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  1. Recently found a bug with Valkyr where her hysteria stops using energy but she also is no longer invincible (still heals on attack though). Honestly prefer that to what we have. Dont know how to trigger it, just have had it happen twice.
  2. She was the equivalent of brainwashed. She didn’t lie. She even left us a trail to follow to figure out what was goin on (as opposed to just ghosting us).
  3. Yes please. Making it a mod means sacrificing some of a build, but I’d do it temporarily for scanning all those flowers.
  4. I use anything for anything. Sometimes I find out a combination that doesn’t work well. The only time I’m specific is eidolon hunts. I use volt because I don’t have another build for them yet.
  5. I don’t know what you mean on sprint speed. I haven’t noticed any trouble turning...
  6. Every single one of mine was a female sentinal kubrow thing (can't remember the name). All identical. So no, the requirement is not different creatures, just separate captures.
  7. I like archwing. Just wish it had more content. And that arch weapons were a little easier to aquire (so much standings grind, and very few sellers these days).
  8. One reason I will NEVER do a rad zone defense (mobile or otherwise) type mission anything other than solo.
  9. Make CC abilities have some (maybe different or limited) effect on ability immune enemies. CC becomes better. Like chaos on a nullie turns off their nullie drone for the duration (drone no longer sees nullie as ally).
  10. Sentinels don’t grow up... Also no, not even remotely similar.
  11. Can’t believe the discussion is still going when we have about half the NPCs having a traditional semi attractive face (the guys in blue on relays plus Loca folks). We just can’t see their eyes. OP is simply wrong. Should have ended on page one. Are Cetus folks less than attractive, yeah for most. They are not the only beings in the universe.
  12. So you've just encountered trash ineros players. News flash, they exist for every frame. Ineros adds a decent cc that can heal anyone who kills the cc targets, adds another heal that can be used by any player, and adds another heal that can heal any player in the area. He is litterally more healy than any other frame. Just because some players suck doest remove value from the frame in group content.
  13. Fun thing with nyx, chaosed enemies are not affected by the drone.
  14. If I want to list 50 unvieled rivens for 5p each, that’s my prerogative. Wouldn't do that because unvieled rivens sell easy at market price, but I could if I wanted. Since there is no real money investment in things that are traded, there is no real value to them. It is up to the person selling and buying.
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