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  1. I'll honestly just continue believing that we aren't in any simulation.
  2. Interesting video. I actually watched it.
  3. I always wondered that myself... What is exactly "life"? Does it matter what you do to other living things? I don't even know, but, I always get worried when I know about another living thing currently suffering. Oh, except insects. I hate insects.
  4. Hold on, no, I was just talking about the Augment. I didn't see "Mirage Prime" on your title. I don't know at all what the price of Mirage Prime's set is...
  5. The trap door is literally between your landing craft and your Orbiter. The front part is, undeniably, the interior of the Liset, no matter what landing craft you actually select. I hope that someday DE does correspond to the interior of your selected landing craft. That'd be cool.
  6. First of all: Post this in a trade forum. Secondly: Buy it for 10-25. 100 is too expensive. Don't get scammed. Thirdly: Oceania and Asia are unpopular servers and there's also not even a need to be on the same server as someone to trade with them.
  7. One of the Zenurik Way-Bound Passives speeds up the recharge rate by 90%, that means almost double the recharge rate. And that sounds good enough to me. Edit: I think Energizing Dash also works on Operators as of Focus 2.5.
  8. I think an Operator with the Naramon and Zenurik Way-Bound Passives and Magus Cadence can actually go faster than that. Not 100% sure though.
  9. Gameplay-wise, they have some flaws. But the story is just awesome. Big plot twist honestly. Not boring at all that the Tenno are humans, that was also anticipated. I mean, name one alien race that exists in Warframe. No, Sentients don't count if you look at their origin.
  10. No reason at all, the nature of the Prime trailers is about doing stuff that we can't do in the game... Nekros Prime's is a good example.
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