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  1. Secondary Deadhead does not work on Athodai. Why? Galvanized Status mods have the same bugs that condition overload has had multiple times with projectiles from melee, and the same issue that glaives currently have with it. How did this manage to go unseen and unmentioned by anyone? Weapons that were not significant by their own rite before the update have, quite literally, lost significance due to the need to build them up from an even weaker standing than they were before the update, since optimal builds won't be using things like Serration. Merciless is viable on fewer weapons, and simply gets worse and worse over time to the point where you get one kill, and the added damage bonus is not significant enough to get the second kill before the bonus wears off. At the very least, Merciless needs a time increase of 50%. Deadhead also scales poorly, as status will outpace regular damage, enemy hotboxes are innacurate despite your precision, and with the addition of annoying automatic radials like Synergized Proboscis(however you spell it) that knock down and throw enemies in Ragdolls in random directions, eventually you stop being able to activate this arcane either. Dexterity is pretty much the best one because melee gets it's scaling upfront, rather than being complete garbage until I've already killed six things, so I use melee to actually get things done, then *maybe* use my guns for variety. In reality, I just use melee and have dexterity to replace the usage of combo duration mods, sometimes even naramon. It would've been more interesting if it wasn't combo duration, but rather combo count chance or combo efficiency. I hate how you keep telling us you want to increase variety in the game, and give us the same bonuses over and over and over... How many combo duration mods do we have? Now how many combo efficiency mods do we have? How many power strength bonuses do we have? Now how many duration bonuses do we have? I digress. Melees feel sluggish and horrible solely because it's harder to stack attack speed. Not they perform worse, they FEEL worse. Thanks for that. They feel about as terrible as pressing F while your melee is out to instantly swap to the last gun you were using to then sslloowwllyy pull out your alternate weapon. Merciless holster speed doesn't stack between the two, so it doesn't feel fast enough to use it solely for that. They should simply be increased to 150% holster speed.
  2. Not giving the exp for frames you needed resources or plat for has been, by far, the most confusing thing possible if you expect people to continue using the helminth system. Why subsume my frames when I get to max rank if I don't particularly see usefulness in their subsumed abilities? Why try out new subsumes if that means in the future I potentially gimp my ability to make newer, more interesting builds in the future? Where's the "conversation" there? While everyone else is concerned about invigorating a frame inviting toxicity, I'm more concerned on the idea that they thought this would increase the usage of other frames for people who don't play all of them when the buffs don't explicitly make sense. If my Mag got 200% critical chance for pistols but I don't have any good pistol options where it matters enough for her kit, why would I play her more than I already do? If I get status immunity but my frame's build or kit is designed around not being hit in the first place, how would that incentivize me to play them more? Helminth default abilities continue to have this recurring theme of being completely useless in the face of similar options, too niche to use, or too weak for it's unique effect. I will just about never use any of them for more than a joke after testing them, or playing content that I could actually run with only half of my mods equipped in the first place. Hideous Resistance being a prime example: The ability costs too much, has too few base charges and provides nothing against the most deadly element in the game: Toxin. So against infested, the faction with the most debilitating status effects is addition to the amount, just ignore the fact that you spent your energy to cast this mod and one shot you with a grappling hook that's supposed to do minimal damage at 30 meters. Against Grineer, who only have heat slash and puncture, use up all of your charges in seconds. Corpus just decast it. At this point, I think I understand why you nerfed things like War Cry and Roar on release. The team is utterly incapable of buffing the niche or simply bad abilities, or creating useful abilities because they feel the need to add hoops to something that could've been plainly useful without them, nor do we want to admit there have been good ideas from the community to do such.
  3. I have literally lost all hope that any of the devs know what they're doing in terms of Parazon the moment they considered it a one hit kill and nerfed it's activation requirements the longer the game goes on. There has not been a single time where I've been able to activate the Hard Reset mercy mod in an actual game because of this exact issue, and that's only thinking to my solo games. You will never get Parazon mercies in groups unless you become the hallway warrior.
  4. You can roll out of the magnetize bubble. None of the other acolytes that I can remember have any threatening abilities other than the one that will randomly avoid, or maybe become immune, to damage for a second at a time. Also, the floating in the air thing sounds like stalker? He sits there for like five seconds, all you have to do is go literally anywhere other than the first place you were standing when he started casting. It is, quite literally, the most telegraphed attack in the entirety of this game.
  5. This is not a fan concept, the title is poor, and neither of these suggestions would have much of a real result.
  6. It just sounds like your builds were bad in the first place. Probably one of the joke all slash damage or low-effort viral heat with no source of actual armor stripping. Melee is fine. It just takes a slight bit more effort than slapping on the lowest effort combos with no synergy.
  7. Firstly, you don't want viral on your melee weapon. If you're against Grineer, use Corrosive. If you're against Corpus, use Toxin. Ideally, use a Panzer Vulpaphyla for Viral procs or a wide-area weapon such as the Kuva Nukor. If you'd only like to use your melee, then I'd recommend removing Carnis Mandible for a Heat or Electric mod for Grineer or Corpus, respectively. Secondly, if you have issues with survivability, I believe you're not using Khora's kit to its fullest extent. Areas should be locked down, and little damage should flow your way. If you're attempting to bank off of solely Whipclaw, you will have a bad time as your power Strength is very low, and you don't seem to have any survivability outside of the single Vitality mod. I would recommend a frame that's simply easier to succeed with, such as Rhino or Nezha, with a melee weapon that's more reasonably safe to use such as a glaive or gunblade. Personally, I play Steel Path with base Excalibur with Xata's Whisper and a moderate crit nikana Zaw or Telos Boltace. It seems your major issue is currently a lack of familiarity with the game mechanics at its higher end. Many things that could be ignored in the star chart missions are brought to the forefront in Steel Path.
  8. Then this is an entire lack of creativity. You can essentially force it to constantly heal you from just about any range using status effects such as heat, slash, electric, toxin or gas. You can move the affected target using things like Magus Anamoly to pull it to any position that you would like it to. The ability costs 25 energy, and pool of life with Equilibrium fully covers the cost if you kill the enemy, while also giving excess to cast -- at the bare minimum -- three more times. Using a Mutalist Cernos you can have it heal you upwards of one thousand health per tick for ten seconds with a single shot. In circumstances where you need this much healing, even on survival, you want to stay in a small area anyway. 12 meters at +45% range, or 16 at +100% is more than enough to cover a general stronghold. The only purpose for its tiny passive heal radius is to heal objectives, which are capped at like 100hp/s over 5 seconds anyway. Simply using proper target focusing on these unmoving objectives is not difficult. If enemies are dying too quickly for you to do this, it's unlikely you needed the healing in the first place, or you needed a better plan for defending.
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