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  1. wtf how is this not even fixed yet are you S#&$ting me wow
  2. If you do this to test or confirm bug at least screenshot to demonstrate that was the intent in good faith. The perils of doing a company's QA for them, tenno!
  3. Bumped because thanks for excellent bug report, mirrors my recent experiences with Nyx. Hope it gets a fix very soon.
  4. Still not sure if pure UI bug or worse, to test fully and know if/not exploitable in any way is a paid QA job not my job. 'Report 3 PC Bugs On The Forum' will apparently be an Elite Weekly next round.
  5. I was also stopped from using Assimilation as a name for a weapon. How anal is that.
  6. Broken with all, Nightwave current round is bugged all over.
  7. Same here, party re-ran to confirm bug, screencaps to prove no attempt at exploit (DE DON'T BAN US PLS K THX) and it looks like a UI bug but reporting it here anyways.
  8. Same here, checked to confirm it is not giving additional points if you repeat it (would be exploitable) doesn't seem to be exploitable, had party re-run it to test and no extra Nightwave points. Seems like a UI bug therefore, but reported here too.
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