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  1. I've only recently become active on the Forums. I was wondering what Feedback from my fellow Tenno will you be answering, applying and/or rejecting? Here is a link to my main Forum Feedback & Content Suggestion post: I believe that adding content at a slower pace, would be better than pushing forward and then salvaging what has been implemented. I know that not all areas of Warframe can be addressed at once. However, being able to see a public viewable Time-table of what is going to be accomplished this year for Warframe, could possibly allow more constructive Feedback from my fellow Tenno and I to be heard and addressed by DE. This would be better than simply hoping that your Feedback has been both heard and responded to.
  2. I think that the Strain Mod Set is bugged during Empyrean Missions. It causes the Helminth Charger to shrink to a tiny size (don't have a photo yet.). Or it grows the Helminth Charger to a massive size (here is the photo link). https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1968844704 The only way I've found to reset its size, is to start a mission or return to Dry Dock.
  3. I believe that if a Clan has a fully built Railjack, all Clan Members that can 'access and are on the Rising Tide Quest' should automatically have the parts that they recover during The Rising Tide Quest be pre-built. It makes no since that to receive the ability to access and earn Intrinsic Points they must complete the Rising Tide Quest and rebuild the Railjack from scratch. If the parts for the Rising Tide Quest were already built by the Clan, then those on the Rising Tide Quest should have their recovered parts already built and be given the next Mission. This would allow Clan members to earn Intrinsic Points at an earlier stage than having to build their own Railjack to accomplish the Rising Tide Quest and to access the console to customize the Railjack in their Clan Dojo. It is really frustrating that my Clan members cannot access (They cannot even see it in the Dojo, nor can they access the upgrade console or see the research I've done.) my Railjack and they cannot gain Intrinsic Points because they have not completed the "Rising Tide Quest', which would allow them to use the Clan's Railjack to its full potential (I can only play with my Clan members for Railjack Missions that are outside of Public Missions, by inviting them to join my squad while I am already deployed in a Mission.). If Railjack is suppose to be a Co-Op mode between Tenno, then it should be treated as such. I believe that Railjack has huge potential. However, if forcing Solo Progress to build recovered parts from the Rising Tide Quest is still in place, then it becomes something that will cause many to become disheartened because they cannot progress alongside their Clan.
  4. Note: Suggestion for a New Syndicate System Design will be subject to change according with other Tenno constructive suggestions. I personally would like the option of Uniting all Factions together under the banner of the Tenno. Solution: Remove the Allied, Opposed and Enemy sections from all Syndicates. Separate the Daily Standing Maximum to be for each Individual Syndicate. Add Syndicate Specific Quest Chains (I've got one for Red Veil and one for New Loka). Syndicate Ranks do not end at Rank 5. Additional Ranks must be unlocked through the Sacrifice System (unless you think that the Sacrifice System should go entirely.). Syndicate Rewards: Rank 6 Rewards for Red Veil: Aura Mod: Shrouding Spores: provides self and allies in range with +1 Blight every 20 seconds. Red Veil Operative: Arsenal: Will only equip Red Veil Items. Red Veil's Spiritual Focus (Rank 0) This allows the Tenno to receive Standing with the Red Veil without an equipped Sigil. Red Veil Common Mods: These will be posted at a later date Other Syndicates will have more ranks and rewards (coming soon). I believe these changes can be made as long as the Tenno Stand United. I would really appreciate my fellow Tenno' suggestions and what they would like to have added or changed from this post. Faction Quests: A New Red Veil Quest: The Cleansing Purge. After losing their Spiritual Focus 'Rell', the Red Veil fractures as adherents begin to become extreme in their own pursuits for an 'Ideal Belief'. They begin attacking former allies, those who opposed them, their enemies, and each other. Palladino has gathered as many as were willing during this war of doctrines. She sends a message to the Tenno, asking if they would come to her aid in rebuilding the Red Veil. She proposes that the Tenno could lead them to a brighter future and commence The Great Purge. Except that it would be on the Red Veil itself. This will contain six interlocked Missions that has the Tenno Cleanse the Star Chart of Red Veil attackers. Rewards: Spiritual Focus: the Tenno become the new Spiritual Focus of the Red Veil. This grants the Tenno access to Red Veil Operatives. Red Veil Operatives can accompany the Tenno on all Mission Types. Arcane Weapon Adapter: this grants a single weapon an Arcane Slot (Melee = Exodia, Secondary = Pax, etc.) to a maximum of 1 (2 if a Modular Item) Arcane Slots. A New Quest for New Loka: Truth and Healing. The New Loka are devastated by the news of the Silver Grove and many begin to lose hope in restoring Earth to its former