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  1. Clan Name: Sudoku Clan Tier: Storm Clan Platform: PC Clan Role: Founding Warlord Capturas
  2. Count me in-I have completed an Arbitration Mission
  3. A list of all the partners who decided to distribute their code globally before all this ends would be fine, by the way I think I know the list! some unfortunately after the same give it away decide not to make it global! they will be out of wf some will go to the emptiness
  4. It is also toxic to see a partner insult him for asking how to get his glyph, even asking him for 3-4 months of twitch subscriptions 20-30$ for a glyph including items 1 pack of forms or 3 months of in-game booster and I think it is rule number 1, you are totally prohibited as wf partners from exchanging in-game items in exchange for your glyph! all this became an ugly and abusive business of some partners
  5. I think they all paid for some who tried to do business and trade with their glyphs.
  6. The Start of a New Community Content Creator Program pity and relief at the same time, it would be nice if all current partners to date 19/06/2020 their glyphs were combined globally, it would be less dramatic and something to remember in the game, for those who don't support, hate or don't understand glyph hunters, we like glyphs and they are collectible in game. It was always like this!
  7. está en el servidor, gracias Nekho
  8. para los interesados toda la informacion y futuros updates se mobieron aqui: >>>>> https://discord.gg/YCP3zBV <<<<< "Toda la informacion la puedes obtener en este Servidor"
  9. https://www.warframe.com/es/community/creators/list Warframe Glyphs Este Servidor te ayuda a encontrar información sobre glifos, cómo adquirirlos y enlaces sociales en sus respectivos sitios de fans / socios de Warframe y Creadores de Contenido. Este Servidor no ofrece glifos y no aprueba ninguna venta, comercio o cualquier forma de transacción que involucre el contenido de este Servidor. >>>>> https://discord.gg/YCP3zBV <<<<<
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