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  1. well goods news for me and everyone who has this same problem, right now they should return to you the blueprints if you sell them a few years ago since the quest its now repeatable and you need the blueprints to play the quest again and if that don't work just insist. good day to everyone .
  2. the last time i send a ticket was the 15th of april when they released the challenge of killing 6 guardians of the silver grove in nighwave 2.0 and they basically did not respond anything except thank you for your patience your time spend in here is value for ourselves etc and they redirect the problem to the forums because they consider that a suggestion rather than a real problem. i guess i have to send another one to make sure support don't forget about this, and if that not work i will keep sending tickets until the problem its fix.
  3. well in my case i just need those blueprints for only two things: as you point out for nightwave since not having those is an insta kick for any squad who wants some profit and end the challenge as quickly as possible except for those people who understand the problem and still helps you out, and the other thing is farming the mods from the specters. a part from that i had titania since 2016. unlike you i'm in favor about replaying quests (the reason behind could be from nostalgic, to scan something strange or rare of the codex, change you karma even if this doesn't affect you in anything yet, or in this case have access to farming and nightwave) of course i'm in favor as long its implemented in a good way, in this case the week they released the quest you only used the apothic for doing the quest ,once you finished the quest you deleted those because there are no use for them at that time, however i took another week to DE to give them another use to those things and from that time already delete them because they are useless as the proof fragment of the limbo quest .now add this: i asked the support and they literally said : it's impossible to give you back those blueprints, which make you wonder why you make blueprints for the quest sellable, and now you can repeat the silver grove quest ,so yeah i was expecting a functional quest that give me back those damn blueprints.so in conclusion i just blaming DE for give me hope that one day they give me back the apothics and also keep adding features to these blueprints. its painful and makes you feel miserable for a tiny mistake you made.
  4. hello, basically now you can replay the silver grove quest but in order to advance the missions the game give you the apothic blueprint so that way you can search for the plants across the solar system ,now in my case and the case of many players. we delete all the blueprints when we ended the quest many years ago,support doesn't give the blueprints back because no reason at all, they just say they cant, wich make me wonder why you give the option to sell blueprints that can't be returned, hilarious. now i'm just asking politely if you are going to make a quest repeatable give those blueprints back i don't care if they drop from the quest itself, like scanning the mounds,from simaris or the market itself just solve this damn problem ,please In the future do not make blueprints sellable if they are so important please.
  5. can we make the excavators in excavation activate manually like a life support in survival?
  6. i always wonder why the excavators in excavation activate just by reaching the orange zone and not manually like support capsules in survival. i mean how many of you activate an excavator that you don't want to activate in the first place in all your time playing warframe?
  7. 1 pearl for kill ,wow what an improvement
  8. this actually doesn't work and crash your game
  9. what happen with the primary kitguns ? vauvan rework? can we make the excavators activate manually and not by just reaching the area sometimes avoid excavators that you don't want to activate is hard empyrean release date or approximation?
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