glory. They become divided over this matter, even so far as killing each other over their different view points. Amaryn has gathered a portion of New Loka and she attempts to study and learn from the Silver Grove. She sends a message to the Tenno, asking if they would become the New Guardian of the Silver Grove and protect it from both the Grineer and the currently Fractured New Loka. She desires that the Tenno begin to clear out all Grineer and New Loka Fanatics that are near the Silver Grove and then take the fight to them in space. This fight will forge anew New Loka. This will contain six interlocked Missions that has the Tenno Battle across Earth in order to save it. Rewards: Silver Guardian: the Tenno becomes the new Guardian of the Silver Grove. This grants the Tenno access to New Loka Operatives. New Loka Operatives can accompany the Tenno on all Mission Types, except for Solo Quest Missions that are Prerequisite to the Silver Grove Quest. Arcane Weapon Adapter: this grants a single weapon an Arcane Slot (Melee = Exodia, Secondary = Pax, etc.) to a maximum of 1 (2 if a Modular Item) Arcane Slots. Feedback I've received from Fellow Tenno. For each Faction's Opposed Faction, they will receive a Quest that will change the Opposed Faction's Status to become Neutral to the selected Faction. For each Faction's Enemy Faction, they will receive a Quest that will change the Enemy Faction's Status to become Opposed to the selected Faction. For each Faction's Neutral Faction, they will receive a Quest that will change the Neutral Faction's Status to become Allied to the Selected Faction. Yes, these Quest-line Steps are cumulative and will allow Tenno to Ally all Syndicates to each other. Nevertheless, for each Status change, the Quest-Mission Level will increase in one Difficulty Step.
  5. Note: All Suggestion for Focus Balancing content will be subject to change according with other Tenno constructive suggestions. I currently use the Unairu Focus School. I was looking at the Schools and thought, why don't they just Rank up similar to Warframe Abilities? Solution: If a Focus School Feature increases Energy Cost for an Operator Ability, it remains at the lowest cost for that Feature instead (similar to a Warframe's Ability). All Focus School Features become Way-bound (thus Tenno can mix and match their Focus training as much as they wish). All Focus Schools and their Features that are unlocked and for every Rank the Tenno unlocks gives Mastery Points. I've seen in some posts what other Tenno have done for Focus Point Obtaining and I've come to a decision. Active Focus School receives 0.25x Affinity as Focus Points. Inactive Focus Schools receive 0.05x Affinity as Focus Points. These are in addition to Focus Lens. Focus School Mastery: Once a Tenno fully unlocks all Way-bound Features in a School, they can select one Warframe from their collection and give it the Sentience of Excalibur Umbra. Edit on 1-2-2020: If placed on Excalibur Umbra, he receives full Sentience. This allows him to support the Tenno as a Secondary Warframe that allows them to transfer from their Primary Warframe to Excalibur Umbra, or vice versa. Thus when a second School is fully unlocked, the Tenno can have two Warframes guarding their Operator. Every Additional School fully unlocked in this way allows the Tenno to select another Warframe from their collection and apply this Feature to it. This Feature can be exchanged between Warframes at the Tenno's discretion. Additional Focus Schools: I've yet to think about these things as I am still leveling my Focus Schools. I liked the suggestion about having Focus-nodes giving Warframes a small boost. Example = I was thinking something like this: Void Mode is a Stealth oriented ability, thus when a Tenn crouches, their Warframe turns invisible for a short duration that Drains Warframe Energy and grants them some of the benefits from Active-Focus-Nodes that grant bonuses to Void Mode. I believe that they can expand on Focus and allow my fellow Tenno and I more customization and play-styles. I think that Operator Mode should allow us to use Void-based Melee Weapons. I am going to start working on some ideas for this Feature. Personally, I liked the Void-Melee-Weapon Suggestion that is based on Psi-Weaponry, these would have to be non-copyrighted weapons though. Movement Changes: I think that when in Operator Mode the Tenno should be able to still use Warframe Parkour maneuvers and assign Void Abilities to the 1, 2, 3 & 4 Key-binds and still have Transference/Transcendence bound to Key-bind 5. This should make the Operator less cumbersome to use. New Operator Features per request: Void Awakening (Void Attunement) Operators can now receive Ranks, starting at Rank 0. These Ranks grant Mastery Points. The Operator receives 1 Universal Slot (this grants +10 to Pool of Void Energy), 1 Specialized (coming soon) Slot and 8 Augmetic (coming soon) Slots. The Operator will receive a Pool of Void Energy (amount equal to Rank or double if they have a fully unlocked Focus School) that they spend on increasing different aspects of their Operator. I think that this could become something that we can build towards. If you have any constructive suggestions and ideas (like for Focus School Names and Features or how to change current Focus School Features.), please let me know so that I can add them to this Post.
