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  1. The list looks absolutely fine before, you're just bloating the page. Also, the find function exists on most common devices that aren't PS4.
  2. This idea ends up ruining Slash Dash targetting, and getting you killed as well as being redundant in the synergy with Exalted Blade. If you're killing enemies in 4 meters of Slash Dash, it's going to ruin SD's predefined targetting which will end up pulling you out of Slash Dash before you expect it to. The targetting of Slash Dash is already pretty narrow, this will end up hurting slash dash more as it's already a pretty subpar ability without at least one of three conditions: 1.) Having EB casted already 2.) Having Surging Dash equipped 3.) Having high range. Marking enemies for death, or in general just... Applying another damage multiplier is basically just buffing the numbers, the same thing you're accusing DE of doing. Slash Dash isn't effected by furious javelin currently, but adding a multiplier really doesn't do much for either ability in the form of an augment. The cast time is ludicrous, the energy cost is base 100 or more since you can't guarantee SD will target all the enemies if say there are some behind you or targetted behind walls and it's just faster and better to melee them at that point since SD is very slow. Edit: The redundant synergy, by the way, is how while using EB, Slash Dash will generate a wave when hitting an enemy. The first problem I mentioned is also prevalent with this mechanic, where EB's wave will kill the enemy Slash Dash is targetting and thus force you out of the ability early leaving you without your health invulnerability and getting you killed. The wave travels far further and will do far more damage than even a 300% buffed slash dash. We'd have to find a better mechanic for base Radial Javelin in general, augmentation can add to it after, but right now it doesn't even have a place in his kit to be worth using.
  3. Firstly, Wisps spawn around almost every body of water possible. I haven't yet seen them around the Oceans or completely insignificant puddles, but I generally catch 3 every run. Secondly, if you claim it took you 8 runs to get 5 more wisps, it sounds like you're taking shortcuts and getting frustrated rather than actually farming the wisps. I can point one or two runs every night were I can legitimately find nothing at all, but for me to go around 10 times and barely break even is exceedingly rare, and that's not factoring in Smeeta or resource boosters. Lastly, they can be purchased from Quill Onkko for.. Essentially nothing. I have had a backlog of sentient cores for almost a year now, getting to max rank with Onkko is more about waiting rather than anything else. It's not like I've done hundreds and hundreds of Eidolon runs, maybe a few dozen, 60 at most. They don't need to be taken down any tiers at all, because then it would trivialize farming them entirely. They're truly not hard to obtain at all, not even tedious. You're just not running correctly.
  4. While I can agree there should be some way to disable it, I cannot say it's obsolete in any capacity. He kills things, he casts abilities for free. You press 5, and Umbra creates a free radial blind as well as using weapons like Zarr or Mutalist Cernos to great effect.
  5. I mean, this is essentially the running Mag against infested or Limbo in Extermination problem. Why are you running a frame that requires shields with a team comp and mod setup that removes shields?
  6. You can be banned even from the game at any time, for any reason or no reason at all. It's in the terms.
  7. Again, this is the problem with releasing it in phases rather than the whole thing together without even really asking the players their opinion, and just taking the dev stream hype as feedback. Was the design council even in on this? We're apparently supposed to get mid-air melee fighting as well, which makes it even more confusing for us not to be able to glide over to said in-air enemy while reducing damage on the way and not zooming in to someone who should be only a dozen or so meters from us. Channeling is getting removed, so they apparently removed the ability for it to be a held button (which still makes actual negative sense to me if the idea of phases was to change all melees at once and test a small set of changes) yet changing how channeling works broke other weapons on its own as if they completely forgot an entire category of weapons existed. Despite Excalibur existing as well as Reflex Guard long before, and the numerous threads that tell them auto-block sucks ass they still decided that should be the main way melee has survivability. None of this makes sense now, yet supposedly should with the rest of the changes but we don't even know exactly what they are. This entire update was two steps back with a half step forward (melee instant swap, yet no instant secondary-to-primary swap? Strange melee holstering when pressing the swap button to a different gun? Did there just need to be a way to view the holster animations that were made without considering melee was going to be changing again?) and the only people who can't see that are the people who never used their melees for anything more than to regenerate health, or maybe the people who see this as a buff for some frames that gained some extra functionality that should've been there in the first place (Excalibur can now actually just replace his melee weapon rather than being forced to choose to be in blade or actually playing the game). Edit: The irony of Flow is that it broke the flow of combat for quite a number of people.
