type since it's all about amalgams. Also more amalgam mods would probably have a bigger impact on the game than Echos would.
  2. They are not obstructed. I'm usually right up on them. I have noticed though that thiss bug usually only happens to bigger and tougher enemies (eximus, heavy gunner, ancients, ect.). Although that could also just be due to the fact that they don't always go down in one hit making it more likely for hitboxes to get bugged. I do have Rolling Guard equipped. I was unaware that causes issues. As for the mission types I always play with randoms so it's a toss up if I'm hosting or joining. That would make a lot of sense from my experience but I would need to test a bit just to make sure because I feel like it happens to more than just the block combos, but I could be wrong.
  3. I use handspring a lot and I've noticed that lately is hasn't been working so I just wanted to see if anyone else has had it not work for them. Also melee attacks, they seem to occasionally just go through enemies and not register a hit at all. I'm definitely in range and this happens with all my melee weapons but the only way I've seen to get around this is to wait a bit or knock down the enemy. Also just checking if this happens to anyone else.
  4. Daikyu Prime? Space ship dock cost? Does the rail jack need to be built, is it given to us? Will melee be further updated any time soon? Or at least touched up, some of the melee attacks seem to not work properly such as attacks making you move through enemies while other movement attacks are blocked by enemies. Will the operator ever get more than just the amp for a weapon? Void energy melee weapon? If Gauss is in a party with volt and wisp while having rush, armored agility, amalgam serration, and speed drift equipped; will he time travel?
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