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  1. Well, wasn't expecting this in the slightest. The Nav Coordinates will make Bile way more manageable now, and it was still pretty manageable before. Time to go crazy on the experimentation.
  2. Aaaand now I'm sad that it's Switch exclusive :/ I've always felt that MHW lacked some advanced mobility and better traversal, this game seems to address it quite well, I'm very much with Aldain on the fact that grappling hooks make anything better. I've also spotted some new (or returning?) weapon types and move sets that look pretty neat. The overall graphic style with what looks like very oriental aesthetics is definitely cool, but MHW's visual fidelity imo gave it a better presentation.
  3. That's pretty nice, thanks for the heads up. Btw, that Lich has to be one of the coolest I've seen (that's not saying much since I hunted only about 8, got a decent Chakkhur or however you write it and a Bramma and never touched the system again), I'd be leaning in favor of keeping him. Thinking about it, it's pretty sad that Liches have only two personalities, and are just glorified slot machines.
  4. Gauss is just a blast to play, and to this day I can't bring myself to even attempt modifying his kit for memes because it just works so well. Nidus, Garuda, and Protea also come to mind.
  5. Blame literature and a Spanish dude named Don Quixote...
  6. Seeing a video with Hydroid and Pirates of the Caribbean's theme makes me... kinda mad that our pirate boy is pretty weak and doesn't behave much like a pirate. DE, please rework him and make him fun and viable.
  7. I do not agree. One thing is being aware of what's around you; another is somehow being required to metaphysically perceive the existence of an enemy, 40 meters away from you, behind 2 layers of infested foliage, with no visual or sound cue, while paying attention to the objective and other enemies. The glaive attack can hit without you even knowing of the Jugulus' existence. As such, their presence on the field should be more telegraphed, with better sounds and more visible attacks.
  8. No, surprisingly enough, as long as you have energy and shatter shield up (Nightmare Granum hurts pretty bad) it's fairly easy, drag your cursor around like a maniac.
  9. A good strat is to open the void in a mission with the same tier as the coin you need. There’s a sabotage on venus for t1, iirc another sabotage on jupiter for t2, and a capture on pluto for t3. That way you can open the void and get a coin in the same mission... With Mesa, it’s at least bearable.
  10. I don't know about resource/endo rewards, but it's quite obvious that affinity gains need to be looked, especially for warframes. Since the biggest chunk of affinity gain is done through killing, frames with purposes other than DPS are atrocious to level, relying mostly on leeching exp. Even though you can now slap Rest and Rage on any frame to stealth farm affinity on Adaro, I believe frames should be rewarded in terms of exp when completing tasks that fit their areas of expertise. CC frames would get the same exp as getting a kill from applying CC to an enemy, support frames should gain exp
  11. Imo, it should have as a status proc a small instant burst of finisher damage (like 25% of the damage that created it?) in a small AoE (maybe 4 meters). After all, the void is exactly that- pure emptiness. Even in the new lore it causes objects to just get... deleted. It would make sense if it bypassed all defenses, and having it as a viable option (rip Gas) to provide the AoE property to any gun would make Xaku quite valuable.
  12. Which has been DE's business model since.... you know, forever. Months or weeks without being able to progress? "It will grind you to a complete stop if you don't have boosters"? Don't you feel you are being massively hyperbolic here? A couple of people have already pointed out how stupidly easy it is to get 3 argon crystals and 50 sludge for 2 feedings...
  13. Elemental ward on a Chromatic Blade Excalibur seemed fun, other than pretty useful. Now I properly fulfilled the chromatic theme.
  14. Oh, me too. I do agree on some of the Railjack resources; Fresnels, Bracoids, and Asterite are completely absurd, Isos and Titanium could use some slight tuning, and you might argue the same for the 4 common ones, though I believe that if Railjack had any relevancy, people would be swimming in those. Bile is fine. You can cycle between Morphics, Argon, Isos and Sludge quite easily, if, as I said, you take your time and wait for hunger to reset.
  15. Fresnels, Asterite and Bracoids make no sense in terms of quantity required relative to other options, but for the rest, yeah it's fine.
  16. Pleasing everyone is the key to horrendous, unsustainable game design. Because to please everyone you need to appeal to the lowest common denominator, and if you do, everyone not in that category will blaze through any activity designed for the aforementioned player base, be done in a single day with content that required weeks or months to create. And then they'll cry "content drought", so we get rushed, unfinished updates.
  17. Simply put, the community dug their own grave with this frame the moment they chose the "broken" (meant in the sense of glitchy, op, and whatever absolutely non-functional idea for a game you might think) theme for the lolz. So now it's pretty obvious why the frame lacks internal synergies and utility on a mechanical level, most of the ability proposals had to be scrapped from the get go.
  18. The point is that the Helminth system is completely optional, as you can be way more than OP even without it, and is specifically designed for veterans with millions of resources. If you can't afford it, that means you aren't part of the target audience for the system. That said, some costs definitely out of balance when compared to costs in the same category. 1000 Fresnels having the same value as 400 Isos is pretty nonsensical, when the total amounts required to build every railjack item once are 76 vs 1700
  19. Some Sepulcrum feedback: Firstly, I should say that the gun feels and looks incredibly cool. Each shot shows weight and power, and is pretty satisfying. As many others have already suggested, the alt fire isn't optimal, and could use some tuning. Other than solving various tracking issues with the missiles, I'd propose modifying the current targeting mechanic: hovering over each individual enemy is sluggish and suboptimal in combat, especially when you could have simply shot the target while passing over it with the reticle. I feel a system similar to Titanfall's "Smart Pistol", wit
  20. That requirement is pretty bs, but I find it bearable by mixing in my usual bounty runs for rep some requiem towers and capturing random fauna. That, usually at least, gives me enough materials and tags to buy a variety of tokens, to turn into grandmother ones... If you are pretty lucky, you can find exchange prices that include only mother/father tokens, which are very easy to get. Other than that it's quite a long process, I was able to get 2 in around 3 to 4 days.
  21. That particular gem is actually obtainable as a drop from the containers in the bonus objective in Isolation Vaults, and probably from Requiem towers, but don't quote me on that last part. It's true that Deimos' economy is a bit all over the place, but personally I enjoy being able to acquire those resources as a combat related drop. I don't mind mining, but having options for the occasional change of pace out of boredom is always nice.
  22. I don't know if I was just blessed by RNG, but today I ran solo a T1 and T2, got a floating scintillant in the T1 (also the little bugger tried to escape, if you see one, catch it immediately. It might also be wise to first explore the vault for scintillants, and then kill the necramechs, to avoid involuntarily triggering the escape), and then one scintillant per Mech during the T2. 3 in one run. Now I can finally build the Quassus, yay.
  23. That's nice to know, for some reason I thought they would be immune to Chaos's CC, thanks for the info.
  24. Interesting, in what way? Do you mean that psychic bolts allow you to nuke them with little effort?
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