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  1. I dont think its a problem of preparation as I take the same builds through ESO and arbitratrions just fine, also sometimes I am actively searching for the targets and out of nowhere the objective is just destroyed, like the damn thing walked past me.
  2. am i getting a bug then because neither mag nor nezha can stop them.
  3. From garbage rewards, garbage new mods, garbage mechanics, to garbage enemy types; the new disruption gamemode is just garbage. All in my own opinion this gamemode offers nothing new to the gameloop kill S#&$ fast (oh and anything considered crowd control don't work on those self destructing sanic levels of speed tank god mother truckers) I am sure that many people like the new gamemode but I was honestly was hoping for something that made cc worth it or something consistent or anything really not just mobile defense excavation, with the unique twist of there are enemies who can spawn run straight to the objective are immune to cc take way more damage than any other enemy of the same level and one shot the objective oh boy what a time to be alive.
  4. Jesus, just all of this, like honestlhy all of this. I feel like this is eceything that will be announced at TennoCon but at that same time I want updates.
  5. Can you just add 2 week to whenever you think that it'll drop from now on, I don't mean to sound rude but this happens literally every mainline it isn't the wait that upsets me its the constant delays because Digital Extremes is never on schedule you should factor in testing and possible delays into your release schedule and try to relax a little instead of trying to live up to seemingly unrealistic time goals.
  6. Looks like you have an epidemic on your hands we better stop this contagion before it spreads
  7. WHY NOT DO THIS FOR THE ENTIRE RIVEN SYSTEM... seems like that might solve a lot of the issues with the riven system
  8. Exploiter orb Doesn't spawn and can't join anyone's match.
  9. Lore wise why doe it tell us how to damage it -_-
  10. So frame fighter officially gets the same treatment as every other game mode you make its buggy and doesn't work you fix about 2 things and forget about it. These game modes aren't played because you dont fix them either fix them or remove them outright.
  11. Yeah I'll admit to exaggerating a bit and even some projection I wrote this whilst being an emotional child but the point still stands. It doesn't always live, I won't restate ever because that is untrue, but more times than not it hasn't at maybe a 60/40 ratio, it still has insane update delays that still release with insane amounts of bugs and poor design choices in some of those updates that have to be retconned shortly after, and it definitely still lacks any challenge that isnt just giving enemies invincibility. Instead of just saying I'm projecting tell me where I'm wrong.
  12. Wow the elite alerts aren't challenging in any way you just added invincibility phases for basic enemies and gave the drones immunity to warframe abilities this is just lazy work that shouldnt have taken as long as it did. The buffs dont even work even though they say they do on the ability screen because Mesa with 590 power strength would instantly merc any and all enemies that walk into her yet she does the exact same 10k per shot she did before buff. And through all that you tell us we need all nodes the day before release which made everyone scramble day of before they could even play the mode. I dont speak for everyone but as for me I'm just disappointed in how this was handled. Is pablo honestly the only one who plays this game and can create fun challenging content ergo Harrow and Nezha rework. Because honestly everything else feels like a dissatisfying mess of people going wouldn't this be cool. It's sad to say after what steam says is 3k+ hours I can no longer support this game. I really loved it and it just never lived up to any hype that was put behind it, never released anything on time because it needed bug fixes that was then still released with amazing game breaking bugs, that refuses to acknowledge the problems with systems it currently has like rivens, that doesn't offer any challenge until I stay in 1 mission for at least 30 minutes, that has its entire gameplay model based around mindless grinding to pad for time. I love this game I really do but it's just hard to support something that disappoints you at every other turn. Maybe I'll come back at fortuna or railjack or when the tao system becomes a thing. For now I'll just watch from the sidelines hoping for something to improve. Digital extremes is one of my favorite video game developers, heck my favorite developers of any content in any art form but I can no longer say that Warframe is one of my favorite games.
  13. If I'm going to be playing for 1000+ days and still need weapon slots I'm probably not playing the game
  14. you know they don't care right even the content creating partners they have are complaining about it and no changes it makes them money if they were going to change it they would have when a bunch of people were trade 5k plat for a scoliac riven
  15. Yes please and PLEASE MONITOR HOW BAD ENEMIES ARE AT FIGHTING ENEMIES, summons are just all bad in this game please fix.
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