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  1. only question railjack and kuva liches are finished ? if that's the case do you really believe that's a finish product ? you can't promise an update and at the end release 1/3 of that unless tennocon existence it's only there to sell smoke
  2. upgrading the graphics a little doesn't change the gameplay in any way so why its this so important? o wait rail jack ,kuva lichs and deimos it's already finish right? i completely forgot about that ,my bad
  3. i hope you can just take a picture of yourself without need to be on captura mode since not to many people can afford 50 grandmother tokens
  4. because it's more easy to just nerf one thing than buff the rest to compensate , today you can't expect effort to balance this game properly since they are always going to push the easiest solution, just a tip about that, it works in short run that's for sure but should be aim for the long run unless you no longer want this game to keep going forward
  5. Fix this please : the conclave aklex skins its broken since you released Also the zaw nikana sugastra has been bugged for almost 2 YEARS since you released showing 2 of them when originally its only one sugastra
  6. fix this please : the conclave aklex skins its broken since you released
  7. how do you deploy you mech ? nevermind i already see it for myself but can you deploy your mech if you activate one thats its already broken in the world?
  8. can you please fix the aklex cónclave skin ? it's been like this since you release it :
  9. sounds like you are the one who doesn't even bother using her 1 even with that mecanic you can't do anything; ,its sounds very good on paper i give you that but in reality it does not buff the target dps not even in the slightest but no wait you actually right: a level 1 butcher can insta kill a level 1 heavy gunner the thing it's nobody play nyx on those levels or at least no for far too long. edit i actually test the joke and no it takes 3 hits for butcher to actually kill something XD
  10. wow ,so you guys know that mind control of nyx actually exists? this is amazing and you completely forgot about her 1º ability in less than a 2 seconds neat how about if for the next update you remember than her 1º ability it's completely useless dealing any kind of damage with any kind of target you control and then buff that to a point we don't have to wait in a comfy chair until our mind control target kills something. and please don't tell me it's supposed to be CC because, why should i control 1 enemy to reduce the agro on me when you have chaos?
  11. this trailer have a Raid feel somewhere also, if there is Deimos, where the hell is Sanford? you can't divide that duo so easily another thing: please for the love of god don't make another island we are tired of using a boat to get there instead it will be neat if it was part of the rest of the continent
  12. so let me remember this update you implement a new game mode with sponge bullet enemies in steroids ,a new resource with a lowest drop chance than oberon parts ,no eximus enemies until level 150 and you call it a success? well i guess i didn't uninstall destiny 2 and now its rename warframe
  13. so consider you talk with tesin in this hard more i hope you earn conclave stuff too and universal medallions can be usable in conclave too right? or are you going to listen again to that only person on twitter complaining about it?rather than the whole community?
  14. 42 plat for the 36 % and 24 plat for the 27% edit :i sold both ^^
  15. IGN:Engilore PM or respond to this post if you are interested
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