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  1. I think Valkitty needs a rework or some tweaks in general. Her 1st ability hasn't been relevant since Parkour 2.0 (current movement system). Her 2nd Is one of the main reasons to play her but you can just subsume it onto any other frame now. Her 3rd is ok, though it is a underwhelming ability. Her 4th, like most exalted melee, can't keep up with normal melee weapons do to not being able to use Blood rush, Weeping Wounds etc. The only redeeming quality of her 4th is the invincibility and life steal. Taken some damage? press 4, hit a couple dudes, heal, runaway, deactivate 4. Currently Valkyr, Hydroid, Frost and Oberon are the Warframes that need some love. I do think Valkyr needs it the most though.
  2. Forma is never gonna change. It is one of most bought items in-game. The game is free. DE need money.
  4. MrHBN

    Gun Arcanes

    I agree, they need to either make it easier to proc or give a substantial buff to compensate for the difficulty (well, how tricky proccing it can be). I do still think it needs a small buff regardless of how it procs.
  5. MrHBN

    Gun Arcanes

    Yeah I did, It's great. It makes snipers really powerful. The problem is that I could have killed everyone quicker with a AOE weapon which is why I think there needs to be a even bigger incentive to use deadhead which could be achieved by giving more damage or maybe even having more headshot damage. so as it stands now a single stack gives 120% damage on a headshot kill which stacks up to 3X. Then you get +30% headshot multiplier and -50% recoil. They either need to make it 150% damage per stack or make it 120% damage and 5-10% more headshot damage on stack and maybe even have it last longer to put more of a emphasis on using the weapon on heavy units. Deadhead just needs a little extra something to help out single target weapons.
  6. MrHBN

    Gun Arcanes

    The issue of AOE Vs single target guns: So gun arcanes are really good by giving weapons good damage and making builds more diverse. There is a issue though. AOE weapons with arcane merciless or dexterity is really powerful but deadhead isn't useful for those weapons. This isn't a problem on paper because you can use deadhead fine on non-AOE weapons. The thing is though is all arcanes grant the same 360% damage when maxed out and fully stacked. AOE weapons are good against groups. While playing the game you are always fighting groups of enemies which means that you want a AOE weapon rather than a single target weapon like the Braton, Flux Rifle, Paris, etc. Basically Deadhead is only viable on single target weapons but AOE is way stronger. To make it so single target weapons can keep up with AOE weapons I think Deadhead needs some kind of buff to help single target weapons and to reward good aim. Arcane Deadhead: The idea I have for a change to deadhead would be that it can't be used on AOE weapons and instead of giving a max damage boost of 360%, like the other arcanes, it should give more damage. Either by giving more per stack or just adding a extra stack or two. I am not a game balance professional so I can't say how much more damage you should get but you should get more damage due to it being procced by headshot kills and being more difficult to use. Future Arcanes: It would be nice to see more gun arcanes added at some point. I don't have many ideas but a general one could be that they give status chance instead of damage. So basically a weeping wounds for guns. I think it will make builds more interesting. With the new arcanes we don't have to use serration, hornet strike or point blank because the arcanes can now replace them. I think arcanes that give more fire-rate, status chance, crit-damage etc would help make builds even more diverse. If more do get added I think they should drop from somewhere else than the Acolytes. Basically if you want status arcanes then farm them from X mission/area, if you want damage arcanes then farm Acolytes, if you want crit-damage arcanes then farm them from Y mission/area. Final Thoughts: The gun arcanes are a welcome addition to the game and I think they should be expanded upon. More variety is good for the game.
  7. Wisp is better but Oberon can get the job done. With the right build and depending on what mission you are doing he is sometimes a better pick. Just play whatever warframe you like the look of
  8. So this is a fairly simple idea and is in no way a idea for a complete re-work. If Hydroid and/or Yareli gets a few changes in the future this idea could still be implemented. Both of these Warframes are water themed. What damage type do they use? Magnetic, impact, cold etc. Basically the damage types (aside from maybe slash) don't make sense. The idea is simple, give both these frames their own unique status, that only their abilities can inflict. Lets call it the "Wet Status Effect". What should this status do? Well that is obvious! It should make electricity deal more damage. So it would be optimal to take a weapon with electricity or team up with a Volt or any Warframe that can deal electricity damage. It could also nerf heat damage but I think that would be too much and people could troll poor Ember mains. in terms of how much extra damage and which abilities can actually spread the effect I would leave up to DE. Maybe Hydroid can have a passive of a 10m aura that makes enemies wet? Who knows? Not only would this help these poor souls stay relevant but the memes of Hydroid making his enemies wet is too good a reason on it's own.
  9. TYPE: Sister DESCRIPTION: can't use parazon on her to get to the final confrontation.
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