  6. Note: All Suggested Warframe Role Balancing will be subject to change according with other Tenno constructive suggestions. Currently I have been working on improving Nekros' Abilities. My favorite Warframe currently is Nekros Prime. Goal: To reach Warframe Role Balancing from low tier to middle tier to high tier to exalted tier. Things that need work on: Warframe Abilities. Synergy between Warframe Abilities. Synergy between Warframes. Augment Mods. Strength, Efficiency, Range and Duration Mods. Adding Exalted Arsenal Slots to all Warframes. All Exalted Arsenal Slots receive +10 Mod Capacity due to their Stance Mod. And anything else that needs to be addressed. Note: I have not added the 20% Bonus of Gathered Souls to all of Nekros' Abilities as I would like to have my fellow Tenno' opinions. This is my opinion on countering Enemy Scaling problems in certain areas of the game. Nekros Balancing Abilities of Nekros at maximum Rank (30): Passive: Nekros receives 1 Health per enemy he deals damage against. Synergy: Nekros' Passive increases by 20% per Gathered Soul. Soul Punch: Instant: Range: 50m. Energy: 25. Damage: 500 Toxin + 500 Impact (Boosted by 20% per Gathered Soul). Punch Through: 10.0 (Boosted by 20% per Gathered Soul). Critical Chance: 10% (Boosted by 20% per Gathered Soul). Critical Damage: 2.0x (Boosted by 20% per Gathered Soul). Status Chance: 10% (Boosted by 20% per Gathered Soul) Effect: Enemy targets become Lifted and are slowly pushed 0.5m/sec. for 5 seconds If a Damaged Target from Soul Punch is Slain, they will erupt and deal 50% of Soul Punch's Damage to all Enemies within 5m and cause them to suffer the Knockdown Status Proc. Whenever an Enemy Dies from Soul Punch, Nekros regenerates 5 Energy. Synergy: If Nekros has Desecrate active, then all enemies slain by Soul Punch are affected by Desecrate. Soul Survivor Augment Mod causes Soul Punch to revive allies within 5m of any affected enemy targets, restoring the revived Allies to 30% Health and draining an additional 25 Energy if at least one Ally was Revived. Terrify: Instant: Range: 15m. Energy: 75. Duration: 25 seconds. Enemy Armor Reduction: 20%. Max. Targets: 20. Enemies flee from Nekros' presence. Synergy: If Nekros has Desecrate active when enemies are within its aura, they suffer the Paralyzed Status Effect for 1 second. The Paralyzed Status Effect's Duration is extended by 20% per Gathered Soul. Creeping Terrify Augment Mod: Terrify will also reduce enemy Sprint Speed by 20%, Enemy Attack Speed/Fire Rate by 20% and enemy Accuracy by 20%. Desecrate: Range: 25m. Energy: 10 per corpse. Drop Table Chance: 54% Duration: Toggled. Gathers Souls of slain Enemies within Range. Nekros will begin a Mission with an amount of Gathered Souls equal to the total Drain of Exalted Shadows of the Dead. Synergy: Desecrate causes Nekros' Passive to affect himself, all Allies, Companions and Shadows within Desecrates Aura. Desecrate will also show the Total of Gathered Souls. Gathered Souls are consumed when there is insufficient Energy or Health when using an Ability at a 1:1 Ratio. Despoil Augment Mod: Desecrate's Cost changes from 10 Energy Cost per corpse to 10 Health Cost per corpse. Shadows of the Dead: Summoned/Active Shadows will not block attacks from Nekros and all of his Allies, Companions and Shadows. Initial Cast: Shadows are exempt from Enemy Scaling and instead will benefit from Nekros' Gathered Souls from Desecrate. Requirements: 1 Gathered Soul per Shadow. Range: 50m. If a Shadow strays beyond Range, it will move itself toward Nekros’ Position to stay within 50m. Energy: 100. Summoned Shadows Maximum : 7 Damage Boost: 2.5x. Shadows receive +20% to their Damage per Gathered Soul. Health: 2.0x. Shadows receive +20% to their Health per Gathered Soul. Shields: 2.0x. Shadows receive +20% to their Shields per Gathered Soul. Armor: 2.0x. Shadows receive +20% to their Armor per Gathered Soul. High Priority Threat. Health Deterioration: 3% per 1.0 second. Shadows Health Deterioration per second slows by 20% per Gathered Soul. Synergy: Once a Summoned Shadow Dies or has been Recalled, it will be affected by Desecrate as if it were a slain enemy. Recast: Requirements: 1 Gathered Soul per Summoned or Re-summoned Shadow. Energy: 50 + 5 per Regenerated, Summoned or Re-summoned Shadow. Recalls Summoned Shadows to within 15m of Nekros’ position. Regenerates all Shadows’ Health Bars to Full. Summons Shadows that are not deployed. Re-summons Shadows that either have been Slain or Deteriorated. Exalted Arsenal Slot: