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  1. Well, as long as most enemies remain equally susceptible to all forms of damage the only measurable quality of any given source of damage will be its DPS, and it is basically impossible to balance the damage and convenience of the entirety of the arsenal, there will always be outliers. At this point DE should really consider dividing damage sources in classes, i.e. Melee, Precision, gun AoE, and Ability, and design enemies to be selectively, but visibly, resistant/vulnerable to one or more classes, or with multiple layers (like shields, breakable pieces of armor, energy fields, etc...) that can be disabled with the correct class. But of course this would need decently designed enemies and controllable damage output from the players, and DE knows only how to make flashy fodder that is annihilated seconds after it spawns, and exacerbating power creep.
  2. The changes to how health thresholds work seem pretty great, and the new Parazon mods quite useful. Finally a way to revive dead pets... On the other hand, the entirety of the Helminth workshop is one big facepalm.
  3. I was looking forward to Yareli, but honestly I'm very disappointed she does not have an exalted glaive, the art made it seem it would be the case. And while the "wave riding" idea is cool... we all know how poorly implemented K-drives are. They are probably the clunkiest system in the game, with poor turning radius, terrible aerial maneuverability, not to mention you get thrown off on the slightest bump. The main issue however is that the surf board is her whole gimmick. The rest of the kit looks lackluster, the 3rd seems mildly interesting just because it brings back that fun orbiting-glaive glitch. Only to make me want an actual exalted water glaive even more, especially because the current ult will just be a hindrance with the unnecessary ragdoll and radial push.
  4. Yeah, your list is mostly a disingenuous repetition of "hard cc and death". It's honestly fairly easy to imagine a setting where enemies can do something, and it all starts with a system where the player has some weakness. By that, I don't mean the dark souls strawman people like to throw around here, I mean that there's a baseline set of comparable outputs a player should fall into, regarding damage, cc and survivability, against which enemies can be tuned. For damage and survivability, that just means moving some numbers to be closer together, and scaling down multipliers. For CC, first and foremost you need to move away from a system where the energy economy either disallows you to do anything because you are always out, or is so abundant that it's not even an issue and you can spam infinitely. A "charge" system where each ability has a set of charges with fixed recharge rates has been thrown around before, or much more simply, you could remove external sources in favor of a passively regenerating energy pool. A system like that is easily controllable by not being RNG-dependent, and it also leaves massive room for combos and depth, with maybe specific mechanics that boost charge rates/energy regen, give free casts, etc, and interactions with melee/gunplay to incentivize using all three systems in unison. Warframe needs to tone down the extremes, both in the new player experience, where abilities might as well not exist, and endgame, where energy is a non-issue. Once the frequency of ability usage is in a certain predictable range, it itself imposes limitations to permanent CC/AoE damage, but you can go further and design actual heavy units that have resistance. Resistance, not immunity: immunity makes you feel powerless, and that is ultimately not fun, much like seeing infinite 0s on invulnerable enemies. CC Resistance could take the form of a "step-down" system, where hard CC on the unit, like a freeze, becomes a soft CC, like a slow, and soft CC abilities get further reduced in effectiveness, on top of diminishing returns in duration on boss enemies. This as well leaves room for specificity and cool interactions, like multiple casts of the same Hard CC breaking through the resistance and becoming actual Hard CC on the heavy unit, so on and so forth. You've admitted yourself in a previous post that your threads are basically trolling to ridicule those who believe in toning down the players for a more engaging experience, so you exaggerate the need for nerfs in an attempt to generate outrage, but you completely miss the fact that tuning the game so it approaches any semblance of balancing not only can be done without touching its identity, but it actually improves on it and makes the whole much more harmonious, without the need of the endless, arbitrary limitations the devs frantically put together on every new activity to avoid us trivializing everything and optimizing the fun out of the game.
  5. Challenge boils down to engagement, and engagement boils down to having to react to stimuli in specific timeframes, or suffer a degree of consequence. A game where everything one shots you with hitscan weaponry isn't challenging for example, just unfairly difficult. Warframe's biggest issue is that it allows to outsource every mechanic to a passive procedure through gear, and not only does it give you such an option, it actively encourages it with enemy design and mission structure. Offense can be simplified from using aim and matching weaknesses to overkill area damage, with all enemies except very few outliers being susceptible to that, and most missions revolving around KPM. Survivability quickly goes from mobility, dodging and positioning to passive immortality through DR stacking and abilities, to the point where with some setups you can't die even if you wanted to in reward-relevant content, and the game does nothing but reinforce that playstyle with hitscan/AoE weaponry from enemies, and zero attacks that are threatening but telegraphed. The whole energy economy, which should provide those "feel good" bursts when using abilities, is entirely passive and RNG dependent, with the only relevant exceptions being Garuda, Nidus, Lavos, Spellbind harvest Titania and maybe Harrow, whose mechanics could offer a baseline idea for how an active ability economy, free of external RNG sources, could look like.
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