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  1. Percentage armor reductions, such as those from Augments like Seeking Shuriken, abilities like Terrify, Corrosive status procs, and Corrosive Projection, all stack multiplicatively with each other. Whilst technically, you can never reduce an enemy's armor to 0 by stacking these, after a certain point rounding will occur and their armor will be treated as it were zero.

    The reason that you can reduce an enemy to no armor with four Corrosive Projection's is because Corrosive Projection stacks additively within your squad before it is applied.


  2. Sarpa has incredibly poor accuracy, and the Bullet Dance stance also hits things standing near you, for whatever reason. You can test this in the Simulacrum with a bunch of low level Butchers.

  3. Growing Power, Power Drift

    Natural Talent, Primed Continuity, Rift Torrent, Cataclysmic Continuum, Narrow-Minded, Intensify, Transient Fortitude, and one other mod of your choice.

    That's a pretty reliable build. You'll have some Energy problems if you're spamming Banish, but it shouldn't be too much of an issue. There's no defensive mods, but you can do without those. If any of that is a concern, replace Transient Fortitude with Fleeting Expertise, and replace Intensify with Quick Thinking, Redirection, or Vitality. You could also take out Cataclysmic Continuum for basically whatever you wanted.

  4. 2 hours ago, RealPandemonium said:

    Against armor-stripped Grineer an Electric status weapon will shred them with AOEs alongside its stuns.  Gas/Electric status weapons are among my favorites for non-Grineer factions, and actually perform even better against Grineer than they do against the other factions, provided armor has been stripped.  

    You're using Gas for the Status damage, which is going to be dealt as a Toxin proc, and Electric for the CC, and because Magnetic is even worse a damage type than Electric, and you don't gain anything from Cold if you're fighting targets with no armor, nor against shields, because of the Gas procs. You'd still probably be better off running more Gas damage than Electric, at least, in terms of DPS. Though the Electric status stun is nice. But that's the only real benefit Electric has.

  5. 3 minutes ago, FitzSimmons said:

    same as your build doesn't work for me at all, its matter of preferences. 

    ermm not really, especially with new aura, growing power, 30% from intensify + growing power = transient fortitude

    it means a lot to me especially with jat kittag on my hand.

    ermm does do heat and cold damage deal great damage on sortie level? i guess not. all pure elemental damage power are suck tbh, even for oberon hallowed ground + augment. if i dont play on sortie level, syndicate mission as example....shock can 1 hit kill corpus crewman, 2 hits on grineer iirc, when i need to get overshield on mid level....i couldn't they died easily with discharge except for heavy unit. 


    i've been dealing with math enough for today so i really not in the mood to calculate anything, unless you want to calculate them for me


    im too pure to think your words meant to attack me or not, so dont worry.


    and i dont think any beginner ever need riot shield in the first place. in their beginning of play warframe. 

    Heat damage is amazing against the Grineer at Sortie evels when you run 4x CP. Cold Damage can be paired with Corrosive when you do not have CP to help deal with both types of armor. Toxin damage is bonkers with 4x CP and a status weapon. Electric damage you would never run alone.


  6. 27 minutes ago, Insizer said:

    I main Volt and have since open beta first came out. I don't see him "riddled with issues" at all. The biggest issue imo is his description because he is not made for damage rather utility. It should read "buff to gunplay" rather than "alternative to gunplay". Frankly, he's one of the least problematic frames in the game. That's why I am confused as to why people are still in a tizzy over him apparently.

    Once you get past the disappointment over his damage capability caused by his element's innate weakness to one of the most common armor type in the game and his element's lack of super-effectiveness against pretty much everything else, then you find that he's a great jack-of-all-trades in the game, that he's like duct-tape. He's not the best solution for most anything, but he's an effective solution for basically everything.

    Sure, I'd like to see a new passive or a better version of his current passive, but he's more than alright where he is now.

    The reason we're in a tizzy over it isn't because Volt is bad. It's because Volt is not as good as he could be, and that the rework did very little to add to him.

    Shock's interactions are almost useless, the Riot Electric Shield feature is nigh unusable, he has one of the best and most fun melee steroids in the game, but is too squishy to utilize it, Shock doesn't scale in its stun or damage (and the stun can be unreliable, since it is proc based and certain enemy animations ignore it), and Discharge still feels lacking, offering nothing unique as far as room stun nukes go, and it can be unreliable for CC against clustered enemies.

