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  1. 23 hours ago, (PS4)NemitheNem said:

    Maybe tap to change modes? Like with Khora and Venari. 

    It already has a hold function which increases the radius and the number of tentacles spawned (which, ironically, makes the ability perform generally worse as the tentacles end up spread out too far to efficiently lock down an area).

  2. On 2018-11-23 at 9:26 PM, (PS4)NemitheNem said:

    Just let tentacles transmit damage.

    Not the worst idea. That's how Zephyr's Tornado works, and at least it'd make the ability worth using. Ultimately, though, I'd rather the ability do something unique. Holding enemies in place is nice because it allows you to score headshots which Hydroid's three other abilities kind of hamper.

  3. On 2018-11-21 at 8:06 PM, TheLocalHentai said:

    Not being good doesn't always mean it doesn't work. Regardless of how well your or any of our build is, it's irrelevant to the Undertow's unreliable mechanics. Fixing it's unreliability isn't going to negatively impact Hydroid.


    On 2018-11-22 at 12:44 AM, TheLocalHentai said:

    Meant Tentacle Swarm

    This is precisely my point. Tentacle Swarm does what it's supposed to. What it's supposed to do isn't done well. The only advantages it has over Tempest Barrage are that it lasts longer and works through an Ancient Healer's aura. If it weren't for that fact it would be completely outclassed and strictly worse than Tempest Barrage.

  4. 16 hours ago, (PS4)Riko_113 said:

    Well, then you must hate Atlas, Banshee, Ember, Equinox, Excalibur, Frost, Gara, Harrow, Hydroid, Inaros, Ivara, Khora, Loki, Mag, Mesa, Nekros, Nezha, Nidus, Nyx, Octavia, Revenant, Rhino, Titania, Valkyr, Vauban, and Volt. Please, feel free to let me know if I missed anyone else on the long list of Frames with the ability to prevent enemies from fighting back....

    Miss me with your fallacious hyperbole. Stasis is the strongest CC in the game and it is on a Warframe with negligible Energy costs.

    16 hours ago, (PS4)Riko_113 said:

    No. It really didn't. Played correctly, Between Cataclysm and Rift Surge you almost never needed to leave the rift even with your projectiles frozen. You were meant to use Stasis to line up shots then release in short spurts to allow the projectiles to hit your targets with supreme precision, not leave it on all day (although that was always possible and more commonly done). That play style hasn't changed. It just made everything faster.

    You were meant to turn it on and off, and you have literally zero reason to do so now. That's precisely what I just said.

  5. 28 minutes ago, (PS4)Riko_113 said:

    How would having a cosmetic aura change the fact that he never has to leave the rift? 

    There is no practical reason to have that feature back. With Stasis naturally giving status infinite duration, damage from attacks being dealt instantly, and allies that won't be patiently tolerating your yearning to feel cool, you could only possibly benefit from our projectiles not being frozen. 

    Because it isn't fun to shoot enemies that cannot ever fight back. I never said he was weaker after the Stasis changes--I said he was less interesting. Believe it or not you can ruin the elegance of something's design strictly by buffing it.

    Stasis' projectile freeze forced Limbo to leave the Rift to kill enemies safely. Furthermore, Rift Surge's spreading on death and automatically casting Banish on its expiration meant that you would occasionally pull in more enemies than you intended to. Those two things together added a lot of nuance to Limbo. All that is gone. The only reason you ever have to leave the Rift Plane is to kill a Nullifier and even that is trivial now with Rolling Guard.

  6. 19 minutes ago, mikakor said:

    i still need to understand why would people even want that, except for style or badass points...

    You answered your own question. It might also have to do with the fact that his entire kit was built around that being a feature and with that yanked out he's pretty bland. You pretty much never have to leave the Rift Plane anymore because you never have to shut Stasis off.

  7. 1 minute ago, TyrianMollusk said:

    I corrected the misunderstanding when I said you were mixing up width and radius.  You insisted and put me through that awful video just to come to yep, you mixed up width and radius.  Respect would be checking your terms when you're wrong instead of linking a video you didn't bother to notice isn't saying what you said and insisting you're right.  Respect  would be saying when in the video your evidence can be found, so I waste less of my time fixing your repeated mistake.  Respect  would be accepting the thrashing you deserve for that video instead of getting snotty about it.

    You're still here throwing shade and derailing your own thread because I called you out for being rude in the way that you corrected a minor mistake that I owned up to making whilst agreeing with your thread's actual topic. And yet you're trying to lecture me on respect? Own your mistake. You didn't need to be a jerk.

  8. 1 hour ago, (PS4)Riko_113 said:

    Ok, so it was generally as expected.

