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  1. ✨✨✨✨ CLICK ME TO ACCESS THE GLADS LEGION DISCORD!!! ✨✨✨✨ ✨ The Gladiators Legion ✨ Founded in 2015 ✨ Discord: https://discord.gg/GladsLegion ✨ ✨Forum Group: https://forums.warframe.com/clubs/157-gladiators-legion/ ✨ ✨ What We Offer You ✨ Clans for every MR, skill level, and region. You want an NA-based clan? You got it. Aussie wanting other Aussies? We're here! Very Active - 10 days AFK timer on all clans, over 15,000 messages in our Clan Discord daily. Largest Australian Warframe Clan Community in the game. ALL weapon research finished in ALL clans, with Ignis Wrait
  2. Hey! Yes they are, please message Notaveerus, -CG-ImMrBloo or myself ingame and we'll get you sorted! ❤️
  3. Hey! Sorry to disappoint, but we're OCE/SEA exclusive with no exceptions and have been since we founded. I'm really sorry to let you down! :(
  4. Hiya! Could I get you to join our clan Discord (you can find the link on our main post) so that we can chat a little? Thank you!
  5. Hi all, just an update - we have officially claimed our spot as #1 Storm Clan in the World as of last event, finishing our first trophy on the same day of the event beginning (fastest known), and finishing with 20 Gold trophies and extra Hemocytes - the most known from another clan is 17. Thank you to all Gladiators who helped make this possible!
  6. Hiya! You don't seem to meet the requirements for our elite clan, but can I suggest you to our sister clans Nightfall and Darkstar Gladiators instead? As with CG, they are OCE-only, so there shouldn't be a ping issue :)
  7. Hello everyone! We currently have around five spaces open for potential new recruits! If you've been looking to apply, now's your chance!
  8. Hiya! We currently have one spot open - would you mind coming to our Clan Discord so that we could chat a bit? :D
  9. Congratulations to CG on not only being the first known Storm Clan in the world to build their first Gold trophy, but for also managing to build 19 of them! I'm proud of all of our members. <3 Slots are also now open if anyone would like to join the Gladiators and prove themselves!
  10. Hiya! Is it okay for you to join our Clan Discord so that we could talk to you a little more? :)
  11. Hi, sorry, but as our title and forum threads state, you must be in the OCE region and MR17+ to join us. You are neither of these.
  12. Hi everyone! As you all know, the new Operation has been announced, and CG is opening it's doors to anyone who would like to join us on our journey to #1 Storm Clan! There are several slots open, so if you've been thinking about applying, now's the time!
  13. Hiya o/ Can I get you to join our Discord server here, so we can have a bit of a chat?
  14. Hiya! Mongolia is a bit outside of the area we look for CG members from as it's not in south-east Asia, but main Asia. If you'd still like to be a part of the Gladiators, you're more than welcome to join Aurora Gladiators here~
  15. Hi everyone! Two things: We have some spaces open at the moment for anyone who's interested in joining an Australian Competitive clan! We also recently got an Emblem upgrade - enjoy!
  16. Hi! Currently, CG is closed for applications as we're full. If you're truly interested in joining us, you can always apply for Nightfall Gladiators over in this thread,as Nightfall members get first pick when CG has spots. Thank you, though!
  17. Hi, sorry, but as our title clearly says, we're an event clan looking for pro players to join us. However, I can point you in the direction of the Nightfall Gladiators who fit you better~
  18. Hi all, we have one space open for someone who'd like to join the OCE/SEA kings~
  19. Congratulations CG on reaching Rank 10 and being among the first clans in the world to do this!
  20. Hi everyone! As you know, there's a new event planned for the near future - if you've been looking for a chance to do your best and show off, now's the time to join CG!
  21. Hiya! Sorry, but as per our clan requirements, we're looking for Discord users - this is so that we can be 100% able to communicate during long event runs and whatnot. Might I suggest you to our no-Discord-required sister clan, Nightfall Gladiators?
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