    And finally, modding Volt doesn't present many options. Defensive mods are almost wasted, since they do little to help his fragility in Sortie level content (especially when melee and if you're camping in Electric Shield tents you might as well forgo them entirely), utility mods are amazing fun but add nothing to increase his scaling, and he doesn't scale particularly well with any of the stats. If you try to scale for the only one of his powers that is actually significantly affected by anything, Speed, you usually end up still wanting Fleeting Expertise, on top of Transient Fortitude and/or Blind Rage, which means you take Narrow-Minded and have a dead ability in Discharge. He's still good no matter how you build him, or what you do, but there isn't a whole lot of min/maxing potential or variance in playsyles, and that's a bit of a let down.

  7. 1 hour ago, RealPandemonium said:

    Actually, unlike Overload, Discharge doesn't deal more damage to clustered targets since it doesn't actually inflict any procs at all; the damage that each coil deals per target within its radius is always limited by the health cap but as long as all targets are within range of at least one coil, it will take the same number of casts to kill one enemy or X number of enemies of the same EHP.  

    Not exactly. Each target can deal a maximum of the health cap in damage before they are freed from the Tesla Coil effect. However, the more enemies clustered, the faster that health cap is reached. Your total damage might not increase, but your DPS does rather dramatically. And furthermore, there's also the Shock + Discharge effect, which releases an AoE pulse.


    7 minutes ago, Cytobel said:

    I would like to see procs tied back into Discharge.  It is an Ultimate, after all.  The spikes of damage caused by procs need not factor towards the HP cap either.  That'd give us a bit more real power to the ability without "reinventing the wheel".  Moreover it'd be hilarious to watch tesla'd foes randomly proc as their electronics overload (or whatever).  Point is, it'd be nice to have AND suspension of disbelief can fit in.

    @YagoXiten:  I made a mistake of oversimplification by simply using the term "armor" when I should've said "defense".  Point on the issue of DoT weirdness is that some aspects of how damage is computed wind up feeling very strange, thanks to a less than transparent mixture of enemy hp scaling, armor scaling, and a static set of resistances.  This of course ignores those weird edge cases with random modifiers (or whatever the hell is going on that was screwing with testing numbers on abilities when I tried it for myself).

    Honestly though, whether armor takes it's chunk of damage off right up front or per tick, it should balance the same.  I don't think the damage calculator is quite so clean and easy as that though.  I hate to say "it just feels off", but that's the case.  Mind you I'm all for defense having the advantage over damage.  It becomes more a problem when enemies scale beyond players so radically as they can often do in Warframe.

    Heck, because I'm falling back to "it feels off" we know I'm not bringing the full force of logic to bear here.  That's why I'm not telling you you're wrong.  Hell, I'd bet scaling was throwing my sense of the numbers quite badly.  On the other hand I'm not certain by what method mitigation takes its bites off incoming DoT ticks, or other damage for that matter.  I've read what was said and I've seen how the game does things; they don't always agree.

    What is happening is that, against Alloy armor, the enemy has effectively 1.5x the armor they usually do, and then after it is applied, your damage is halved.


    Assuming my memory is working correctly, a target with 200 Alloy armor hit for 1,000 Electric damage actually takes 250, because their armor is increased to 300, and then halved.

    5 minutes ago, Insizer said:

    Jesus, this thread just never dies, and I have no idea why. Volt is in a good place now.

    Volt's still riddled with issues. But he's no worse than he was before, so he's still alright.

  8. 16 hours ago, Cytobel said:

    THANK YOU.  I'm glad to see someone looking at what's really there with many of our arguments.

    As to the rest, I cringe when I hear people still referring to Discharge as "high damage".  This is blatantly false, but easy to mistake.  It's in fact a "big numbers" ability.

    The difference can be subtle, but here it is in a nutshell:  "high damage" wipes rooms quickly, whereas "big numbers" inflicts a ton of theoretical damage.

    Examples of high damage are somewhat a matter of perspective, but think of a well moded Vaykor Marelock with an appropriate elemental combo and a fitting spare element.  This is a pistol I recall massacring level 80ish Heavy Gunners with 1-2 headshots.  A Tigress is another good example of something that inflicts ridiculous damage when modded correctly.

    That "modded correctly" is part of the problem.  You cannot make use of mods to grant Discharge anything like an elemental combo, so it relies on impressive looking numbers that scale well with Strength.

    The issues are:  1) Discharge being a DoT means that Armor or other mitigation gets multiple cracks against the damage, making mitigation exponentially more potent,  2) without the benefit of an elemental combo you're stuck bashing away at a foe's shields and/or health with an element that gains no bonuses whatsoever against these hp pools, and 3) shields become actually good against electric damage due to its straight point-for-point trade.

    No, being able to slaughter robotic/mechanical isn't a thing, partially because of the shields issue, but mostly because there aren't many of them ACTUALLY weak to electricity.  Shields are a thing for Corpus (GODDAMN SHIELD OSPREYS), and I don't feel Rollers, Latchers, and/or Regulators are justification for electricity.

