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  1. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed using Amalgam Furax Body Count for the knockdown. There is also a Augment for Nova's Null star that was intended on release to knock over enemies with a blast proc. It doesn't explicitly say on the mod that it is supposed to cause a knockdown but the knockdown was caused from the old blast proc, like Amalgam Furax Body Count. It was the one of the main reasons to use the mod. Plus way back I remember DE in a devstream saying that it was intended to knockdown enemies when they showed it off for the first time.
  2. I think it's meant to be a trade off. All the abilities you put on him don't use energy. You could put max strength on him and use any of the helminth abilities with no worries about energy. I think it's a fair trade. Don't quote me but most of the abilities have a 10 sec cooldown on Lavos when you use subsumed abilities.
  3. yes, Yes, YES! Now my vial rush Frost will work even better.
  4. Rework: make changes to the original version of (something). It is classed as a rework. You just don't know what the word rework means.
  5. Do you mean to have a portable globe that follows Frost? As long as it works like Volts shields where it only costs energy when you move it would be great. Also When Frost has it picked up the range should be unmoddable and lowered. A 25 metre globe flying around would be annoying. Maybe 5 metres when picked up and friendlies can shoot through it whether inside or not. His forth could also do with a buff to the armour strip. As it is now it is 40% at base so you need to build lots of strength (250%) to get full armour strip. Maybe buff it to a base 50% armour strip so you need at least 20
  6. I think when you hit a target with more than 1 vial they get multiple cold procs. Just cast the ability and jump straight after to litter loads of vials around you.
  7. Vial Rush doesn't work properly when you subsume it. I put it on my Frost to replace Ice Wave. It still uses the cooldown & no energy on Frost (which is fine, actually great, 5 seconds is not too long to wait). The issue is that it won't do any damage or proc cold status. I think I know why this has happened though. Lavos's whole duration = status duration mechanic. Other warframes don't have that mechanic. This makes it seem like the ability's status duration is coded together with the status duration mechanic. So the ability on other warframes has a 0%, un-moddable
  8. Yes 30,000 endo as a one time purchase for 150 essence is completely fair. I will do a bunch of runs to get it to end up not using it because all my mods are max rank anyway. Sure for players who need the endo it is pretty good. But the price is still too high. 75 is way more reasonable. I don't think 30,000 endo should cost the same as a Umbral Forma. Sorry about the way I typed it up, basically I was saying it was overpriced and a waste of time. Why not change the 30,000 endo to be a legendary core? for 150 essence it is way more fair, plus you can trade it if you don't need
  9. Mechs are a tank you drop in for big damage. They aren't gonna replace Warframes. Warframes and Necramechs are different things. It makes sense that Warframes can't interact well with them. Maybe in the future they will add a support mech who can buff itself and other mechs but not Warframes. Bonewidow can heal with her Meat Hook. Voidrig using the new mod Necramech Repair and his 2 is viable and really good strat/option. Bonewidow when her shield is up makes the sliding way more fluid, much like how I think you want the slide in general to function You can also still shoot
  10. As long as the CC from the shock works I think it's fine.
  11. This weeks drop was 30,000 endo for 150 steel essence. You can get 5 steel essence from the steel alerts (assuming you kill a acolyte in the mission), 5 alerts a day = 25 essence, 7 days in a week = 175. So you need to complete all 5 alerts and kill a acolyte in each of them for 6 days to buy the endo. A booster helps but saying "it's fine if the drops are doubled with a premium item" is stupid. The acolytes can take up to 10 mins to show up in a mission. 5 x 10 = 50, 50 x 6 = 300, this means you may need to do up to 5 hours of gameplay over 6 days. Doesn't sound ba
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