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  1. Killing stranges, so I dont kill the ones that I love .. 😈
  2. Actually you are dead right, I used to purchase Prime packs to support them but these days I find it difficult to justify purchasing things when I can't even finish my codex because its been broken for so long and really that's saying something about whats to do for old-timers like me after 6-7 years I still play the game every day but its now about things like making sure the codex is completed, or getting to 500 mill credits as there is nothing in the game for long term players. But maybe after TNW DE will finally start repairing and polishing the ol' bugs .. then Ill go back to buying again..
  3. Yeah unfortunately its been getting worse over the years.. now days we don't seem to get any responses to anything..and even less fixes of things broken, like the codex .. but these days i just don't have high expectations of DE like I used to..
  4. Please [DE]Megan ask someone to get the Orm fighters and the Engineers to spawn in RJ .. my codex scanning is seizing up through lack of use ... thanks
  5. Jeez.. most of these Lich/Sis weapons are crap anyway .. much better weapons out there for new players.. like the great Mk1 Bo .. level this baby up and it'll take you places ;)
  6. You know this could be the bonus for MRL1+ because nothing else is in it for us .. this would make it worth doing and give us something to do while we wait for DE to fix the missing codex enemies.. hell i re-forma a lot just because it give me something to do.. but if each forma i put on added another polarity to the mod space i'd have a plan to keep me busy for the next 12 months ... again while waiting for DE to fix the broken codex .. (if you miss the point DE, its we (MRL1+) dont have anything worthwhile to do because all you do is make things for casuals) hows about doing just 1 thing .. just 1.. for the long term players.. but I wont hold my breath ;)
  7. great response.. strange how a lot of players that complain about others lichs don't even know that if you drop the others lichs 3 times it leaves
  8. Wow I use trade chat every day and over the 6 years of playing WF I have had maybe 3 issues .. I dont find any problems using trade chat to sell any of my frames or rivens no matter what the price range ..
  9. Thanks for bring it to those who missed out on the drops :)
  10. yeah nah.. I use Heliocor as my main weapon and I got all Tenet Melee weapons while using it.. nothing to do with Heliocor its just a crapfight thay DE created with RNG
  11. Ok cool the Halloween event .. ah ok its not an event its just buying some more cosmetics .. ok.. ah thanks for that fun DE .. I like the look of the Demon Wings and all but seriously hows about fixing the missing codex entries so we have something to do while we wait for the next phase of The New War ..
  12. you might want to put a little more information in your bug report .. just a suggestion..
  13. Damn and still no missing enemy from codex fixes.. oh well the years move on .. and on .. and on..
  14. Are u sure you are running the qualify not the practice MR rankup ? I've never heard of anything interfering with mastery rank ups apart from not enough MR standing and accidentally running the practice instead of the qualifier.. maybe some more detailed information might help.
  15. After all the years of hacking terminals I am more than happy to use this ability when I do sorties.. I just got tired of hacking terminals I guess.. I say this time and time again, if you dont like it just dont use it.. this is a non-issue.. move on nothing to see here..
  16. I dont think this is a bug its one of the Ropaloysts defences callled .. Nullifying scream if I remember correctly.. the gun removals been around for a while though but usually its short Nullifying Scream: When a mobility-type Ability such as the Operator's Void Dash or Nezha's Blazing Chakram is used, the Ropalolyst screams, releasing a pulse that temporarily disables Transference, nullifies all Warframe abilities (except for deployed abilities such as Nova's Worm Hole) and temporarily prevents ability use for ~3 seconds.
  17. Yepp .. DE certainly cant allow us to actually farm the good stuff with any kind of efficiency .. to them thats a no no .. but I can get 5 million rubedo no problems and everyone know how much we need rubedo, right..
  18. Totally agree with OP here, I thought the Saw was going to be such a great weapon to have in the arsenal, got it leveled it up put a few formas on it and found it to be just a novelty attachment.. All the hype about it was just the usual DE sideshow .. the best thing about the "Weepon" is you can ride it to the shops..
  19. Yes it has to be on purpose, because its been around so long now that if it wasnt then DE would have addressed it in some form by now. And how they have kept the trade ban in place for those of us that do like long endurance runs I think is favouring more on the spite side of things. DE dont cater to any part of their player base except the casuals, where what they should consider is some like short runs, others like 2+ hr runs, we should have the ability to choose how we actually play without the threat of any kind of ban.. even if the great Smeeta does give out the big affinity buff several times in the runs, its RNG.. its just like (opposite of) their gambling system of the Riven rolls it should work the same, if you're lucky and get the Smeeta hits congrats.. if you dont so be it.. And I dont think that players really would feel pressured into anything.. once the novelty has worn off.. they will go back to their play style and DE should just let that happen.. you see a lot of "LF 30min farm of "X" in recruiting because most players only want to do that.. so letting us endurance runners do our thing certainly doesnt hurt anyone else and no-one would fall behind as they would still do their 30 min runs ☺️ I say just release the hounds of war and step out of the way..
  20. DE already have done so.. but you keep taking all ya best gear into the mission.. if you want hard .. take what you would get at day 1 and go do SP .. hard content provided, its how you approach it thats the problem
  21. DE should just put a few Ropalolyst in the daytime so we could hunt them - yay
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