    MIND YOU, I'm NOT saying the ability is bad.  It's a good, if not dependable, CC.  It's a DoT that has potential numbers, large or small.  It's attached to a 'Frame with Electric Shield.  It simply isn't "high damage", and the health cap was attached to ensure it never truely becomes that.

    About 90% of what I look forward to in Damage 3.0 is what happens to make electricity more viable as damage.  That would solve some of the issues Volt suffers from right now, and we all know there are a multitude of little tweaks that we want AS WELL.  We've only discussed them for 65 FREAKING PAGES NOW, not like there is the possibility of misinterpretation......

    Unless that's what "generally well received" was all about...

    P.S., I'm not calling you out on this, not intentionally anyway.  It's something that keeps coming up and it's driving me crazier.  Thanks again for pointing out the issues of opinion vs fact.  Some of us have been left alone in this thread a little too long, and we're starting to feel like there's only a handful of us giving a crap about Volt.


    14 hours ago, voltocitygel said:

    Nope, I completely get it.

    And yes, one problem warframe has is that DoT's suffer, as you said, due to already broken armor levels working exponentially better. A damage over time ability / proc should work like toxin and slash procs do. 

    Hopefully 3.0 helps electric. It's a damage type with one of the best procs, but worst damage multipliers. 50% bonus against machinery and robotics, -50 vs alloy armor. Sure, it works in theory as a mostly unmodified damage type, but in practice it's a little different. Alloy armor destroys your damage potential against grineer, and shields render your bonus against robotics nil until you get through them. Electricity should have small - moderate bonuses against lots of enemy health types, if you ask me. Lots of metals conduct electricity, and lots of (well, all) electronics are sensitive to imbalanced electricity. 

    Even so, I love volt as is. I can still clear rooms with discharge (press 4, walk away), just.... Not as high level as I think it should work against.

    There's some serious misconceptions about how armor affects damage over time abilities. It does not affect them multiple times.

    For example:

    Against an enemy with 300 ferrite armor, 1,000 Electric damage will only deal 500.

    Against an enemy with 300 ferrite armor, 100 Electric damage per second for ten seconds will deal 500 damage over the duration.

    In other words, multiple hits do not affect the way armor reduces damage.

    The reason why Electric damage is so bad against Alloy armor, is that the formula used for damage calculation effectively increases the armor of a target when you hit it with the wrong damage type, and ignores a portion of their armor when hitting a target with the correct damage type.

    If it weren't for the damage type issues, Discharge would actually be rather potent as a damage dealing ability. Even with it being dealt over time, it hits considerably hard against clusters of enemies, since it scales exponentially. Though the health cap does somewhat damper the exponential damage, and limit the usage of the CC effects.



  9. 5 hours ago, (XB1)InfernusXcanis said:

    "It also allows for a very high level of control with regards to balancing variables."


    true, but depending on said variables, high ROF weapons would become more powerful than needed(of course....said high rof guns are kinda lack luster) while high power weapons(Tigris prime, vayhek, bows...) would lose a LOT of functionality.

    that goes absolutely double for crit weapons that can red crit(dread, dex sybaris....) due to your proposed damage cap percentages that would prevent a certain amount of damage to be exceeded, those weapons would lose their usefulness.

    in theory, your idea would turn our weapon loadouts around, everyone would migrate towards weaker weapons to avoid what can no longer one shot high priority targets.

    no matter what calculations you've done, we're not dealing with a constant. It's a non-static variable that could result in said balance not even occurring.

    im not disagreeing, just pointing out that it works in theory, just not in practice.

    The gating is a constant, however. So it likely would be able to work quite nicely.

    It's not the best system out there, and I won't pretend it is. But is is capable of allowing fair endlessly scaling enemies, without intruding upon our current levels of power. And I think there's something to be said for that.

    High RoF weapons would be powerful, but those sorts of weapons do tend to be somewhat lackluster in the AoE horde destroying weapon meta.

    There are plenty of ways to bypass the gating, and it would not matter against the highest level of enemies. Offensively, anyways. It's a pretty strong upgrade defensively, for all Tenno! It does nerf our current 'god-frames' but, that nerf means consistency, and allows us to re-balance things appropriately.

    3 hours ago, ScribbleClash said:

    1. Snipers are there for raw damage, even at that they're not the best. Splitting down your damage would still most very likely exceed the cap by far though.
    2. Have you been playing with a sniper yet? Enemy movement can be akward and taken the time to align for headshots is most often impractical.
    3. You should always land critical hits.
    4. Considering there are 4 status' that can do this, which are 3 need toxin, which by the way is better off to be put into corrosive to reduce the armor and one is slash which highly depends on your weapon to have it, this does not seem like a very good option.
    5. Which still will be corrosive supreme with your idea?

