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  1. Khora already scales to insane levels with even a semi-decent stat stick, so unless you're doing multi-hour endurance runs in Steel Path (which is something only a tiny fraction of players is even interested in) having the ability to self-buff will change absolutely nothing. And with Saryn or Mesa, these frames already demolish all low level content (fissures, ESO, shorter Arbitrations, sorties), so the only difference is in letting them scale higher in SP and/or longer endurance runs. And even that mostly affects solo, because normally in a long run you would take some sort of buff frame.
  2. Shaking my head at people crying "OMG BALANCE". Balance is already nonexistent, as proven by Steel Path's release. A reasonably competent player with a *decent* build (not anything crazy, no absurd 5k plat rivens, no niche combinations, just a good build on a good warframe) can solo everything, melt level 150+ armor boosted enemies for hours on end, lock down Interception to effortlessly farm... etc etc. People crying bloody murder over Roar beign a thing need a reality check. First of all, you need to build high strength for it to be worth it, and not all builds actually do that,
  3. Nothing here as well after the ticket. I assume this is proving harder to solve that anticipated, but any sort of "we are still working on it, it is hard for this and that reason, stay tuned" message would be reassuring, I guess.
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