    This portion is calculated based on all enemies affected though, I believe, not just the primary target, which is why i figured damage overall would be better if it was more successfully able to pull in multiple enemies that damage would be higher.

    Yes, it factors in the total damage dealt by the damage over time and is not limited only to the damage dealt to the primary target.

    1 hour ago, (PS4)Riko_113 said:

    If you can kill them before then it wasn't as necessary anyway. In higher level content where enemies do survive long enough that added damage could make a huge difference. I've experienced this myself doing Arbitrations with Mag in an Orokin map and enemies definitely survived long enough, but most enemies would just casually walk through it unbothered...lol

    I don't have any issue with keeping enemies inside the sphere. Fracturing Crush works wonders for that. My issue is keeping them alive inside of it long enough to build Magnetize's detonation damage.

    Seriously, though. Which do you think yields a bigger Magnetize detonation?

    A. Casting Magnetize on a level 130 Corrupted Bombard and firing one shot from a 2 Forma Lenz with Radiation/Cold damage before manually detonating the ability with about 1 second left of its duration?
    B. Casting Magnetize on a level 130 Corrupted Bombard and then almost emptying the magazine of a completely unmodded Synoid Gammacor before manually detonating the ability With about 1 second left of its duration?

    The answer is B.

  9. 50 minutes ago, TyrianMollusk said:

    The single only mention of range there is talking about the charge shot "maxing out at approximately 15 to 20 meters [diameter area]".  You know what is decidedly not "approximately 15-20m"?  32m.  You know what, however, does fit as approximately 15-20m?  16m, otherwise known as the 8m radius it already was before this change.  The wiki entry from December 2016 also mentions the 8m max radius.

    Fair point. I was tired and mixed up radius and diameter, largely because no one ever gives diameter when talking about Warframe so I misunderstood what Rob meant. I'm going to guess the area felt a bigger before due to the contrast between uncharged and charged shots. Regardless, point still stands that this 'buff' makes the charged shots pretty much a strict downgrade from the uncharged ones which kind of spits in the face of the weapon's design.

    50 minutes ago, TyrianMollusk said:

    Gah, that was really painful to listen to.  If you're going to link to idiot yammering like that to make your case for you, at least have the decency to say where in the video something relevant is actually said so people don't have to suffer through as much to find the part you're misrepresenting.

    And this was painful to read. If you're going yammer like this to correct a misunderstanding at least have the decency to do so without being so petulant. Respect goes a long way.

  10. 1 hour ago, (PS4)Riko_113 said:

    I haven't done any testing specifically on how the damage ramps up with the projectiles in it, but it seems the aim was to have that damage dealt to many enemies at moderately high damage then explode at very high damage (since the explosion damage is based on a portion of how many damage ticks it dealt to enemies before it detonates). The problem is that it doesn't hold groups of enemies very well so it never deals as many ticks as projected. 

    I think if it held enemies better, because of how it calculates the explosion damage, the total area damage it dealt would be far greater than we usually get out of it. It would also make it far easier to make use of the Polarize shards from groups of enemies with armor that gets shredded, increasing the damage.

    Every second 25% of the absorbed damage is dealt to all enemies inside the sphere. At the end of its duration, if the primary target is killed (or if it is manually detonated with the Magnetized Discharge augment), it will explode dealing [(300 * Power Strength) +  the sum of all premitigation damage dealt by the damage over time] as Blast damage.

    Two major problems:

    1. The way it absorbs damage is esoteric and confusing.

    • Your damage type does not matter. Whether you're shooting a Bombard or a Corpus Tech, a single round from a Braton Prime with Stormbringer and Hellfire will add as much damage as a single round from a Braton Prime with Cryo Rounds and Stormbringer.
    • The number of targets you hit does not matter. A Lanka shot that hits five targets will add the same amount to Magnetize as a Lanka shot that only hits one enemy.
    • Your critical chance and critical multiplier do not matter. White hits, yellow crits, orange crits, and red crits all add the same amount to what Magnetize absorbs.
    • Your status chance does not matter. Slash procs and Toxin procs do not contribute to Magnetize. Corrosive procs will increase the damage a target takes from Magnetize's damage over time and Magnetize's detonation, but this does not affect the damage dealt by Magnetize itself. In other words, you can see a bunch of ticks for 40 damage and still deal hundreds of thousands of damage with the explosion to anyone who isn't armored.
    • If your weapon is hitscan then your multishot does not matter--including the innate multishot of shotguns like the Tigris Prime--only a single pellet will be counted. (If your weapon is a projectile weapon, such as the Supra Vandal, then your multishot is taken into consideration as normal.)
    • Magnetize ignores all damage dealt by secondary effects--including the damage dealt by explosions and persistent damage fields. Your Secura Penta? Yeah, that 75 Impact damage is the only thing that Magnetize looks at. Hilariously enough, this means that the Castanas actually contribute literally nothing to Magnetize.