    In any case, your system would make it less intuitive and way more convolutet than the whole system needs to be. Damage mitigation through armor as it is right now is a straightforward system.

    Even exceeding the cap, you'd still be able to one-shot an enemy with multi-shot and the correct elemental combo.

    Yes, actually. I typically run the Mutalist Cernos on Sayrn, and the Lanka on Volt. Nekros tends to run with either of those two, or the Synoid Simulor for simplicity's sake when farming.

    Yes, exactly! A critical multiplier of 4.4x would be more than capable of one-shotting a Bombard with 500 armor with this system.

    Status chance needs some reworks. But it does factor into this.

    Corrosive would not be idea. You'd actually be able to run a number of things and still be relevant. Electric has a .5x multiplier, but with a multiplier of 4.4x, you'd be able to two shot any Bombard you can currently with the /appropriate/ elemental combo. So you'd have a bit more freedom, if that makes sense?

  10. On 9/23/2016 at 2:15 AM, (XB1)InfernusXcanis said:

    I'm not sure how, but i can see an implementation like this going pear shaped so fast. So many variables would need to be covered.....

    It also allows for a very high level of control with regards to balancing variables.

    On 9/23/2016 at 4:54 AM, ScribbleClash said:

    I hope they don't ever do this. This would put Snipers in an even worse place as they already are and Soma in an even better place than it already is. A gating mechanic wouldn't make things better in my opinion, it just means that APS(attacks per second) weapons will outclass high damage weapons.

    Simply put: I do not see how this would be any improvement over the current system.

    It would do absolutely nothing to Snipers, assuming that you can do two of the following:

    Have multishot
    Score a headshot.
    Land a critical hit.
    Proc a damaging status effect.
    Have the correct elemental combo.

  11. 38 minutes ago, (PS4)Lei-Lei_23 said:

    The Secura Lecta has an increased attack speed over the original Lecta. Attack speed affects Melee Finisher animations. The Secura Lecta does not have a secondary passive that boosts the speed of Melee Finisher animations.

    There was a community moderator who posted in one of the Syndicate weapon threads who said that it had 50% faster finisher animations, and they said that information was directly from the devs. Apparently, each Syndicate melee weapon is supposed to have two passives. Datamining also said that the Secura Lecta had increased finisher speed.

    I am well aware that attack speed affects finisher animations. And whilst I haven't tested it, myself, there's a pretty easy way to do it. Simply take Volt with -50% Power Strength from Overextended, cast Speed, and use the normal Lecta to do a finisher, then compare it to the Secura Lecta with no mods equipped.


    Here is the thread and said post.

    On 9/16/2016 at 2:04 PM, theclinton said:

    Im telling you straight from a dev that the second passive is faster finisher animations lol




  12. 5 hours ago, Eldritchkitty said:

    I agree that the Secura Lecta's passive was lazily thought out, in my opinion all the new melees needed two things. 1. A small fluff related bonus while having it out, like the, Sancti Magistar, Rakta DD and the Telos Boltace have. Lecta could have had a bonus to shields or to shield regen or something- anything really. 2. A passive that modifies how you use it somehow, the boltace and the magistar do this the best, the Rakta's passive almost seems like it would fit the Lecta better because of Perrin having more association with shields.

    The Perrin Sequence's Sequence effect is also Radiation damage. Whilst I understand that the Dark Dagger is a Radiation innate damage weapon, it doesn't have that much status chance (even with Gleaming Blight equipped), and it's an odd effect choice for Red Veil. I don't think it's an outright wrong thing for the Red Veil to have, but it definitely seems like it should have been on the Secura Lecta. Especially when realizing that the second passive for the Secura Lecta is increased speed for Finisher animations, which is far better on a Covert Lethality weapon.

  13. 44 minutes ago, (PS4)WINDMILEYNO said:

    Just want to say to whomever thought they could restrict my ult to "ground cast only"...I don't have to live by your rules.

    I succesfully aircasted discharge by double jumping/pushing random buttons while bullet jumping next to a wall....could not reliably do it when I wanted, and it might be something everyone else has already done, but I did it and now nothing and no one can stop me from enjoying volt the way I want to, except large open tile sets



    You can cast it whilst engaged in a Wall Latch. That's likely what happened.

