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  1. Uh.. I tried? :D? Shade hat is best hat.
  2. Eliard

    Hotfix 14.0.11

    I guess Ash loses the one thing he was good at. :V
  3. Eliard

    New Contest: Warframe Doppelganger!

    So, this is what they call a heartwarming family reunion, eh? You got that right. Eliard as Vergil, Lazermaniac as Dante, Ammy as photographer. Misc crap: Now please excuse me while I go binge on DMC3 again. ;A;
  4. Thank you for not betraying yourselves.
  5. Eliard

    Hotfix 13.8.1

    Ban cheaters. ty
  6. Eliard

    The Face Behind The Name! V2

    Whoa. THE Freddie Wong? O_O Nice...
  7. Eliard

    The Face Behind The Name! V2

    Me looking somewhat sleepy and very confused after being camera-sneak-attacked by boyfriend: Me many jesus i'm old 8 years ago in high school with the second most awesome piece of beef jerky ever:
  8. Eliard

    [Archive] Of Ash And Fire - Original Thread

    Oh man, I just had a ridiculous fridge moment there... I realized that the trolling move (Switch Teleport) would actually have saved Klef's &#! in that situation. The irony, it hurts...
  9. Eliard

    [Archive] Of Ash And Fire - Original Thread

    Bit of a twist on this. This isn't about my Tenno, per se... It's more from the view of a random Grineer Lancer. Does that mean this can't go here? :( - "Do we really need the Tenno for this?" Klef grumbled as he fiddled with his rifle. "I don't trust them to help us." "I don't either, but it's not up to us. The higher ups want those Infested gone yesterday, and the Tenno really do make short work of them." Klef sighed. Stek was right, like always. The comm stations at Spear had gone silent within minutes of the diseased creatures' appearance - an unsettling demonstration of how ill-matched the Grineer really were against those monsters. Regardless, the fact that they would be fighting alongside Tenno put him ill at ease - if not for the possibility that they could turn on them at any moment, then for the insinuation that the Grineer weren't as powerful as they claimed. The transport ship's engines whined as the pilot set the craft to a shuddering hover several meters over the icy landscape. One by one, the soldiers on board hopped down to the ground, the unmasked ones wincing at the biting cold air. Klef looked up as a small snub fighter descended from the clouds. Its underside opened up and deposited a lone Tenno onto the outpost's snowy terrain before ascending and disappearing behind a distant mountain. He stared hard at the warframe, noting its ornate horns, and briefly wondered if he'd seen that one before. The squad leader barked a command and the group began to move. The Tenno seemed to disappear into thin air; only a faint shimmer of yellow indicated that he was still among the soldiers. A mess of Infested rushed to greet them, wailing and snarling as the two sides advanced and collided with guns blazing and claws slashing. Klef did his best to keep out of melee range, though his augmentations and bulky armor made it difficult for him to move nimbly. Worse yet, his Grakata chewed through magazines quicker than it did his targets and he cursed, clumsily scrambling onto a stack of barrels before jumping onto an empty freight container to unpack more ammo and reload. Men and monsters lay wounded and dying around him. Already, less than half of the squad remained; Stek was short a leg but had managed to wedge himself into a safe spot between two crates. Dancing effortlessly over the bloodied snow was the warframe - Loki, Klef suddenly remembered - with blades flashing in the pale light as he seemed to fly across the battlefield, shearing off an Ancient's arm here, bisecting a Charger there. Flashy and unnecessary, he thought sullenly, though not without a twinge of envy, as he jammed a fresh magazine into his rifle and resumed picking off the Infested on the ground. The cargo container he was perched on violently rocked as a hulking Ancient slammed its full weight into it, throwing him to the ground. Klef clambered to his feet as quickly as he could and opened fire on the seemingly endless horde of Infested that were now bearing down on him. His rifle clicked, clicked, clicked. "Tenno!" he called out desperately, before realizing with sudden dread that the hired warrior most likely would not understand him. The Loki stopped and turned his head. "Over here!" Klef shouted in Grineer, waving furiously. "Help!" Hope surged in Klef's chest as the Tenno regarded the trapped Lancer and the Infested surrounding him; surely he could see he was in trouble, even if he couldn't understand him. But with a shrug and a tilt of the head that said beyond all doubt, "Sucks to be you", he turned and vanished into the base's labyrinthine hallways in pursuit of some other objective. Klef stared after him bitterly. Claws tore through his armor and his cybernetics failed one by one, but he felt only a profound hatred as the Infested tore him to shreds. I was right... - I seriously had like... that Brood Wars cutscene in mind here, the one where DuGalle's battlecruiser leaves that poor Marine staring up at the sky as the Zerg converge on the ditch where he's standing. Kindasortamaybe. ALSO I shamelessly admit to standing idly by and watching Grineer get mauled. It's very satisfying.
  10. Eliard

