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I'm Squiddy, I'm the founder and leader of the Gladiators Clans. I'm also the owner and one of the leaders of the Gilded Phoenix Alliance, the other being Bloo. I think pasta is pretty cool. I also like lizards.I play lots of Overwatch when I'm not wrangling Warframe or doing Uni work.
I can't think of much else to write here, but I think I've covered the noteworthy stuff already.
My Discord is the best way to contact me. It's Squiddy#4624



Do you want to join Gilded Phoenix Alliance?
If you're a clan warlord: Please visit our Alliance Discord and click the green flame in the Welcome channel. You'll be given a channel to apply in as well as our clan requirements.

If you're a lone Tenno: Gilded Phoenix is an alliance, not a clan. I know it's counted as a clan on the Forums, but so are all the other alliances. Go figure. As such, joining the Gilded Phoenix group on the forums does not give you entry to a clan. However, you can find a clan through the Gilded Phoenix Discord, which is linked in that group too. 
Here's a link to the Gilded Phoenix Alliance Discord!

Do you want an invite to a clan?
Please be specific! I lead and manage the Gladiators Clan Family, not any others. I can't get you invites to any clan in GP, sorry!
If you're looking to join a Gladiator clan, please tell me your MR and what region you live in so I can get you sorted easily, otherwise you'll be invited to our open-access clans Solar and Lunar.
Here's a link to my Clan Discord

Want to ask me a question about my Clans or Alliance?
Neato! I'm happy to explain how things work - but please do DM me through Discord as my forums inbox gets pretty full sometimes. 
I'm happy to help! If you're looking to join the Alliance, please do join the GP Discord and apply through that~


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