  14. 3 hours ago, _Vortus_ said:

    It has everything to do with what OP asked.    Sorry if you cannot see it.   Players want to prowl and live.   To do longer missions or missions with enemies that damage without seeing you, you have to prepare for them.   Rapid Resilience, or changing aura to rejuv to counter lost health, or adding health/shields at the cost of power or efficiency or range.   If unwilling to make those changes, then you have to kill them before they can affect you which will cost you loot but let you live.   Ivara is already borderline over powered.  Making it stronger is bad idea.

    You're still missing the point.

    The issue isn't so much with the increased energy drain on taking damage in Prowl, it's the fact that there are several damage sources that drain it hilariously fast. And even if there's counter-play and ways to prevent it in most situations, there aren't in all situations, and it often ends up that you space out for half a second and end up dead because you rounded a corner with an Arc Trap. It just feels awkward and cheesy. Not to mention, melee hits drain Energy, you drain Energy for moving, you drain Energy per second, and you drain it on damage taken. I think most people would be much happier with a (higher base) constant Energy drain rather than all those relatively arbitrary and different Energy drains.

  15. This isn't a rework. Or anything resembling a rework, really.

    It's a nerf to Energy Vampire, and nothing else changes at all.

    Well of Life is no less a dead button than it is now. The healing is still entirely redundant, and the 10x HP increase makes it entirely awful as crowd control. It's now just an awful, unhelpful version of Bastille that doesn't scale with Power Strength, requires more energy, affects less targets, and requires casting a bunch.

    Energy Vampire is not even remotely a fun ability to use with this. It's almost exact copy of Devour, but without being spammable CC, and affecting Energy instead of health (and she doesn't have something like Sandstorm to work with it). She can't do anything whilst doing it, it ends upon several very easy circumstances.  The sad part is, for a nerf, this isn't even going to affect EV Trinity. She's just going to be forced to buddy up with someone and spam EV and nothing else (which is what happens now, except you can technically do stuff currently). I mean, yes, Link stops CC from interrupting it, I suppose? But that's not really interesting either way.

    Link currently grants 75% damage reduction. Blessing is easily modded to grant 75% damage reduction. Together, that's 93.75% damage reduction. It's not going to matter all that much that she can scale Link's damage reduction with Strength. And it'd mean that she'd be at 98.75% damage reduction if she did.

    This fixes basically none of the problems Trinity has.

    For the record, those problems are:

    1. Well of Life is pointless at best, outright harmful at worst.
    2. Energy Vampire is boring and horrendously broken.
    3. Link is very boring and not particularly relevant, outside of the damage reduction.
    4. Trinity doesn't have anything to actually do with her own powers, other than be immortal and break the game with Energy Vampire/Blessing. Which you can easily mod to the point where either all you do is use EV, or all cast Blessing / Link once every eon to refresh your invulnerability.


  16. On 9/21/2016 at 7:35 PM, MJ12 said:

    If you make armor meaningful against Lancers/etc, you want as little health as possible because if a Lancer bullet is dealing, say, 5% of your maxHP, you'd prefer low HP (so each health orb gives you a lot more durability) to high HP. If your armor is not meaningful against Lancers, you result in the problem where it's literally useless because single rapid-fire enemies will chew you up at higher levels.

    Also, "tactical based survivability" is a buzzword that doesn't say anything. When you're playing a warframe dependent on health for survivability and doesn't have an Inaros-tier health pool, if armor doesn't function as it does now, you absolutely do not have any survivability as Valkyr. Your system makes Valkyr less durable than Loki because Loki at least is less likely to take permanent dings to health that don't regenerate, compared to Valk. Every single one of the 'heavy' frames gets shafted save Inaros, and only then because he has 5.5 times the health of your average Warframe base, and somewhere closer to 10 times when fully leveled. Warframes are way too fragile in endgame content, which means you are heavily dependent on making sure enemies never get to fire at you in the first place. This isn't fun, because it means either the game is trivial or impossible, with no in-between. Enemies should be putting pressure on you constantly, but never individually deadly enough that one rando Lancer in a sortie can fire a burst and you instantly die.

    The only game which implements an "armor" system like yours is XCOM: Enemy Within, and the result of that is exactly as I said-people use this cap on health damage per hit by finding guys with the lowest possible health to take more hits from enemies.



    If you want to create a "balanced platform" the platform should not immediately exacerbate literally every issue the game has. This literally addresses none of the balance issues (overpowered Warframe CC, enemy damage scaling rapidly outpacing survivability, weapon scaling rapidly outpacing survivability scaling, multiple different scaling algorithms being used), while simply creating additional balance headaches.



    Yes, it's 'significant' on weapons which are already non-viable. It is literally a straight-up nerf to weapons like sniper rifles which are already not endgame viable.

