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  1. After a full restart she's back to normal, no idea what I did to cause it
  2. My Nora is white for some reason, I changed multiple graphics settings and nothing affects it. Simaris and ordis also appear really over exposed anyone know a fix?
  3. I hate weak point fights as a rule, but this one seems even more frustrating than normal. Has any found an efficient method of killing them?
  4. This does not seem right, whats your source on this? I just ran so tests with a couple of friends in hydro and this did not seem to be the case.
  5. Before you say you can only desecrate a body once, I know, but lets say you have 4 Neks in one mission and you kill a Bombard, if Nek 1 doesnt des the body, Nek 2 rolls, if Nek 2 doesn't Nek 3 rolls, if Nek 3 doesn't the 4 rolls. This means that with 4 nekros have a 90.27% chance to des each body part within all of their ranges, but every time I try to explain this to someone they just say that you can only des once, despite the fact that that was not my point to begin with. Am I missing something with the mechanics on des or is this just ignorant people being ignorant?
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