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  1. It seems that we are on the right track, today 5 new global glyphs came out directly, dyslexia produces me when I have to ask for a glyph and you literally get a kick in the butt
  2. if I know the legendary glyphs like matthaus or lococrazy, I had no idea of the Ticket for 1000 $ for a player and thus get your own glyph ... thanks for the info
  3. [DE] Community inBox! What about Glyphs? Hi Tenno! I would like to solve some doubts for a long time with the old partner program and now with the new CC program there are also many doubts and confusion. 1-old program: What happens to the glyphs for those members who are still active in some way, can they be obtained? as an example: Szczebrzeszyniarz, Crusader, TennoDefton, XiaRose. currently unobtainable for any reason. Why do some partners have codes to distribute and others don't? for the inbox community I have a message without responding since the beginning of the year abo
  4. I think that the test server should be free for any player, after more than 5 years playing I prefer to try it to see the opinion of some lucky people who have just started. don't bite into the candy before opening it XD
  5. Clan Name: Sudoku Clan Tier: Storm Clan Platform: PC Clan Role: Founding Warlord Capturas
  6. Thanks for the changes, we hope more. the bile has me pissed off
  7. shattered by destroying the crew ship and not leaving
  8. te reporto al foro de ps, ahi puedes buscar clan, esta zona es para pc solo..suerte: https://forums.warframe.com/forum/216-ps4-xb1-reclutamiento-de-clanes-alianzas/
  9. mas arriba tienes la respuesta, manda al soporte un ticket https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/es
  10. si te manda el segmento pero no aparece en tu fundicion para armar estará bug mejor manda al soporte tu caso https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/es
  11. ya probaste con todas? puede ser que tengas q destruir alguna otra sala antes que te hayas pasado no sé? lo siento no recuerdo bien el tema como funca hace mucho q cree el clan y como q la ram me falla. PD: alguien mas te ayudará paciencia y suerte
  12. segun la sala ocupa un espacio determinado d energia, si ya revisaste las salas y ninguna te deja borrar puede que necesites alguna sala mas de energia para poder hacerlo. puedes borrarla segun el orden que tubiste al crearlas pero siempre con la suficiente energia en tu dojo, si la sala no deja lo mas probable es que este usando energia de la que ya posee el dojo. si tienes pensado construir mas crea una sala d energia e intenta ahora borrar la sala..suerte
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