  8. Why did we change Glaives instead of changing the system that broke it in the first place? Channeling should have a switch to change it from toggle to on-demand in the first place.
  9. As the title suggests, I don't believe doing phases was a good idea. These are for multiple reasons: We don't have enough transparency to give you "good enough" feedback. We have to deal with piles of bugs of all the same origin without knowing if these are known issues that are actually fixed with a "Phase 2." Firstly, the amount of bad and bugs in phase 1 speaks for itself. Flow was a good idea, but it feels less like the melee rework and instead a backpedal for melee in general, and a buff for frames like Excalibur. The only thing I feel gained from melee is instant swap speed. However, what I can count in loss is consistent damage blocking, QoL in multiple versions of movement and mission types (having a primary "queued" while holding a battery or data mass will instantly drop the item in question when you go to aim glide), and even more emphasis on the lackluster stance combos on a lot of weapons. Starting with the good, I like that Exalted Blade can now be a simple replacement of your melee instead of a locked mode that wastes energy if you use certain weapon combinations due to swap costs. Ferrox always felt like it would combo well with Exalted Blade, but all the wasted time uncasting, throwing, recasting, and swinging made it more effort than it was worth. Now, there's none of that. It also opens up a slightly supportive playstyle where you could just hold the exalted blade for the energy drain to proc Energize for your teammates, while not just playing like a spammer, pressing E without really playing the game. I enjoy guided slam attacks, but at this point I also feel the reticle could do more to show you when you're at the right angle to do a slam attack at all. It's rather annoying to think your angle is good enough, just to melee uselessly in the air. Now to the bad; the butchering of blocking was an absolutely terrible decision, and made an already subpar mechanic even worse. Autoparrying feels unreliable and worthless. At least when I could hold my melee weapon and look in a general area to block damage, I knew I would block whatever eligible damage could be blocked. With autoparry, I'll look at enemies and watch shots just hit me with no reaction. Or I'll "block" something that's not even in the right direction. I don't feel like I have any control at all. It means absolutely nothing that blocking exists if I'm at the whim of essentially circumstance on if it blocks ever. Now that we've looked at the intended usage, let's talk about the emergent ones. The use of blocking for zero zoom zooming (or as most normal people know it, bullet jumping while blocking) doesn't exist, and gives a rather big hit to mobility in general. Not that we can't do it with other weapons, it's that the lack of zoom made it look and feel far more smooth than having the screen constantly shrink and expand while you try to figure out where you're going. Again with more bad, stance combos suck, and the lack of ability to interrupt them with dodging makes them even worse now that they're our only mode for melee. People who used certain weapon types, like polearms, staves, and maybe sparring weapons, have been the first to let you know that your quick attacks were objectively better to actually play the game than stances that had imprecise -- or rather far too precise, making them practically unviable -- combos that were slow, locked you into animations, and slowed you down. Though I know no one cares, here's simple suggestions to fix these two issues: Blocking should be given it's own key, just like in melee 1.0, and usable at any time with the radius that it used to have. Since you now have to melee to even use a melee to block, you waste 90% of your time in absolutely useless animations for the situation you need blocking. Having a key dedicated to blocking, like we have a key dedicated to channeling even though it's literally useless outside of having a melee in-hand, would give players more control in both mobility and survivability. Simply add a default combo where all the quick attacks used to be, and put them there. Honorable mention: I don't know what you plan to do with channeling, but since blocking is automatic now when you're channeling and attacking something you'll randomly lose disproportionate amounts of energy. It was stupid when it existed only on Excalibur, and it's stupid now. Blocking being random and automated was by-far the worst decision possible in Phase 1. Anyone is welcome to change my mind on how they've found use for it.
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