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  1. Have you tried selecting Rising Tide as the active quest? I read that they change how you can acquire Cy's Blueprint.
  2. It can. It's in the name. RANDOM Number Generator.
  3. Then don't get into their range. If you see one make them priority targets. @NinjaZekualready shows how easy it is to spot them and anticipate their attacks. This is just a case of "you bad, git gud" as much as I hate to say it.
  4. Selling Mods and Archgun/Archmelee Parts from these Syndicates for 10p each Syndicate | Standings New Loka | SOLD OUT Red Veil | SOLD OUT Perrin Sequence | SOLD OUT
  5. Saryn. Viral infection slowly eats you from the inside and Corrosive Spore melts your skin and consumes your flesh. Not to mention you will never see it coming. Once your kin next to you gets infected, you can only pray those essential oil you take everyday actually works.
  6. Nitain Extracts and Potatoes. On as-needed basis so buy only when you need them. You don't want to get stuck because you don't have enough creds to get Nitain for your blueprints. Nitain is really hard to come by and Nightwave is pretty much the only reliable source. Only spend all of them at the end of the season.
  7. As previously mentioned: There are a lot of personal information tied to your email address. Scammers can easily get mundane but very personal information just by doing a little digging with someone's email address. They can make a lot of people, even the cautious one, to lower their guard and believe that they are legit by presenting these seemingly harmless information. The good thing is you are very aware that Warframe has no such thing as cryptocurrency and it makes no sense DE has any idea who you are in the real life.
  8. It is though. You have to explain why it isn't playable without spending that much money because I managed to clear star charts and a bunch of content with 0 dollars. Platinum I used to gear up was from trading. I did bought platinum a few times but those are for cosmetics.
  9. While I never experienced this issue, you have better chance with support than the forum since no one here can help you. From my experience, yes. All my tickets are resolved in a satisfactory and timely manner. At least for me. Could be replied in hours or even days. It depends on what kind of problem it is and when you send it. Some type/category of issues have long queue. So bear that in mind.
  10. Both BP have 5% drop chance. It's just RNG.
  11. Vaulted. Not unvaulted.
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