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  1. Okay now I'm just under the belief that you don't read so this is kinda funny read the original post or maybe my first response. Also note you still can't answer the questions I asked you which is a point of you acknowledging your own ignorance to the issue at hand and showing you have no goal other than belittle anyone who would like to make a statement that is counter intuitive to your own ergo you believe if I'm not sucking off warframe and stating how I'm here to stay I can't complain nor state what I choose to do nor request inference from other members of a community that played the same game as me by making a public forum post. A post that you could have chosen to ignore instead of send what amounts to "no one cares about your opinion so it's invalid." Instead of trying to open a conversation with the contrary opinion in a civilized matter TL;DR You can't read; I already said why in the original post and in my response your first post. You just chose to be a $&*^ then reply to me with a uno reverse card showing your own ineptitude.
  2. Ok so let's say it is what now? You are giving attention would that not mean you want to feed it. Either way how does this make me a better or worse person for wanting attention? How does it make you better for pointing it out? All in all, why does it matter?
  3. You both read and responded which means you and all the others who responded care even if it's only a little. Also it's not to seek attention for quitting it's to share and Express feelings about a game I spent 4k hours on in Hope's that'll improve and to see if anyone shares my thoughts. I'm also interested in hearing others opinions on the matter why are you against that?
  4. I love the amount of people who saw I did thing accidentally and respond with your fault. Like did you not read the entire thing. No S#&$ it's my fault ; I am admitting fault that's not the point of the entire post.
  5. So i'm all for it, I'm with you.... but it just isn't gonna happen sorry man
  6. I saw the new update released read them thought ok cool kuva nukor sounds nice I want to go farm that. The changes to the lich system makes it easier to farm so after not playing for a while I thought this'll be great I have a nukor riven and I'll get to have some fun. I play for a bit accidentally kill a lich with the wrong weapon and immediately closed the game... This made me realize the game just isn't fun anymore for me and the smallest setback makes me want to just close it. Speaking for the lich system alone It is no where near what we were promised A ridiculously long farm to get just a singular weapon and no other rewards as all "rewards" are just stuff that were stolen from you (cool idea; not good in a game where its 90% farm) Has zero integration into the rest of the game, I have to explicitly decide to lich farm where as in other aspects of the game you can farm multiple things at once which mentally made it more bearable because it felt like I was accomplishing more. Speaking to warframe as a whole now everything seems to be segregated and just a list of chores and errands Go to this specific planet kill this specific enemy pray to rng-esus that it drops the resource, mod, whatever you need wash rinse repeat I miss being able to say I want to do this this and the third all at the same time while feeling badass. Now it's just a drawn out farm parade because the developers need padding in order to release content instead of caring about the now, and giving us cool fun events and mini-quests to fill the in betweens of major updates they are trying to go straight to their ambitions but know we need something to do in the meantime so here's a new weapon that oh wow needs new resource, and a lot of it at that. On top of all that Digital Extremes also are absolutely terrified at giving us new power ceilings to reach with each new weapon (which I do understand to a point). But what is the point of having mr locked weapons and rivens if you effectively unlocked the entire game at mr 16 and we never get stronger than that. Effectively warframe stops being fun when I am forced to farm but not allowed to grow.
  7. Heavy attacks still suck and naramon still dont work
  8. WHY IS THIS LIST ALWAYS SO SMALL, this is the biggest change not addition but change to the game period. Why do I stress this? Well that's because 1. Everyone has access to it 2. It made a large percentage of mods useless 3. It is still buggy 4. Heavy attacks suck you just renamed charge attacks and gave us another downside to them
  9. Dude I'm stating the opinion of people I trust and my own from what we have collectively played. So in short it isn't a "pre-review" I have played ember I have done the grendel missions I have used some of just not all of it. What I haven't experienced my friends have. And as far as having the plat to do it and not buying is obsolete because what is in the bundle isnt worth 60 dollars of currency some people only want the cosmetics but if they want it they have to shell out the plat and get the stuff they dont care for ergo forced to. Basic economics can tell you the value of time and how currency works. Sorry if I come off as blunt and rude I don't mean to I am just extremely drained from working in an attic, but I feel all my points are valid and therefore stand by them.
  10. Undo this asap you turn this game into monetization hell and take away our titts.
  11. Fix this pay to win bs. You force people to buy mods and relics for cosmetics. You somehow made Vauban worse Grendel grind not only is mind numbing but we also dont get mods for no reason other than to make it more annoying. This update is "give us money or you will die before you can grind it all." Haven't even gotten to the melee weapons or the Vauban rework myself yet because I was so disgusted with this update, but from what I heard melee is ruined and you somehow made Vauban worse. I didnt even know that was possible.
  12. after playing a bit of the update and watching streams this is the most disappointing update I have ever seen. I'm honestly not mad I'm actually disappointed.
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