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  1. I love the new system. It makes the game much more fluid and it allows guns to compete with melee weapons by giving you the ability to use your combos and at the same time use your weapons to hit far away enemies, which in the previous system would have required a cluncky holstering animation. I can think of only 2 suggestions: -As many people have said before me, add the ability to hold the switch weapons button to enter a “locked” melee mode, which uses the “aim weapon” button to manually guard. This is needed because some mods (that allow really cool playstiles) require manual blocking, i.e Guardian Derision and Electromagnetic shielding, and to a lesser extent because of parrying (yeah it’s a meme but useful at times) and Vaykor sydon. -In the future rework of stances, if you decide to keep all the combos (which I wholeheartedly suggest you do, don’t dumb down the system with just standing still and forward moving combos) make sure that all simple button mash combos (E E E ...) and all forward walking combos do not lock the player animations and allow full movement speed.
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