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  1. Well as I understand a lot (101 pages as of the time I write this) have been posted here and DE team are still humans, I hope this somehow reaches you guys good ladies and gentlemen. (Disclaimer: I am not usually right, as I may be wrong. I don't even play *that* much, so yeah. Please be gentle and civil) Just 2 suggestions, maybe. 1. Keep/make the alerts, but maybe with only Wolf Creds as the reward. I guess 10 (up to 20?) is enough. This is mostly to help newer players who may have difficulties to progress the challenges. Maybe each alert is not just an hour period, perhaps 2 hours at least (up to 3?), to give some chances for the newer or intermediate players to do; so they get to access to the aura mods and Nitains easier, I guess. 2. Maybe some better way for returning players to catch up with the Nightwave. A 'skip' or 'delay' option for certain rewards to reach the rarer things such as the mods, the Umbral Forma, and maybe the cosmetics maybe. Nothing is more demoralizing than knowing that you're going to miss that item that you actually have been dreaming for before the 'break'. However, I understand if the #2 is not that practical as this isn't something new in any game system. If you missed this (season/limited time rares/etc), can't do much but to hope for their return. I do hope that the rewards from the previous Nightwave series are brought back, maybe via Baro Ki'tear or any kind of special alerts or events. Umbral Forma, well I guess it is something for DE to decide. TL;DR - Suggestion/feedback: make alerts that give Wolf Creds to give better access to the aura mods and items in it for newer players, and a way for returning players to catch up. Overall, a welcoming change for me, personally. Hopefully it gets better, just like how much smoother Plains of Eidolon is for me now. Cheers!
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