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  1. Before they completely gutted every single enemy's threat level and survivability, made some battle avionics absurdly strong for no reason, and dumbed down ship management by effectively removing any hazard in the hazard state, it was actually pretty engaging, it required differentiation in player roles and thus a full squad to be effective. Too bad DE exclusively wants to cater to that crowd of people that believes "Power fantasy" means steamrolling through everything with no effort whatsoever.
  2. When did I even suggest something like this? I'm arguing the exact opposite. I'm arguing that even with a minmaxed build you should be able to experience engaging gameplay, with some mechanical challenge and enemies that can be a threat if you play carelessly. You are acting as if there were no enemy scaling, and you are purposefully misrepresenting my point to fit your own narrative. No one is asking for only minmaxed builds to be viable. The issue with Warframe is simply that the power gap between a good build and a minmaxed one can STILL be orders of magnitude wide, and that makes game desi
  3. Dude, seriously, you need to stop throwing around this concept as it had actually any substance whatsoever, because it is completely incompatible with the fundamental goals of a looter shooter. The whole point of games such as Warframe and the MMORPG genre in general is to get stronger and acquire better gear to face stronger challenges, to acquire even better gear and more diverse gameplay options. Game design and balance make sure that you follow this path using strategies and mechanics that are, first and foremost, engaging and fun. No matter how much you minmax your build you shouldn
  4. Logged after a decent break to get the sword. As soon as I saw both weapons and abilities disabled in the fight, I laughed so hard. Nihil had spectacular visuals, and that's about it. Those who say it was "mechanically challenging", probably have never seen a mechanically challenging fight in their lives. The only failure condition is getting hit 4 times (6 with arcanes) by the horizontal, one hit kill sweep. After dying once to it, you maybe understand that jumping up dodges it. You can also notice afterwards that falling into the void doesn't penalize you in any way, so here goes t
  5. Well, wasn't expecting this in the slightest. The Nav Coordinates will make Bile way more manageable now, and it was still pretty manageable before. Time to go crazy on the experimentation.
  6. Aaaand now I'm sad that it's Switch exclusive :/ I've always felt that MHW lacked some advanced mobility and better traversal, this game seems to address it quite well, I'm very much with Aldain on the fact that grappling hooks make anything better. I've also spotted some new (or returning?) weapon types and move sets that look pretty neat. The overall graphic style with what looks like very oriental aesthetics is definitely cool, but MHW's visual fidelity imo gave it a better presentation.
  7. That's pretty nice, thanks for the heads up. Btw, that Lich has to be one of the coolest I've seen (that's not saying much since I hunted only about 8, got a decent Chakkhur or however you write it and a Bramma and never touched the system again), I'd be leaning in favor of keeping him. Thinking about it, it's pretty sad that Liches have only two personalities, and are just glorified slot machines.
  8. Gauss is just a blast to play, and to this day I can't bring myself to even attempt modifying his kit for memes because it just works so well. Nidus, Garuda, and Protea also come to mind.
  9. Blame literature and a Spanish dude named Don Quixote...
  10. Seeing a video with Hydroid and Pirates of the Caribbean's theme makes me... kinda mad that our pirate boy is pretty weak and doesn't behave much like a pirate. DE, please rework him and make him fun and viable.
  11. I do not agree. One thing is being aware of what's around you; another is somehow being required to metaphysically perceive the existence of an enemy, 40 meters away from you, behind 2 layers of infested foliage, with no visual or sound cue, while paying attention to the objective and other enemies. The glaive attack can hit without you even knowing of the Jugulus' existence. As such, their presence on the field should be more telegraphed, with better sounds and more visible attacks.
  12. No, surprisingly enough, as long as you have energy and shatter shield up (Nightmare Granum hurts pretty bad) it's fairly easy, drag your cursor around like a maniac.
  13. A good strat is to open the void in a mission with the same tier as the coin you need. There’s a sabotage on venus for t1, iirc another sabotage on jupiter for t2, and a capture on pluto for t3. That way you can open the void and get a coin in the same mission... With Mesa, it’s at least bearable.
  14. I don't know about resource/endo rewards, but it's quite obvious that affinity gains need to be looked, especially for warframes. Since the biggest chunk of affinity gain is done through killing, frames with purposes other than DPS are atrocious to level, relying mostly on leeching exp. Even though you can now slap Rest and Rage on any frame to stealth farm affinity on Adaro, I believe frames should be rewarded in terms of exp when completing tasks that fit their areas of expertise. CC frames would get the same exp as getting a kill from applying CC to an enemy, support frames should gain exp
  15. Imo, it should have as a status proc a small instant burst of finisher damage (like 25% of the damage that created it?) in a small AoE (maybe 4 meters). After all, the void is exactly that- pure emptiness. Even in the new lore it causes objects to just get... deleted. It would make sense if it bypassed all defenses, and having it as a viable option (rip Gas) to provide the AoE property to any gun would make Xaku quite valuable.
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