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  1. Do you even want people using Melee anymore? You're just making the game less fun, for really no valid reason.
  2. Can we PLEASE get a Galvanized crit mod for Shotguns? Please? Why have we still not gotten a new Shotgun crit chance mod?
  3. Ok so let me tackle these things in terms of what's personally bugging me. Why are we nerfing Blood Rush? Red crits are not what's letting people annihilate steel path, it's Condition Overload and Anti-Faction mods. The nerf to Condition Overload and Berserker was fine. So why not just leave Blood Rush alone so people can see big crits even if it's inefficient for damage? Second, these changes for the Parazon are headed in the right direction however I think an idea floating around the community would've been a bit better, cooler, and would let the Parazon be useful at all levels. I think the base health percentage being 40% is fine, but, I think every kill should increase the health threshold. Once you kill enough enemies you can use the Parazon to instantly kill a single enemy, and have increased chances to drop energy orbs/health orbs/ammo. I feel like this would make the use of the Parazon more strategic, and also not overburdening since it DOES slow down gameplay. For every enemy you cinematically kill with the Parazon you could have killed 10-20 others in the same amount of time. As for Impact... honestly I'm as stuck as what to do with it as yall are. Both it and Puncture kind of need some revisits. As for the logins, I appreciate it, but could we get 2 Forma per Kuva Weapon we've mastered? Since the game tracks mastery that means it knows which Kuva weapons we've spent 5 forma on. I think it would only be fair to reimburse players 2/5ths of the Forma invested if you're going to give us this forma anyways. Enough so we can forma some of the new weapons coming in the next patch, but not enough to let us slap all 5 into all of the Granum weapons on launch day. Now, with all that being said. The new mods for guns look good (as long as I can put Galvanized Scope on Shotguns), along with the arcanes. We're moving in the right direction on this one. A mostly solid set of changes.
  4. Seconding this with a picture example, for some reason it turns to a dark blue. You can SEE the accent color I have picked. Image on left is selected. Image on right is when I re-enter the arsenal. For some reason it just... makes it darker?
  5. Was doing Elite Sanctuary Onslaught leveling the Fusilai when on the first Zone I noticed one of the Domestik Drone units (as Zone 1 this week is a Corpus Gas City tileset) dropped a bronze mod, Repair Kit, onto the floor. I was a bit too slow to catch it on the floor however I did immediately pull up this screen (the other individuals usernames withheld because it's not pertinent). I don't know how this happened as no one in the mission was a looting frame. The frames being Saryn Prime, Wisp, Volt Prime, and Octavia Prime. This is also clearly not a Zone rotation reward as we hadn't even gotten to Zone 2+. Just, there it was on the ground as I was jumping around. Repair Kit in ESO. No other oddities dropped the entire mission. My End screen had a Radiant Lith relic, and Lua Balcony scene as per usual. The Repair Kit is currently in my inventory as my count has gone up by 1 (I know because the other night I cleaned up my mods converting many of my duplicates into Endo). If anymore information is required or desired feel free to ask.
  6. Thank you for the fixes. Also, please give us a toggle to turn the glass removal of Gara's Splinter Storm on and off.
  7. As someone diagnosed with mild agoraphobia and astrophobia I would second a toggle for the top of the orbiter. I genuinely struggle to get through railjack and archwing missions personally, let alone use my orbiter ever since they opened the top of it. Please let us close it. Please.
  8. You should probably pump the breaks on the way you type up these responses. A lot of them are directly constructed to antagonize. Which conflicts a lot with your 'empathy' point. As for your point on improving the UI, I'd agree that it could have a better indicator for it's use on yourself. As for my personal use of Splinter Storm, considering how rarely I play defensive content like Excavations or Defense/Mobile Defense, I mostly use it on myself and enemies. Little else for me to use it on when I'm solo. I'm going to be frank I think we're going to disagree till the end of time, especially since I felt fashionable with my glass both on and off. I didn't feel any less fashionable with the glass removed. I'd come to love it as a part of Gara's aesthetics. And finally, in terms of 'empathy'. It's difficult for me to root for people who are telling me to be happy with something taken away. Frankly, to make everyone happy would be to get a toggle, and we've both agreed that's a moot point for the immediate future of the next few months. So while I understand, yes, people should be able to toggle it off, they cannot, and I cannot turn the glass removal back on. I'd rather revert it because 1: I'm biased, I'm human. 2: You still have your fashion, you can take all the Captura and screenshots and link your Gara in full glassware in chats. You want to show your fashion to your friends? You had every way to do so, sans murdering stuff mid mission. You would have, fundamentally, barely anything taken from a revert compared to the fact that I now can't see or show Gara with the glass off from this point on, anywhere, at all. Because my faith in DE even adding a toggle for it is incredibly low given their own statement on the matter on the patch note post. So while I advocate for a toggle, and I'd rather everyone be happy I think the net gain of reverting it until we get a toggle would be far more beneficial. I know that the glass-stay-on camp won't be happy, but I'm not going to pretend them getting to use fashion in one more aspect of the game compared to fashion being taken away from other players in every aspect of the game is on any level an even comparison. The amount of ways my ability to express myself with Gara and share fashion has been disproportionately disrupted compared to the very little benefits the glass-on camp gets from this change. With that said, DE, feel free to prove me wrong and have a toggle ready after Tennocon. I'd love to see it.
  9. Listen, if you disagree with me, please do so without twisting my words to fit your narrative. Thank you. When I mentioned lost art and animations I meant all of the bits of Gara hidden under the glass no one will get to see anymore, and in the future should they ever even add the toggle. I feel like a master of glass using the glass on their own frame as a tool is perfectly fitting for the thematic. Also it reduces ability clarity, since it let you know you had the ability off. Regaining the armor informed the player of their loss of uptime. It's not just artistic feedback loss, it's gameplay feedback loss. It's a loss of clarity, and aesthetic that's just unacceptable for me. Keeping it as is will not make anyone any happier except for those loud few who didn't want a toggle at all and just wanted it gone. The overwhelming majority of the posts on the forum wanted a toggle. The toggle definitely would make things better for all camps, but as I said in my original post I don't expect it anytime soon.
  10. I make this request for three main reasons. One, just turning off the glass removal has just ruined a big thematic and aesthetic part of Gara for me. I loved how Gara and most of her cosmetics looked when the glass shattered. She still has the cast animation of her 'ripping' her glass off, and yet nothing comes of it. If doing the code for a toggle is too much then just don't do anything! On top of that now I have no idea what Gara Prime looks like without the glass. So many cool aspects of art and animation just lost for... what? People complaining about the Gara Deluxe skin? The second is because frankly I don't appreciate this 'easy way out' solution you've concocted just to appease a few loud people. You just threw away cool art assets and someone worked on, because some people think the Gara Deluxe skin looks 'ugly' in their opinion without the Glass on. You should've just either A: Addressed it and say you'll do a toggle later, or B: Do a toggle now. I know B is a bit much given Sisters of Parvos and Tennocon coming up but... seriously? This is not a great solution. Third, I know I'm not alone on this. I've been talking to friends in DM's and in Discord who are also disappointed with this change. Please just revert this. You wouldn't make Chroma keep his dragon on his body when he activates Effigy, or get rid of all the little bits and parts opening up on Gauss when he uses Redline. Please and thank you for your time.
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