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  1. Well said .. thanks saved me typing it.. I must admit this was the worst Tennocon released to date.. very boring especially at 4:30am kickoff.. and then not getting the damn gunblade.. It really seems, to me anyway, that DE have just gone stale with vision and ideas ..
  2. Damn I got up at 4:30 am watched the whole time on twitch and only got armor .. missed out on the gunblade and lost all that beauty sleep .. and I need my beauty sleep.. ;(
  3. Yep, I got her, leveled her up a feed her straight to the Helmith .. utterly boring useless frame, except for a newbie maybe ..
  4. Damn, why does the rest of the world live so far away from New Zealand, I gotta get up +12hrs UTC, again.. thats 4:30AM to watch .. cant you bring Canada closer ? Come on DE, this has been going on for years, get your devs to remap the sea and move Canada into my backyard .. :) .. ok ill get up to watch again.. better go stock up on the cappuchino sachets .. slightly hyped atm..
  5. Hey DE, could someone please tell us if this is going to be a new feature in the eidolon hunting (the knockdowns), just so we can avoid doing them if its is to stay or if its a bug that is going to be fixed at some stage. Also you said you're trying to somehow balance the game in regards to the difference between melee and guns, (nerfing melee doesnt help btw) but why are the guns still being created like pea-shooters. You've said that the guns just dont perform in SP.. or the rest of warframe to be honest .. but why have you produced a bunch of Sisters guns that are really useless as just about every other gun (apart from a few) .. The new mods and arcanes dont do nearly enough to even bring it anywhere near close, let alone balance anything.. If you want to balance the game as you've said whats the next part of the plan, cause this part 1 just wont cut the mustard.. would be nice to know the next move to get the balance you've said you're bringing..
  6. Heya guys can someone tell me about the Hounds Weapons: It states above melee attacks yet the Lacerten has a magazine of 6 ? I tried looking it up but couldnt find anything usefully in the way of info.. If its a melee attack why does it not have range, attack speed etc etc .. kind of confusing if this is only for the weapon.. really just want to know for best modding purposes.. tanks!
  7. haha .. oh thanks LillyRaccune.. I just got up and that makes me laugh first up .. (rather than sulking over the "latest updates") cheers When was this a new feature btw.. ? So what else did DE alter in the basement to make this happen..
  8. Just a little warning .. I rushed my second hound in the foundry and it just vanished into nowhere land and wasted the plat .. another Gooood Jooob DE
  9. I'd say that would be right the way DE is going.. those AOE weapons are the best weapons now due to DE "upgrades" so expect them to get the treatment ..
  10. Yes it seems that the attempt is alot better although have far less spawns of the thralls is I suppose what DE call Balancing the game again.. give more murmurs but remove thrall spawns.. I just finished the 24 mission to get the 3rd unlocked.. admittedly they are solo, but still I actually think it was quicker before..
  11. After all the grinding for the initial K-Drive which we did, before DE made it easy as hell.. not many of us ever want to use a K-drive again.. DE knows this and still stuffs it down our throat.. glad you enjoy the K-Drive grind though ..
  12. Well another thing thats not working properly .. before update the Thralls could spawn (usually 8-10) per mission and you could get the Lich to spawn thralls by give her a smack.. not now .. I have done 18 missions and only getting a max of 3 spawning thralls .. so 18 missions so far has put me just starting the 3rd requiem .. Gooood Jooooobbbb
  13. OMG hahaha .. I cant believe that this statement is there .. this is EXACTLY what you have been doing for the last few years forcing players into playing WF the way YOU think it should be played..!! I would suggest you open your ears and actually listen to 2 things, what the community says and what you say.
  14. Helmith question .. is there an easy way to see what frames I havent subsumed..?
  15. HAHA .. so much for trying to FIX the divide DE .. all you're doing is making it wider.. unbelievable !! Exalted and low crit, slow attack melee weapons, will now truly be in the dustbin.. And to drop that tidbit today is sooo typical ..
  16. I'd say 2pm , then bugfixs 2:01, 2:08, 2:24, 2:32 ....
  17. you know if DE really wanted to balance this "divide" then they should have just made ALL the weapons do the same damage.. then its all about cosmetics.. DE need to make a decision about if they actually want to balance whatever they are trying to balance or not.. if its yes we want to balance all the primary and secondary then just make them all have the same base damage .. or just give us 1 primary, secondary, melee, with skins .. many weapons now will be more useless and will be way across the great divide DE has created so they might as well just make them all the same..
  18. LMAO thanks .. man thats made my morning .. :)
  19. ahh .. but how do you know that 1+1 = 2 ;)
  20. Have I missed something .. are DE nerfing SP? hmm what will we do ..
  21. My question for the OP is why.. there are what only 3 missions that u need a 30 level WF .. just go play the other zillion missions if thats your beef .. Not everything needs to allow anyone in straight away.. and ffs it only a level 30 for a frame.. not like thats hard in anyones gamebook..
  22. One can only hope .. but my usual insomnia will kick in .. soon TM
  23. Yeah ikr - and its funny since in Survival missions... thats right a mission called survival :) the lotus herself tells us what! The longer you stay the better the rewards, stay as long as you can tenno..etc etc .. hah the deceptive traitoress she turned out to be
  24. yep we used to have the same, which was ok .. good run bad run .. balanced out.. now its just worse..
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