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  1. thats true but some only need that others require a rework that improves their abilities but everything its better than making this cheap band aid like seriusly arbitrations ramdon buff but apllied to all frames in all gamemodes ,they require months or just 2 hours to think in this? at this point if they really care about unpopular frames they will anonce a big rework for them but no they give us the coice of replace the useless abiltys of our frames ,negate themselves to buff those abilties that we replace ,and now they are going to give buffs every week to x frame ,whats next destroying frame default abilities entirely? here choose an apareance for your frames and now choose 4 abilties (please dont do this im joking)
  2. Son has been busy developing new bio-technologies for Helminth. Visit SON in the Necralisk on DEIMOS to obtain the New Segment required to upgrade your Helminth to perform a new operation: Invigorations! Our main objective with this system expansion is really simple: give players a way to engage with Warframes they may not have used in a while! is it really hard to actully ....you know check in what abilities arend used at all and buff them rather than made this....?
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