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  1. All of Vauban's abilities and now Octavia's Mallet and Resonator abilities lob an initial projectile that must hit the ground before the ability takes effect. The concept is fine, but it has been years since Vauban's release and the execution still feels awful.

    Is it just me? I always get the feeling I'm tossing bird feed out for the pigeons far more than I feel like I'm lobbing a grenade at someone.

  2. I'd like them, if they cover the following stats, and, most likely, only the following stats: Casting Speed, Friction, Slide, Sprint Speed, HP Regeneration, Shield Regeneration, Holster Rate, Knockdown Resistance, Knockdown Recovery Speed, Parkour Velocity, Aim Glide/Wall Latch Duration...And maybe one or two other stats I've forgotten about.

    In short: Strictly utility.

    Power Strength, Range, Duration, and Efficiency should ABSOLUTELY NOT be covered with Riven mods. I might change my opinion on that if they are treated as 'the same mod' in the way that Continuity and Primed Continuity do, etc.

    We don't need more ways to min-max Power Strength or Range or Efficiency or Duration.

  3. On 1/21/2017 at 11:01 AM, Marine027 said:

    Thats how most laser weapon types work thou and whould inbalance them to much, take heavy caliber for instance, it has advantage on those weapons since they not loose any accuracy, same goes Multishot, you simply shoot several laser at once at the same spot.

    It simply can't spread if accuracy is 100% basicly. Othere weapons spread becasue of lower accuracy, simple as it is, they spread on its own naturaly so bullets with multishot spread even more.

    Heavy Caliber does still affect their accuracy. Many weapons have their beam visually 'wobble' to affirm this, but you can also check on YouTube for several comparison videos.

  4. On 12/25/2016 at 8:48 PM, Satinpuppies said:

    I was literally just thinking the same thing last night.

    The one idea I've always had for Volt is changing Discharge's name back into Overload, and changing it to a toggled ability or a one time cast that improves your next basic ability.

    Whilst active, all Shock casts cause the current Discharge effect at the target location, with a much smaller AoE, Speed provides CC immunity and damage reduction for its duration, and Electric Shield reflects all damage it receives back at the attacker with a 100% Electric status chance, and passing through one emits an AoE pulse of Electric damage and restores a flat amount of shields.

    Or something.

    Best comparison:

    LoL's 'Karma'.

  5. 3 hours ago, KrypTic. said:

    What are you even trying to discuss in this thread? I don't understand..

    Also @YagoXiten his kit is already imo one of if not the most cohesive and actively used kit in the game. All of his abilities have fantastic conjunction with one another the only issue with Nidus as it stands is that his maggots don't consistently build combo, though not 100% necessary. 

    OP mentioned how Larva works more like Pull should. I responded by saying, no, Larva works how Vortex should. And then I go on to articulate how Vauban would be improved by having his Vortex replaced by Larva (in terms of functionality) and then you responded to me to tell me that Nidus' kit has synergy, which I'm well aware and never denied and is irrelevant to the point that I made.


  6. Once upon a time Mag's pull was reworked from a single-target ability to a cone in front of her that pulled enemies to her feet.

    Then with no explanation, it was changed again to toss enemies around willy nilly, and has been that way ever since.

    Larva should have been the way Vauban's Vortex worked. It'd set enemies up for his traps and actually make his kit cohesive, instead of feeling like Vortex/Bastille are basically the same AoE CC, with Vortex S#&$ting on your FPS and being annoying as hell when spammed.

  7. I am willing to buy Mutalist Cernos Riven mods with any stats that are >= MR 12 with less than 5 rerolls for 50p, or more, if the stats are good.


    Otherwise, I am interested in:

    Mandatory Stat(s):

    +Multishot  (The closer to 110%, the better.)

    Desired Stats (in order of highest to lowest priority):

    +Critical Chance
    +Critical Damage
    +Status Chance
    +Fire Rate

    Stats I am willing to tolerate:

    -Flight Speed
    -Ammo Maximum
    -Status Duration

    I have the following that I am willing to trade, if a worthy offer is made:

    Mutalist Cernos Acri-decitin: 94.9% Status Duration, 46.3% Magazine Capacity, 118.9% Critical Damage [Rerolls: 5]

    Mutalist Cernos Croni-concican: 81.8% Flight Speed, 56.8% Fire Rate, 74.2% Fire Rat

    Mutalist Cernos Puraata: 72.4% Damage to Infested, 259.3% Damage, -73.7% Impact

    Mutalist Cernos Sati-decidex: 80.3% Status Chance, 83.1% Multishot, 90.9% Status Duration


  8. 8 minutes ago, (PS4)B0XMAN517 said:

    I understand the nature of power creep and how it plays a vital role to their business model/progression; these are not the droids you're looking for weapons I'm talking about.

    Some weapons have decent damage related to their tier, the Dera Vandal is a great example of this. Then you have weapons and whole classes that objectively suck. These are some examples of what I'm talking about.

    • Mitter: Both of these variants have laughable stats and a cool mechanic that ends up making the weapon worse.
    • Daggers: They have a niche mod, which is great, but these weapons have sucked forever. Covert lethality has given use, but on a whole the stats are, objectively, very bad.
    • Dark Class weapons: Alert mastery fodder. There's some argument as to the usefulness of the split sword, but these are extremely underwhelming weapons that aren't worth a second look.

