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  1. @Rawbeardalready mentioned this and you can't even read
  2. Suspension of disbelief. Just because something that doesn't exist in real life exist in a work of fiction, that doesn't mean you remove logic from said work. There is a difference. Just because void magic exist in Warframe, that doesn't mean you can just use it as much as you like and use it to justify whatever story idea you have. If you are going to write that a structure or base or whatever you are going to call it exists in the sun, you need to establish a reason for it to exist. Who built it, what's the reason, why it shows up now, etc.
  3. You can build your Mesa good enough that you don't need to extend the timer. That's how I farm mine.
  4. I got plenty of Thumpers spawned on my PS runs. All of them can be killed. I'm on PC so it could be a PS exclusive. Also:
  5. This sounds like the 5th grader me with my friends trying to make up stuff on our favorite games or tv shows. It doesn't make any sense. True. Who built it? The Lotus? She doesn't have the resource to build something that massive. If she had that much of resources we won't be doing guerilla tactics out here. Not to mention stuff like the Mycona colony. If The Lotus is so concerned with Neewa and really wants to cure her while knowing that it will destroy the colony's source of income and protection, why not just take the whole colony out of there and cure her instead of letting us to choose her fate? She has the resource after all. The Orokin? The Corpus? The Grineer? If they had the technology that can withstand the sun, why now? Why don't they use it during the war with the sentient? I mean why they just let their asses take beatings from the sentient when they have something that can protect whatever it is in the sun. The sentient?
  6. That doesn't make any sense at all. A good Voidrig will obliterate anything with Arquebex (unless DE slaps whatever damage mitigation mechanic on them). A good Bonewidow can shred Orphix with Ironbride. Conclusion: they don't have good necramechs. I don't get what the problem is. The point of the game is to build your arsenal. If your problem is a mission that needs a particular gear is difficult, then build said gear to the point that the mission is actually doable. Build your stuff.
  7. My current setup is Bless Trinity, Voidrig, and F3 Amp set. No special build or setup since I can't be bothered with it and only do Tridolon for NW or carrying my friends. With all of those half assed stuff and less than average hunting skill I can do it solo in less than 30 minutes. If my lazy dumbass can do it I bet you too with proper research and training. So far I barely see any bugs at all.
  8. This isn't something that is exclusive to arbitration. On other long running missions and modes this is not uncommon. The only thing you can do is to report them through the support system. Don't forget to take as many evidence as you can. Yes it is tedious especially with how many of them are out there but it's better than nothing. I've reported this kind of case a few times and all of the responses were fast. The next best thing you can do is a premade squad. Public matchmaking in any online games is always unpredictable. You will never know what kind of players you are going to get.
  9. I'm trying to be as broad as possible which is why I put both Molecular Prime (can't be subsumed) and Gloom (can be subsumed because you said you mostly play Ember). The question tone is there to ask you for confirmation if those suggestions suit you. Anyway Ember's natural kit is pretty limited to counter Silence. Either you use subsumed abilities or kite the hell out of Violence.
  10. Keep you distance and nuke the hell out of him? Any kind of abilities that mess with his mobility like Molecular Prime or Gloom that out-range his silence maybe?
  11. What about some retroactive drop for those who vanquished/convert them before this update?
  12. No idea. I'm pretty sure it's one of the cheap stances if you really want one but I don't think the stance matter with throw attack.
  13. That sounds good. It fits to his mummy theme. Currently he is more of a sand golem than a mummy. But we won't know until it's actually tested.
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