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  1. Not to doubt you, but can you please post a screenshot or two?
  2. Title says it all. Can somebody who has it say whether I can color golden bits or not. It's a deal breaker for me for buying or ignoring this unvaulted pack.
  3. Pretty please? If it's possible for Tennogen skins, it should be possible for Rubedo and Phased skins as well. If it happens I'll finally be able to move onto Rhino Prime from my regular one, since I only wear Rubedo skin on Rhino and prime details ruin it on Prime variant.
  4. Add something like memory datamass item instead, that when consumed instantly brings one single piece of equipment to level 30. Sitting for 40 minutes on bere or hydron isn't exactly "playing the game", and there are plenty of "pay to skip grind" items already, so why not add another one?
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