    Except Lancers would be dealing a scaling, flat (versus percentage) amount of damage. And you'd decrease the percentage of health damage they deal by having higher health. And yes, healing would provide a higher percentage of health if you had a lower amount of it, but since having a lower amount, as I just stated, actually increases the percentage of health you lose when damaged by rapid fire, that's rather moot. You'd still be better off running a higher amount of health, because most of the relevant healing in Warframe happens on a high enough scale to where you actually heal less by having lower health than you would if you had a larger pool to fill.

    It isn't even remotely a buzzword, or a buzzword phrase. Do the current defensive Warframes have no tactical options to avoid damage other than direct damage mitigation? Well, they all have rolling, and parkour. They also all have the ability to take cover. They also all have some degree of CC from their powers: (Paralysis, Devour, Rhino Stomp, Miasma) They all have some defensive ability: (Iron Skin, Hysteria, Sandstorm/Scarab Swarm)

    Loki is already incredibly durable because he doesn't take damage, so it's kind of moot to compare Valkyr to something that doesn't change, either way. (Though that definitely should.)

    The note that "it means either the game is trivial or impossible, with no in-between.' is completely true CURRENTLY, unless you play the meta. This fixes that, with the exception of enemies that fire rapidly. And, as previously stated, that is not difficult to adjust. You could literally go in and tweak the damage of enemies that fire rapidly to be lower than it is currently. I could even tell you, mathematically, what a fair way to do that would be.  But the one thing that I will say, is that when I die on Volt in Sortie level content, it's never to the MOAs, even with dozens of them shooting at me, unless I'm stunned. Even if I get hit and lose the majority of my health to a single burst from them, what actually does me in the vast majority of the time is a single Lanka shat from a Nullifier, a single step into a Sapper Osprey squad's layered mines, a Bombard rocket, or a Ballista, a Butcher, or a shotgun blast. And even when a MOA is my death, I usually deserved it for some reason or another, or there were multiple of them that I let gang up on me. And it doesn't feel half as cheap.

    It does not even remotely immediately exacerbate every issue the game has. It makes them worse for the handful of frames who, currently, have the tools to completely mitigate their enemies, or their enemies damage (And that is why we have things like Nullifiers.). But that means that we can then look at those frames and fix them much easier, and again, it only makes those issues worse in the case of enemies that use shotguns or that use rapid fire guns, both of which are a lot easier to balance.

    You fix the base issue of binary one-shot gameplay, and then the outliers become a lot more apparent, and you can establish a smoother and more fair balancing curve.

    This doesn't fix Warframe CC, and it fixes one-shot enemy damage scaling (permanently) and with no further changes, the enemies who do not one shot you do not change, though it'd be very easy to fix those with some number adjustments after the fact. It also makes weapon scaling remain essentially the same (so we don't have to give up power) without making them more overpowered, and it makes them less overpowered on lower-level missions, and multiple scalin algorithms being used is the furthest thing from a problem. Intrinsically, anyways. Though I will admit that the Warframe devs do have a habit of changing algorithms rather arbitrarily.

    It is literally not even remotely a straight-up nerf to Sniper Rifles, since, again, it's very, very, easy for them to still be able to one-shot any enemy early on (with the exact same loadout as they have now) and this does NOTHING to change damage at later levels, against enemies who have so much health that your weapons can hit maximum without going over the gate value, and they'd still be able to one-shot enemies at higher level, due to the fact that the gate value is set to a range which makes having the correct elemental, or including multishot, or getting a critical hit, or relying upon status, or getting a headshot, or any TWO of those, let alone three, or four (which is easily achieveable) capable of dealing lethal damage on all the enemies they currently can.


  17. It's a shame they don't get more love. They flat out need DPS buffs, and a new stance.

    When they were first released, the Kogake were top tier. They had Physics Impact damage, which was one of the best damage types (only having their damage reduced against certain generally obscure enemies, and it was only a 50% reduction) otherwise they were not affected by armor, and they were capable of innate red crits. For some reason or another.

    I like both stances to a certain degree, but Grim Fury has too little kicks, and the break-dancing of Brutal Tide really feels a bit random and hard to control.

    I'd really like more round-house and sweep kicks in my life.

  18. Howdy.

    I use the Torid quite a bit, it's one of my favorite weapons. It tends to spike off to the right, and upwards, if you fire it whilst an enemy or object is within a certain range of you. It's generally pretty close. Perhaps that might be what you're experiencing?

    No idea why, though. It's a really annoying bug, but it's been there forever. And as many bugs as the Torid has had, it's pretty minor.

  19. On 9/19/2016 at 3:50 AM, Sikelh said:

    Okay and now there is an extra delay on putting himself into the rift waiting for it to register as a hold reducing survivability as well as adding the same delay to leaving the rift which throws off the timing of some melee techniques limbo can use. As well as making errors based off the smallest lag hiccup far more likely.

