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  1. WHAT IS THE CHANCE YOU LITERALLY PROGRAMMED IT IN YOU HAVE THE OPTION TO TELL US That is such a garbage amount of time basically only good for Rhino and Nezha Do I even need to say why this is bad And Adaptation has been removed from C rotation effectively making so I don't want to stay past C anymore besides for fun. This is really sad.
  2. I really think I have tried everything I noticed while I was formaing the weapon. Didn't work when it was max or not, didn't work with or without riven, didn't work when host or not. I dunno I think the game just doesn't want me having too much fun lol.
  3. No I know the difference I have a 90% riven and ammo chain but I'm still at 160 works fine on the other arch guns I have
  4. THE TITLE. oh and ammo maximum rivens as well
  5. Cool changes but I dont see anything addressing the fact that there are several warframes that dont benefit from increasing power strength like what am I supposed to do with a 400% strength Loki go invisible harder or ; 400% Vauban cant cc enemies that are immune because of the drones; 400% Trinity what's the point of more strength than 200% ; 400% Nyx same thing as Vauban and the mind controlled target still cant kill more than fodder enemies; 400% limbo, come on now we all know Limbo is only meant to grief and burn people's retinas; 400% revenant, I'm sorry in what world does anyone use that hot garbage frame. Lol I'm venting hard because of a long day but honestly the whole focusing only on strength and having the drones make anything within ten meters immune to literally everything has made it so that only a few frames benefit from the buff. If this was the intention that's so biased, if it wasnt it should be obvious it needs to be fixed.
  6. Why is this not the norm for all rivens why must we go through rng on rng on rng on rng LITERALLY just to a riven we want outside of buying it outright. I thought being money grubby was what you were against, but really it seems it's that you are against open obvious money grubbing. RIVENS NEED TO NOT BE SLOT MACHINES COMBINED WITH AN AUCTION HOUSE.
  7. So what happened to " melee 3.0 will ship with wukong deluxe? "
  8. Oh boo nyx and rhino again let met me guess what's next ember and frost. Are we ever going to get anything different honestly.
  9. Ok but how long though its been what a year and a half now? I just don't get why the weapon dispositions have to wait for the melee rework if they are going to release at the same time the rework doesn't actually have influence on the disposition unless the possibility would be a melee weapon get some type of bogus stat change to make the disposition make the weapon overpowered. The only issue with that is it has been stated that the rivens should not affect on the stats of weapons and are just entirely separate (which is just a lazy way to not correctly balance the game.)
  10. This is not a fix this is the oppression of my artistic values, VIVA LA REVOLUTION
  11. So here are my thoughts on this l, Well the passive is weak as it will lose effectiveness at longer higher level points in the game like arbitrations. Celestial twin 1.) Should be called split hair as wukong can make clones from his hair 2.) The augment should be clarified whether or not it will take away the ability to focus the clones damage on one target or if it is just where the clone is summoned 3.) Should also be clarified if the clone only uses our weapon or our mods as well Enveloping cloud should honestly have a larger range because unless teammates can match your exact movements speed and heights reached or if if they are standing still... in warframe. It has no real use. Defy 1.) Reflection of damage has never been good in warframe as the damage relationship between allies and enemies are heavily skewed where warframe do way more damage but are incredibly squishy when directly compared to sortie level range of enemies. 2.) Personally I think it would be better if it worked like a where the amount of damage he took in would calculate up to a damage buff similar to harrow or nyx mind control system 3.) It isnt clarified if the spin attack is stored and if it can be triggered like nezhas augment or if it is instant , because if it is the latter rather than the former that makes it incredibly weaker in comparison due to most enemies engaged from a range and no way to actually group enemies to make use of it in his own kit and unless given generous range the problem of actually aiming it All in all the rework looks good except for the passive which I feel should be changed and allow it to be a defy augment which sounds suitable for what it does. The passive could be many other things that deal with wukong like giving him a weaker version of adaptation because in journey to the west he has his avoidance charms which are supposed to give immunity to the elements but for video game purposes you cant do that.
  12. Jesus, just all of this, like honestlhy all of this. I feel like this is eceything that will be announced at TennoCon but at that same time I want updates.
  13. Can you just add 2 week to whenever you think that it'll drop from now on, I don't mean to sound rude but this happens literally every mainline it isn't the wait that upsets me its the constant delays because Digital Extremes is never on schedule you should factor in testing and possible delays into your release schedule and try to relax a little instead of trying to live up to seemingly unrealistic time goals.
  14. Looks like you have an epidemic on your hands we better stop this contagion before it spreads
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