    2. The detonation damage only really scales if you let enemies take damage from the damage over time.

    This creates a weird paradox where if you want Magnetize's explosion to kill things you have to...not kill things inside of the field.


  11. 6 hours ago, TyrianMollusk said:

    Probably just misstating the 16m-wide area.

    Charged shots continuously cost ammo while charging or being held, so I wouldn't call them efficiency oriented.

    I've used the Staticor a lot. It's one of my favorite weapons. The AoE of fully charged shots used to be higher before this update. I even went and checked an old video by AGGP where he confirms this.

  12. On 2018-11-18 at 2:48 PM, LSG501 said:

    LOL... tentacle swarm is useless...I respectfully disagree with that, my cc build which works happily enough in conjunction with corroding barrage and imo my pilfering swarm build is better than nekros when based in one location (although it's always better to have one of each obviously). 

    It isn't unusable. It's just not good. It wouldn't be good even if it weren't redundant, but, you know, it is what it is.

  13. 4 hours ago, wolf96781 said:

    Nope! I used it before the change and it sucked so hard that it pulled Lua through a straw. Now it's actually decent enough to use

    Before it was changed the uncharged shots had a 2m radius whilst a fully charged shot had a radius of about 16m. The design of the weapon was such that you had to choose between the precision and higher damage per second of uncharged shots or the massive area of effect and burst damage of the charged shots. Uncharged shots were far less ammo efficient but easier to aim, whilst the charged shots were unwieldy but great for conserving ammo.

    Now there's literally zero advantage to charged shots. The projectile travels slowly, the damage is far less substantial than just spamming uncharged shots, and it isn't even more ammo efficient now that the AoE is the same size.

  14. 20 hours ago, wolf96781 said:

    So you want them to make your favorite weapon in the game objectively worse?


    No, not really, it was quite a poor secondary weapon, that's why no one used it until the buff


    So you want them to Nerf it? I thought nerfs were bad.

    Why not, instead of nerfing the weapon, they re-balance it? Or is that not what they already did when they boosted its AoE and literally nothing else?

    Those of you arguing against a revert clearly didn't use the weapon before. The recent change was a nerf. The weapon feels awful to use now.

  15. On 2018-11-16 at 3:44 PM, -Bv-Concarne said:

    It's not chaotic at all anyways since it's just some non threatening looking tentacles slapping around slowly and even slower when it catches enemies. This feels like one of those abilities where either form or functionality would need to be sacrificed unless it's completely overhauled in both respects.

    DE seems to care a lot about form, but I think most players care more about function. I understand the appeal of making an ability chaotic and whimsical, but once the novelty wears off you're left with a button you never press. I just want it to be useful AND unique.

  16. 22 hours ago, Thanzilla said:

    Let's imagine a mod called Heat penetration: Your heat damage penetrates 50%* enemy elemental resistance and armour.

    *Random value

    Wouldn't that be useful?

    Useful? Yes. Interesting or well designed? No.The point is that you're supposed to use certain damage types against certain enemies.Such a mod would undermine that system. It wouldn't even diversify modding.

    22 hours ago, Thanzilla said:

    Also about the bug i mentioned. Is this supposed to work like this? This time it was on eximus units but other time it was on normal terra something normal units and happens very frequently. My glaxion is fully modded, has riven and is built for magnetic + gas but they just take 0 dmg. Was happening when i was leveling it up with pure cold as well.


    I know nothing about this.

  17. 19 hours ago, peterc3 said:

    Sentinels, MOAs, Pets, etc. are not there to be a full powered second player.

    They're extra damage, CC, or utility, guns included. They are not going to let you put a regular weapon on something not under your exclusive control without a cost. You have to build Specters or use a specific frame where you are also running around as a character without a full powered weapon yourself.


    That said, I think companion damage (and survivability) could be buffed from what it currently is.

  18. On 2018-11-13 at 3:01 PM, ADirtyMonk said:

    TLDR: projectile weapons are very awkward to use in open world and require a very significant lead past ~30m in front of you. Non-AOE semi Auto projectile weapons like the new kitguns, bows, euphona prime are the worst offenders. AOE projectile weapons like the Arca Plasmor is perhaps the only exception.