    Livable but I'd personally rather it not. 


    I like that some ideas are coming that aren't just to drop the rift entirely though.

    It'd give him an actual second ability. And it'd probably come with a reduced cast animation and one-handed casting for flowing purposes.

  20. 6 hours ago, Matt89Connor said:

    hi, i see there's no more space for the SOTD aguments in the build of nekros, becuase desacrate become very importants and the decay of the shadows with his number reduced to 7, has nerf the aguments....

    We all knows than the Decay of shadows is a problem because is too high and the AI of minnions isn't great.

    Can we possible if we change this another aguments?

    example: reduce the base  decay of undeads to 0.5 but you can't heal the shadows just summon....Will be a new idea , the shadows before the rework was strong and after 60 sec in a build with 200% of duration they can't die for the hand of the enemies at high levels, so this new aguments can help us ? or it's too OP?

    It wasn't nerfed. Actually, it was buffed.

    120% Before: 6% per Shadow x 8 Shadows = 48% damage reduction.
    120% Now: 7.2% per Shadow x 7 Shadows = 50.4% damage reduction.

    200% Before: 6% per Shadow x 14 Shadows = 84% damage reduction.
    200% Now: 12% per Shadow x 7 Shadows = 84% damage reduction.

    215% Before: 6% per Shadow x 15 Shadows = 90% damage reduction.
    215% Now: 12.9% Per Shadow x 7 Shadows = 90.3% damage reduction.

    Also, I'm not sure how you do not have room in your build for it. Nekros generally would run Despoil and Equillibrium, and probably Natural Talent. Past that, Vitality, or Quick Thinking, or Health Conversion, or Shield of Shadows, or some combination of those.. That's a minimum of four of eight mods, maybe five or six if you wanted to be ungodly hard to kill. What're you doing with the other slots? You don't utterly need any other stats. You hit 71.4% damage reduction on Shield of Shadows with just Power Drift, Growing Power, and Intensify. So you have one to three more mods left you can slot on him. If you wanted more Strength, a rank 9 Transient Fortitude or higher will hit just over the 90% damage reduction cap on Shield of Shadows. If you wanted more defense, throw on defensive mods. If you want some Range, throw on Stretch. If you want efficiency, run either Flow or Streamline.

  21. 2 minutes ago, (PS4)Lei-Lei_23 said:

    This is what my initial idea was for a unique passive for the Secura Lecta, and I'm glad someone feels the same. Because as whip-wielding economists, Tenno must be ruthless and efficient like the free market to earn their credits on the field.

    Having each credit add to the combo counter sounds like a really fun way to buff it, too. I mean, you'd be able to add thousands of hits to your combo counter, basically ensuring at least a 4.5x multiplier pretty early on. It'd still have some issues at higher levels, but at least it wouldn't fall off quite as bad.

  22. 1 minute ago, Retepzednem said:

    all it needs is more base damage  so its status procs deal proper damage 

    the reason atterax works in the first place is because it balances out its low base damage by having a 3.0x  crit multiplier 

    so i'd rather they  upped the lecta base damage and dropped its crit chance to 2.5% or heck flat out 0%  as long it got its damage raised by 50% or doubled

    Status procs don't really do damage, though.

    Heat's damaging proc does not stack.

    Electricity damage is utter garbage.

    Cold does not deal damage.

    Toxin's status proc is amazing, and a good base damage type, but useless without a way to remove armor.

    Gas damage is kind of awful, though the status proc is really effective...it isn't particularly great unless you can strip away armor (such as with a Shattering Impact viable weapon, or you have one with innate Corrosive, such as the Tysis, or you can remove armor yourself, or you are playing with 4x CP).

    Corrosive procs only deal 'damage' on armored units, and isn't affected by your base damage and also has no purpose after a certain number of procs.

    Viral's status does not stack, and is merely refreshed, and is not based upon damage.

    Blast does not deal damage.

    Radiation does not deal damage.

    Magnetic damage is a joke and also does not scale with base damage, or stack relevantly, and is entirely moot when you'd be running entirely Toxin damage against Corpus.

    I'd rather they just gave it 25 Impact damage, changed the base damage type to Corrosive, or made it have some kind of status-procs increase damage or channelling damage or critical chance, or status effect damage, or made Electric procs with it reduce armor so you could run Gas / Electric without it feeling awful.

  23. Chipputer's right. He doesn't need that many changes. He needs some tweaks and some touch ups, not a complete rework or anything.