Shadows of the Dead. Shield of Shadows Augment Mod is changed from being a Nekros Warframe Augment Mod to an Exalted Shadows of the Dead Augment Mod. Shield of Shadows will instead grant Nekros +15 Armor per Slotted Shadow. Synergy: +20% Armor per Gathered Soul. Only Fully Scanned Codex Entries can be selected. Shadows must be equipped before going on a mission or else it will use slain enemies instead. Equipped Shadows receive their own Arsenal, allowing Nekros to further customize them. Shadows are given a Priority Order before entering a Mission from Left to Right. Shadows cannot be Warframes, Mini-Bosses or Bosses. Arsenals are coming soon. There are 8 Shadows of the Dead Slots that can be filled with Codex Entries and the Shield of Shadows Augment Mod. All Drain Costs are subject to change. Basic Entries will cost 2 Drain. Specialist/Elite Entries will cost 4 Drain. Elite Specialist/Eximus Entries will cost 8 Drain. Eximus Specialist Entries will cost 16 Drain. All Entries will have a matching polarity to their Role Designation (Or Faction, if you think that would be easier.). Rank 30 Nekros or Nekros Prime will receive 30 (60 with Orokin Reactor) Mod Capacity (+10 with Exalted Stance). There is one Ability Stance Slot which is filled with Army of Shadows. Army of Shadows: Activate by holding Shadows of the Dead Ability and then issuing an Order to his Shadows. Shadows of the Dead Rank 0: Dark Defense. When Ordered, Shadows will maintain a protective sphere around their Master that can range between 5m and 20m. Synergy (Shield of Shadows): Nekros' Passive receives +5% Status Resistance per Slotted Shadow. Synergy: Status Resistance Bonus is increased by +20% per Gathered Soul. Shadows of the Dead Rank 1: Vile Focus. When Ordered, Shadows will target an Enemy which their Master Selected through the Aim mechanic. Synergy (Shield of Shadows): Nekros' Passive receives +5 Accuracy per Active Shadow. Synergy: Accuracy Bonus is increased by +20% per Gathered Soul. Shadows of the Dead Rank 2: Ruinous Rampage. When Ordered, Shadows will attack the closest Enemies to Nekros. Synergy (Shield of Shadows): Nekros' Passive receives +2.5% Sprint Speed, +2.5% Attack Speed/Fire Rate per Slotted Shadow. Synergy: Sprint Speed and Attack Speed/Fire Rate Bonuses are increased by +20% per Gathered Soul. Shadows of the Dead Rank 3: Death's Command. When Ordered, Shadows will form a protective barrier between Nekros and his enemies. They will stay within 15m of Nekros. Synergy (Shield of Shadows): Nekros' Passive receives +1 Armor, +1% Status Resistance, +1 Accuracy, +1% Sprint Speed and +1% Attack Speed/Fire Rate per Slotted Shadow. Synergy: These Bonuses are increased by +20% per Gathered Soul. I believe that all Warframes should receive their own Exalted Arsenal Slot and that all Exalted Arsenal Slots receive +10 Mod Points to their Mod Point Capacity. Let me know what you think of these Suggestion. If you have any constructive suggestions on how to improve the roles of other Warframes and what I posted for Nekros, I would really appreciate it. If you think what I have added or changed should become Augment Mods instead, then I would like to have my fellow Tenno' feedback. I will also be doing New/Alternative/Modified Augment Mods for all Warframes. Excalibur Balancing Note: This is my first attempt at Balancing Excalibur. Constructive Feedback from fellow Tenno wanted! Still need to review Augment Mods (coming soon). Excalibur's Abilities at Max. Rank: Passive: Excalibur increases all Melee Weapon Damage, Attack Speed and Range by 10%. Slash Dash: Energy: 25 Range: 12 Duration: Instant Damage: 175 Slash + 37.5 Impact + 37.5 Puncture. Synergy: Slash Dash will use Exalted Blade and its special features and mods when it is unlocked. Special Features: Immunity to all Damage while Slash Dash is active. Synergy: This is affected by Excalibur's Passive. If an enemy was damaged during Slash Dash, Excalibur regenerates 5 health plus 1 per second that Exalted Blade was active. This extends to all allies within Radial Blind's Range if used within 10 seconds after using Slash Dash. Radial Blind: Energy: 50 Range: 25 Duration: 15 Damage: n/a Special Features: Blinds and Stuns all enemies within Range for duration. Synergy: While Exalted Blade is active, all finishers on Blinded or Stunned enemies will restore 5 Energy plus 1 Energy per second that Exalted Blade has been active. This Extends to all Allies within Range and grants Excalibur's Passive to them for the Duration of Exalted Blade, and 10 