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  1. I want a pillow that shape like lotus helmet Inside has little pocket to fit half of head something like this you can use for sleep in workplace.
  2. I just want to know who came out with Disruption idea that is so unfriendly to nood want to participate the event and so unfriendly to CC again. Does an interesting new game mode really that hard to make? Admitted DE won't see this anyway... sigh.
  3. 40 runs still no mask.... WTF I don't want waste entire weekend for this..... Update: 50th run finally got the mask. this design is awful boring and lazy
  4. its good but enemies are getting more and more ignore warframe power.... I can see some of air casting ran into hell already.
  5. Soma buff 0.05 .... Really?! How about just remove Soma entirely for the game. It was a really handy weapon in the past, but clearly DE didn't test them to adjust their riven dispositions. Only base on how many people use them. It really is the worst possible solution to adjust riven. Its is how exactly Blizzard, Activision and EA to handle their in game balance.
  6. After the hotfix K-drive became so hard to do a long grind.
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