    If I were to change Oberon, all I'd do is move the bleedout slow to his Hallowed Ground, move the armor buff to Renewal and make it a flat value instead of a percentage increase, and then allow Renewal to stay on even when at full health, and not have a duration, and then change Reckoning to make it so that enemies picked up release an AoE in a small area that deals 12.5% of their maximum health split evenly as Radiation (with 25% status chance, affected by Power Strength) and Impact damage, and remove the blind, though the knock-down still remains. 


    All of Oberon's problems are solved. The bleedout slow is powerful and would be capable of reviving allies who are on it long enough, helping Oberon to get people back up, or even to get himself back up. Changing Renewal to a flat value and removing the silliness with shutting off at full HP allows it to offer minor sustained damage reduction and healing rather than largely pointless burst heals, and Reckoning now fits its name, working best as vengeance when out-numbered and the Health Orb generation is capable of being relevant at all levels of play. Yes, the blind removal is a minor nerf to the ability, but, realistically, Oberon's Reckoning is kind of absurd. It does some of the highest damage in the game for a nuke, which happens to be Radiation, and it knocks enemies down, and blinds them, and can generate Health Orbs, and with the Augment, create damaging zones that also grant armor.


    And make his passive be that Tenno gain reduced aggro from enemies. This is particularly relevant, because it'd mean that the Radiation procs draw more enemy attention than they do now.

  24. 1 hour ago, DiosGX said:

    I'm going to be honest,  I still fail to see where you got a 1200 out of that at all.


    This is also irrelevant for when all weapon stats, health and armor scaling, and every other system get eventually overhauled to actually be balanced. The way it's been spoken of on streams sounds like a better solution than blanketing a few key issues and hoping someone doesn't exploit that too.


    Let me put it this way: have you considered how powerful weapons like a kohm and mesa's peacemaker would become based on your first post? It still comes down to more hits = better.

    I thought I made that clear. I chose 1200, arbitrarily, because it was a nice number to illustrate the math.

    Of course I've considered how powerful weapons like that would become. It's not as though you can't make tweaks to their damage to bring them in line. The point is to establish a system that prevents binary one-shot gameplay, but still allows for infinitely scaling enemies, fast paced gameplay, and skill based survivability, rather than stacking absurdly high levels of damage reduction or CC.

    46 minutes ago, MJ12 said:

    You haven't solved any of the scaling problems. You've just made them worse.

    The armor change makes Valkyr and Chroma and other armor-based Warframes unplayably fragile-at Sortie levels, a single Grineer Lancer is doing something like 25 damage a shot, with 20 shots a second-Valkyr looks at that under your system, and instantly falls over dead. In fact, they lead to the hilarity that an armor-based Warframe should have as little health as possible. Similarly, your multishot nerf is a solution looking for a problem. It doesn't actually solve anything-most of the endgame weapons you see will perform just fine without multishot because they're shotguns or have other good qualities.

    Running as little health as possible would actually make smaller damage instances kill you quicker. So you would still value health. And as of now, a Lancer would be dealing that kind of damage. But it's not as though we cannot adjust the damage formula. Or the specific armor values of each Warframe. That's as simple as changing numbers. Or, if you wanted to be a bit more nuanced, you could just add a brief half-second or so of invulnerability for only the Tenno  when they take a combined total of damage within a certain time-frame that is equal to their gate value. I'm also not sure why Valkyr should be upset that she can be killed. We should all want to encourage is tactical based survivability, rather than merely having the highest passive damage reduction in the game.

    I didn't invent this system and run the full calculations on it to make it perfectly balanced. Though I could, if you'd like. I did it, as I just said, to invent a system that removes mandatory mods, diversifies modding, rebalances existing weapon classes, fixes survivability issues, and fixes enemy scaling issues. The point of it is to create a baseline system that all things are based on. I don't pretend that it wouldn't require follow-up changes or some other tweaks. I'm just asserting that it would provide the most balanced platform for balancing the game and preventing trivialization of it,  whilst keeping things like infinite scaling and absurdly powerful weapons.

    The multishot mechanical change is done for exactly that reason: It doesn't nerf the current endgame weaponry. What it does is allow it to be significant to certain weapons, but not to others, and makes it competitive with other options like recoil reduction, rather than being a given mod tax on every single weapon.


  25. 20 hours ago, DiosGX said:

    Let's see, I could do 1000 dmg, and have armor applied to my damage once. Or hit for 500 twice, and have armor applied to each hit, lowering the damage twice...




    1 minute ago, DiosGX said:

    Where are you even getting these numbers from? Did you completely misinterpret what I said or what? It has no bearing to my comment at all.

    There's your previous comment. I was assuming you were expressing concerns with what I said about multishot, questioning why it would be worth using, or something to that effect.

    I just used those numbers on a whim to illustrate why multishot is relevant under this system.

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