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  1. Another reason to just play PSO2 instead.
  2. Oh also loot nerf. It's like DE wants Anthem's audience. That's just an icing on a cake.
  3. Nightwave. A huge layer of additional grind on top of existing one. Yes warframe is online grinder, but it doesn't mean that effort/time put into grinding should not be proportional to the reward. Nightwave felt like a job where you getting paid pennies and is treated like a slave. Alerts were flawed, but were way way better. Orb Bosses Hiding a boss fight, which are a scarce entertainment in warframe in general, behind huge grind wall of daily rep caps is anti enticing Outright predatory handling of unvaults I'v brought it up here Band handling of tennogen A huge number of fan favourite tennogent submission are not being accepted into the game for YEARS without any explanation. ION Cloak being prime example https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1592762689&searchtext=
  4. That's actually another problem. Some content creators raised it already. Returning players/veterans/those of us who grinded a lot in the past have NO benefits when new content comes out. These soft resets forcing us to grind from scratch for new frames and weapons are hugely discouraging and killing all desire to play and get these new items. Items themselves feeling like retreading and remixing of old frames don't help the issue. Let me write it all down.
  5. Ok first off this is not a hate topic. I'm not "quitting" or whatever, I'm taking a break. Like I did in what? 2013 to return 2 years later and find a new game. I think it's time for me to take long break again. Every single decision DE made after Fortuna is directly against my tastes, opinions and preferences in video games in general and WF in particular. It wasn't all white and fluffy before as well, but at least most problems were counter balanced by good parts. But after "we all lift together" it just stopped lifting. Nightwave, orb bosses, hyldrin, new primes, outright predatory handling of unvaults, bad handling of tennogen content, etc etc I still like old content, but literally zero of the new content is appealing to me. After seeing what gas city rework entailed and the new frames announced I decided to just uninstall the game after having it on my pc for 4 years straight. I dunno, a lot of partners were coming with constructive critcisms and solution for months now, and yet game still goes downhill. For me at least. Everything feels wrong and I don't feel welcome to play anymore. Maybe I'm in minority, WF never left steam top 10 played games for a day for the last 4 years, including during last year, so I guess I am. I hope when I return someday I'll find just as amazing as I did in 2015. Thanks for reading this, just needed to vent out I guess.
  6. Anything honestly. I just want a new tileset with all classic gameplay modes spread all over it like in good old days.
  7. So they're shifting from "planes" as in "fields" to "planes" as in "dimensions"? Or they're doing both? It will take them another years for the new open map.
  8. Title pretty much. Open world meme is fun and all, but it takes them a year to make a new one, and warframe thrived on dungeon crawling with randomly generated maps to begin with, and I still have more fun with old randomized maps than with static open maps that never change.
  9. Yeah remove the last white supporting character.
  10. Real endgame was old Void. And trials.
  11. I miss the old void, where you could just jump into ONE mission, and walk out 1.5 hours later with a bunch of stuff, which you could trade or keep for yourself. Now you need to rerun missions over and over again to keep primes flowing, it's annoying and feels like a job. And then there is nightwave which is the worst update on my recent memory. Yeah.
  12. People say that but I feel it's the opposite. I used to jump in, do a bunch of stuff, usually run alerts for helmets and nitain, trade some things back and forth and call it a day. I never felt obliged to do anything. Now logging in and seeing nightwave and arbitrations just makes my head hurt and I log off without running a single mission. Game is structured more like a job now, which caters more to hardcore players than to casuals/noobs. That's my opinion, tell me if you disagree with me.
  13. How is sugatra pathetic and some cape isn't? Both are ways of expressing oneself through fashion in multiplayer game. By that logic all cosmetics are pathetic.
  14. They literally mention Jim Sterling name on stream.
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