    At this point in the thread, I've realized that listing why every weapon is bad will take forever so 'm just going to list a couple more to further illustrate my point..

    • Karaks
    • Grinlok
    • Snipetons
    • Gorgons
    • Supra
    • Grinlok
    • Paracyst
    • Sobek
    • Hind
    • Tetras
    • Scythes
    • Gunblades
    • Caustacyst
    • Okina
    • Sheev
    • Twin Basolk
    • Mire

    TL;DR:I'm going to stop here because there's too many to list and I don't want this thread to turn into "noob, weapon X is great if you know how to use it" thread. I may have listed a weapon or two that doesn't fit the mastery fodder category by mistake, but I don't want that to detract from the point of this post. While some in my list may not fit, it doesn't change the fact that there are a lot of weapons, new and old, that just flat out suck no matter how you mod them.


     This isn't a rant post. I'm just very curious as to why DE continues to release objectively bad weapons.Do you agree with the post? Any theories as to why DE does this?

    Uhhhh, I hate to burst your bubble, but half of the weapons on your list don't belong there.The Paracyst, Sobek, Twin Basolk, Redeemer and Caustacyst are T4 viable. I believe the Prisma Gorgon is as well.


    I just wanted to clarify that's more than 'a few' that aren't actually mastery fodder. That's half of your list.

    Furthermore, they keep some weapons awful because they want there to be a progression. They do not want every assault rifle to be equal to every other assault rifle. They want there to be a best assault rifle and a worst assault rifle, so that there is a sense of progression, and some power gating to keep the order you complete the star chart in relevant and obvious for newer players.

    The problem, however, is that the mastery system itself is silly, with some trash tier weapons, such as the Embolist, having higher mastery rank requirements than some top tier weapons.

  9. You clearly do not use the weapon much.

    They do, in fact, deal elemental damage.


    You can test this yourself by modding for Corrisve, spawning a Corpus Tech in the Simulacrum, firing an arrow at his feet, and kiting him into the cloud. It will damage his shield, which is indicated by blue numbers. They just have a forced 100% Toxin status chance, so you will see the Toxin proc and its damage as white values. You can get other status procs, and the cloud's status chance / crit chance are separate from arrow's. In other words, 100% status chance on the arrow =/= 100% status chance on cloud.

  10. 6 hours ago, taiiat said:

    why did you expect to get 10 hits from a single Melee Attack?

    it was a bug that it was doing that in the first place.

    Because the only thing that's changed is the Redeemer's scaling with the Shadow Debt mods. And, even with those and Bullet Dance, it was, at most, top tier competitive, and by no means the best. There are other melee weapons that strike multiple times with a single button press (such as the Kogake/Obex or whips with the Coiling Viper stance), and their hits count individually. 

    5 hours ago, ograzzt said:

    They definetly do stealth nerfs, but this time it obviously was a bug fix, not a nerf. 

    It's a very long standing 'bug' then.

  11. 5 hours ago, ograzzt said:

    They definetly do stealth nerfs, but this time it obviously was a bug fix, not a nerf. 

    It still is a nerf, and it still wasn't listed in the patch notes.

    As far as why this isn't a 'bug fix'? It was there for months. It was never discussed as a bug, it was never reported as a bug. It just was a thing. It was discussed many times on this forum as a positive point for the weapon, especially after the Shadow Debt mods came out.

  12. What it says on the tin.

    Redeemer's charge attacks and attacks made with Bullet Dance no longer increase the melee combo counter by 10 per attack. This is a massive nerf to the weapon, and had been that way for a considerable amount of time. They should change it back. It was not as if it were overpowered. I haven't had the time to test if it works with Electric Shield, but if they 'fixed' that, too, I'm going to be very upset. It was a very unique synergy that it had, and I'll miss it dearly.

  13. This is upsetting. It should still count as multiple hits. It was the one thing that pushed the weapon into top tier. And without it, it's not worth using on high level content anymore. This is a huge shame, it was one of my favorite weapons...


    It'd been that way for a long time, so I've no idea why they'd change it now. It was a nice feature it had...

  14. 1 minute ago, Babellon said:

    it's interesting. They took the mod away and reduced range. people went nuts. They put the mod back and increased the range back to 12m, people still complain. What are you guys doing with sentinels that you're seriously taking up that amount of space? I have all the sentinels too, I barely use half the slots on it. Have never felt the need to have most of the precepts, only really increase life/shields/armor on the only one I used which was carrier. I have the scanner on helios. I'm not implying anything about peoples play habits, I just dont understand how you have so many mods in your sentinels that this mod is an issue....

    but reading some of these comments does demonstrate my point, no matter what Digital Extremes does people are going to find something wrong with it.

    I was happy with it before, I'm happy with vacuum now. I appreciate and respect what  you do DE,,I'm going to go play, this is why you're the professionals and I'm just a guy at a keyboard in my living room. You've got the patience of saints. 

    People's complaints haven't changed, really. It isn't too much of an issue, as far as mod space goes, since you can always take off something like Coolant Leak or Animal Instincts. It's a minor complaint. Still a valid one, however. The other complaint people have is that our little kitties and doggies do not get vacuum, and this makes them inferior in many people's eyes.



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