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  1. As Kuva Lich now drop What we may expect..... despite which what we desired make took 30 - 40 runs to get the RNG right. Its there any way, to exchange or make Kuva emphemera drop not so punishing ?? The Nightwave.......Can we see the statistics of Where people drop off (done) their Nightwave? I guess most people drop off at Umbra Forma. Does DE ever consider maybe put more Umbra Forma on Nightwave. Like 30, 60, 90 rewards of it. Since, Nightwave not really have much to offer than Umbra Forma. How about just make it the "driving force" for players.
  2. I use Mirage ... only ability 1 with gun. How come it feels they didn't even tested it.
  3. Did anyone has problem with their larvaling not showing its weapon?? ....Was so excited to login for hunting again But after 1st larvaling show its weapon, Nothing ever show again..... only "Spawn Lich" only their head. So sad.
  4. Dear, DE As a completionist, recent update with randomness mechanism implementations are really drying my excitement fast. Will I still able to expect equivalent stats in any gears in future? I don't purely refuse random stats in gears, but current design only display roughness and inexperienced in this field. Such work likes through out six years develop progression without any other outside sources to enhance design at all in many ways. For this point, I had to believe weapons mod design to became nearly perfectly balance and interesting are totally an accident. For bigger picture to see through current mod design, the TOP/FULL stats are usually without riven involvement. However, by using riven to replace 1 of 8/9 slot to trade for enlarge specific stats to be benefit in personal play-stlye. It is the charm of Warframe customization. And no other games had it. BUT the implementation of Liches and Railjack are losing what makes warframe once shine. Can I still expect anything makes warframe as warframe? Sincerely, An ordinary founder
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