seconds after it is toggled off. Radial Javelin: Energy: 75 Range: 25 Duration: Instant Damage: 1,200 (400 Slash + 400 Puncture + 400 Impact). Special Features: Synergy: When Exalted Blade is active, Radial Javelin receives the benefits of Excalibur's Passive Ability. Innate Seeking: Radial Javelins' will seek out enemy targets. Anti-Rift: Radial Javelins will damage enemies across Rift Planes. Exalted Blade: Energy: 2.5 per Second. Range: 2.8 Blade Wave Range: 20-40 Blade Wave Combo: Blade Waves increase Melee Combo-Count. Duration: Toggled Special Features: Passive: Exalted Blade benefits from Excalibur's Passive. Bonus Effect: Thus, when Slash Dash is used, it will receive the Passive Bonus twice instead of only once. Blade Wave: Whenever Excalibur's Exalted Blade performs an attack, it will release a Blade Wave that has infinite punch through. Blade Shield: Exalted Blade provides Excalibur's Passive with +10% Armor. Synergy: Every second that Exalted Blade is active, Excalibur's Passive Ability increases by +20% Synergy Duration: Synergy lasts for 10 seconds after ending Exalted Blade. Exalted Blade Mod Stance: This will give +10 Points to Mod Pool of Exalted Blade. Other Warframe Balancing Coming Soon Let me know what Warframes you want me to work on next. Note: I appreciate all feedback that is given. I also want to have all Warframes to have a Synergy with each other.
  7. I've now been playing Railjack for nearly a month. Note: I play as Nekros Prime Warframe and Itzal Archwing. I think the Command Intrinsic should use Converted Kuva Liches, all Specters, and all Syndicate and Major Factions. I also believe that Intrinsic Abilities from other sources should be passed on to those under the Tenno's command. As a note, I've been working on a post in Feedback - General called 'Suggestion for a New Quest'. This could potentially give ideas on how fellow Tenno can gather their own unique NPC Crews who Advance in Training from mission to mission (How they Advance is up to the Tenno). I am still working on the details (concept art, plot, etc.). Here is the Link: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1149884-suggestion-for-a-new-quest/?do=findComment&comment=11223810 I also think that the Intrinsics should receive additional Ranks, unlocking more abilities. Example 1: Tactical could eventually allow Tenno to receive a Map that pinpoints enemies and allies and indicates how far away they are. Example 2: Piloting could eventually allow Tenno to view the Railjack in a 270 or 360 degree arc. Example 3: Gunnery could eventually allow Tenno to cause weapon fire to receive lock-on for fired ammunition Example 4: Engineer could eventually allow Tenno to Remotely use all Forges at the same time. Example 5: Command Intrinsic could allow Tenno to manage a Fleet when capturing enemy vessels by sending either boarding parties or capturing them personally. I think that all Warframe Abilities should be able to be deployed through the Tactical Intrinsic Path and while deployed in Archwing Mode. In addition, I think more Intrinsic Roles can be added to allow further expansion for Tenno experience. I also think that Aura Mods should affect Railjacks in some way.
  8. My Helminth Charger Companion auto-dies when I destroy an enemy vessel by boarding it, destroying its power core and then exiting it and re-entering my Railjack. I currently do not have a screenshot of it. I do know that if I leave the Railjack in Archwing mode after I have completed the objectives, destroyed all enemies and re-entered the Railjack will cause my Companion to revive itself (I've done this twice as an experiment.). When I use Nekros' fourth ability (Shadows of the Dead) it can spawn destroyed enemy interceptors as my minions that are merged with the Railjack's floor. They do not fire or do anything that I can see, they are just simply stuck. I also have had my minions summoned from slain boarding parties suddenly all get stuck between stair-inclines. They are in a constant running motion and do not fire or receive damage from enemies. Their health does not decay and they do not respawn when I am at a different location in the Railjack. They had persisted even into my Dojo upon mission extraction success. I resolved it by returning to my Orbiter and then going back to the Railjack. When I play as Itzal Archwing, it seems I cannot lose enemy lock-on warning when I blink and even sometimes when I am cloaked (I still have to test the cloaked part).
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