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About Me

I am a Member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

I have Autism and I believe that everyone can appropriately communicate with each other, despite our differences.

My favorite Warframe is Nekros Prime.

My favorite Companion is Helminth Charger.

My favorite Archwing is Itzal (Until they create the Modular System.).

My favorite Primary Weapon, yet to find one.

My favorite Secondary Weapon, currently its the Kitgun with Rattle-guts.

My favorite Melee Weapon is torn between Gram Prime, Paracesis and Hirudo.

My Clan is named Wrathful Tempest and it is a Rank 9 Ghost Clan with a Sigma MK III built Railjack.

My Alliance is The Burnout Squad.

I have been working on some Feedback Suggestions on what I'd like to see in Warframe.

I am new to the Warframe Forums.

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