    Phase 1: Melee Weapon Concept Submissions

    A joint submission by myself and Lazermaniac. YEAH I KNOW there's been a rocket hammer (perhaps several) submitted already but why not. This one has an odd take on the mechanism, anyway. Name: (not sure, honestly) Atlas, Aetna, something else that's less overused than Vulcan? Faction: Grineer Brief Description: A battle-hammer that uses Detonite-powered microthrusters mounted on one side of its head to inflict massive trauma. Deals primarily Impact damage; uses (mostly) Hammer/Fragor animations. (Chem Lab research; god knows that lab needs more content :x ) This functions quite similarly to the Fragor as far as normal attacks (Atlas is weaker per hit but slightly faster) and jump attacks (Atlas is weaker but has a slightly larger AoE) go. But... This was our take on a melee weapon with a sort of alt-functionality using key taps vs holds. Its charged attack is a single, heavy downward stroke that activates the thrusters and slams the head into the ground in front of the user; any enemy caught directly underneath takes massive damage (possibly stunned/ragdolled) and the shockwave it produces on impact will inflict moderate Blast damage to everything else over a moderate AoE. This attack (and anything else that uses the rocket boosters) is NOT silent and is in fact quite loud. The more unusual quirk: The hammer's slide attack can be prolonged by holding the melee key during a slide (as opposed to tapping). The boosters activate, dealing heavy damage and propelling the user and allowing for an extended slide attack. If it is sustained for too long (~5 spins?), the hammer's propulsion system will overheat, preventing the user from activating its thrusters again for a short cooldown period (includes slide and charged attacks). Use wisely. (Also, I want to apologize if the art is similar to something that's already been thought of; the idea jumped into my head very suddenly and I usually don't come up with ideas that way, so I suspect I might have seen something like this somewhere. >_<)
  11. Eliard

    Hotfix 11.5.5

    Just going to say that it's not a good feeling for the rules of the event to suddenly change 2/3rds of the way through. If you want to change the rules so drastically, I advise doing it early in the event, not when most clans who are working hard for it are past the point of no return. I've worked almost nonstop in crafting spare Vermillions to try helping my less active clan members get their 400 points, and I actually thought we had a chance at a trophy. Now, all that's been smashed, my efforts have been for naught and there's no recovering from it. I think this might be the first time I'm actually angry in any capacity at DE. Just saying.
  12. Eliard

    The Profit: Warframe Ps4 Launch Trailer

    A little investment in actually reinforced windows may be wise, Corpus. They were rather hard-pressed to do so - they didn't actually beat the bot itself, they had to damage the control module on Alad's neck.
  13. Eliard

    Gradivus Dilemma: Results!

    Made top 10... Switching to the Uberman sleep schedule for this was totally worth it.
  14. Eliard

    Gradivus Dilemma: Nodes Compromised

    Sad. -_- What is this, Maplestory or something?
  15. Eliard

    Ruk Strikes Back!

    Sorry Ruk, but Team Eli likes the boxheads better.