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  1. most stupid answer you could give, you dont need to be a chef to know that food is spoiled, bad game desing is bad game desing, you dont need to be a developer to see it.
  2. This has to be the worst garbage I have seen on this game so far, I just give up with the las evidence, I cant find it anywhere, so Im not wasting more of my time on it, such terrible game design. The most unfun experience i ever had in 5 years playing this game.
  3. Hi there is this weird visual bug with the operators hair while on the appearance tab, the hair color is all messed up. Only on the appearance option.
  4. funny you mention that, when lotus Just send us to do the killing without any regards for negotiations first, because committing genocide is the only way warframe do stuff. don't be a hypocrite.
  5. Just kill her already, im sorry Reb Lotus need to die fast.
  6. I couldn't say it better, the animation deparment on DE really need a boost up, is a huge disappointment that the only TWO animations in nightwave feel unfinished at best, nightwave is a nice idea but just because is essentially a free battle pass doesn't mean they can just give us subpar quality stuff, we are investing our time in the game doing the task and we deserve better, I just hope DE can step up their game a notch. also on a side note speaking of animations, now that the prove us that costume running animations are possible, I hope they expand on it to every frame, and not just m
  7. not just maniac, crawled and their variation as well, need more ideas? just check dead space monster repertory, do the same but for warframe, insta awesome.
  8. wanna make the infested scary? make them crawl on walls and jump on you Maniac style, then while on the ground more infested can come and whale on you zombie style, Im pretty sure most people will be very aware of they, their main problem now is they are just brainless enemies that run a line to reach melee range, you can just shoot them two miles away before they do anything.
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