    I've found that even at moderate range of 40-50m I have to lead enemies by 0.5-1inch (screen is 23.5inch long). Very frustrating and awkward to use in open world while the weapons themselves do not give a significant damage advantage over hitscan weapons. I've been watching a lot of Black Ops 4 Battle Royale on twitch and it seems that at most you have to lead by ~0.5 inches even at what appears to be the equivalent of ~100m in warframe which is a lot more reasonable.

    Could this be an issue of "git gud"? Maybe. But the availability of weapons where I can click heads and kill faster and more efficiently makes it not worth it to learn the large drop/lead distance on erratic often spastic AI (a decent amount of which are now also getting long distance non-telegraphed jump/dash abilities).

    I get that it might be frustrating for some people, but I really don't need or want the projectile speed to be increased. I use almost exclusively projectile weapons. I simply find them more satisfying than hitscan, and that's largely because they're far more difficult to use. It sounds like maybe they just aren't for you?

  19. 12 hours ago, Thanzilla said:

    It should penetrate resistance granted by armor as well as sortie elemental resistance. Would make game better  imo since more build options are always good.


    Also there is a bug with the glaxion and Arca plasmor that makes it deal 0 dmg if you build them for their innate elements exclusively. Will try and get it on video if I come across it again.

    Whilst there probably should be some way to deal with Elemental Resistance in Sorties, such a mod would only be useful in that specific circumstance. If you weren't aware, Radiation already ignores 75% of Alloy armor and Corrosive ignores 75% of Ferrite armor--in addition to their respective 1.75x damage multipliers against those health types.

    EDIT: Puncture also ignores 50% of Ferrite armor and 15% of Alloy armor in addition to its 1.5x and 1.15x damage multiplier against Ferrite/Alloy health types respectively.

  20. On 2018-11-13 at 5:37 AM, Thaylien said:

    Nice opinion, but you'll find a lot of people actually have the opposite, or more biased towards favourable.

    Tentacle Swarm is for Area Denial, not for killing things out-right. It gets used to lock down Defense objectives and hallways or prevent enemies reaching Interception points.

    If you want to actually kill enemies, then you're far better off yanking them all into a puddle and hitting 1 on it.

    I have played a lot of Hydroid, and even if I hadn't, it's blatantly obvious what its intended use is.

    The problem is that it does the same thing as Tempest Barrage, only worse. It becomes less reliable with range and its only niche over Tempest Barrage is that it goes through an Ancient Healer's aura. Sadly, the flailing makes it harder to aim at priority targets, and its habit of hoarding corpses is visually confusing. In other words, its only function is being a worse version of Tempest Barrage when Tempest Barrage itself literally can't be used. Some 'ultimate', eh?

    It can and should be better.

  21. It's the best it's ever been. It's still not good.

    It doesn't deal relevant damage. It's CC still does more to hinder than help. I love Hydroid, but the vast majority of the time I cast Tentacle Swarm because it looks cool and I have Energy to burn, not because it actually does anything.

    Instead of flailing around and slamming enemies to the ground, why can't the tentacles just coil around a target and hold them in place? Maybe even open them up to finishers? Or at the very least can it actually kill things?

    Please give it an actual purpose.

  22. 12 minutes ago, (PS4)Radehx said:

    But that goes for a lot of frames where some weapons are more optimal than others. If you play Ivara at high levels, you CAN go with a dual sword...or you can be sensible and use a CL dagger. Mag works just fine with most levels, some are simply more effective than others. 

    You don't have to use a Lanka, there are a ton of weapons just as effective...hell, even more on certain maps. Mara Detron, Supra Vandal, Drakoon, Zarr etc all work just fine. 

    Does she have effective CC keeping her safe at high levels? Definitely yes.

    Does she have amazing damage to slaughter high-level content? Definitely yes.

    Does she have a tank keeping her safe at high levels? No, at least not until shield gating. Her tank is mediocre, but that's balanced imo given how effective her CC and damage output are. 

    Imo she's pretty well balanced. 

    There's a difference between having weapons that are better on certain frames than others and having frames be reliant on those weapons. Her damage is actually pretty awful without abusing projectile punchthrough weapons. Those weapons charge Magnetize exponentially faster and do somewhere around > 10x more damage than other weapons. Without using those the main way to charge Magnetize is to force enemies to be tickled by its DoT, as that adds to the detonation quite considerably. Sadly, that still ends up reduced by armor and is drastically slower than simply killing them with a weapon.

    She does not have effective CC without an augment. Even with the augment, many other frames have far more effective CC. And, quite frankly, no frame should be totally reliant upon CC to avoid damage, especially when Nullifiers, Ancient Disruptors, and Comba/Scrambus exist.

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