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  1. Higher damage means status procs hit harder. Faster fire rate means you can apply more of them in a shorter amount of time. In cases like Corrosive Heat, you'd likely want base damage to hit harder on initial shots for armored enemies. With Viral Electric, you'd want more fire rate to stack DoTs more quickly, and cap Viral as soon as possible. There are also cases where there is a maximum damage input cap on enemies, such as Lephantis. Base damage would be a wasted option in this case, while Multishot and Fire Rate thrive. In the case of Fulmin specifically, I would rec
  2. Requires many other things for that to be possible. Simaris, ranks for him, reputation possible to purchase the upgrade, and his scanner. Not to mention, this is a widget that only works IN-MISSION, where you can't swap elements. The best use for this is for the people who edit the wiki to get the information on new enemies day one to get their information accurate on the wiki. This assumes a person has played other video games, knows tropes in video games, and can actually see these things on the enemy, or whether or not it should do more damage for their specific weapon. Ex
  3. No. Arcane Resistance is an Arcane Enhancement that provides a chance to resist a Toxin status effect entirely. Also no. There is no Infested Osprey amongst that group, this is the Toxic Ancient's specific gas cloud effect. This is for correctness if someone else stumbles upon this thread from Google searching why they died instantaneously in an Infested mission. Toxic ancients will imbue all allied units to them 25% toxin damage, and 80% reduction to toxin damage. This means even their grappling hooks can one shot characters that don't have either immunity to toxin, or imm
  4. You can only properly exit Railjack missions via selecting the Drydock in the Navigation menu of the Railjack. Aborting the mission will forfeit your Bonus EXP, credits, some resources, and bonus Intrinsics. If you do not have a clan, someone else in the mission can select their own Drydock. If you did not start the mission from a Relay with a Drydock, I do not believe you can select one.
  5. Ancient Disruptor can proc magnetic, however their immediate abilities from existing alone include: Reduction of Warframe Ability Damage and Duration, draining energy in proportion to how much damage is dealt to you. This is not a bug, Negation Swarm cannot prevent you from losing energy from Ancient Disruptor and nearby enemy attacks.
  6. Instead of creating a new thread, I'm returning to this thread to say that since this ability on Excalibur is replaced nearly as much as Radial Javelin, and in the top 15 most replaced Helminth abilities that no one cares about this ability, it's nearly never relevant on Excalibur's kit and should be buffed. Excalibur still has only one and one half abilities that are worthwhile to use in gameplay. The simple buffs needed are the combo system available to other frames like Atlas, Rhino and Valkyr, longer invulnerability so that it can be chained for proper 100% invulnerability up-time mu
  7. You can still find him in the recent players function in the Warframe Communication tab, and report him from there. If he continues to send you messages, Xbox Live should also have an easily accessible report feature from selecting his message, or viewing his account from the console.
  8. Shield gating does not protect you from Toxin damage. There is a toxin cloud, boosted by multiple Toxic ancients, and Eximus, and an Ancient Disruptor, passing through both of your characters. This is why you do not play health vulnerable characters against Infested. Even Nezha, as Halo does not prevent death, it merely provides damage reduction. 5% of that damage was more than enough to end your existence.
  9. Do not Name and Shame. This player will be in your recent players list, or if you still have the chat box open you can simply click his name and press the Report button for Harassment. While I don't believe it qualifies for harassment or threatening behaviour, this is the only reasonable way to report an issue with the game if there is not immediate or severe need for support to assist you with something dealing with your account.
  10. To answer the questions of what I see commonly here, though I haven't checked all: Adaptation -- furthermore resistance mods as a whole -- all stack additively together while on the ground to 100%(and technically beyond). While in the air, this is limited to only 90%. Henceforth, Shock Absorbers and Adaptation will stack together to have 100% immunity to all related physical attributes. The problem is, there are few times when you're being hit with all three of these at once outside of the Void. Mot, in particular, has a spread of IPS from Heavy Gunners(impact) Lancers(Puncture) Cr
  11. Because it was an entirely poor decision to split moderation between Q&A and Region chat, and then have such a stringent ruleset to the point where new players were being kicked from the channel for being confused as to where to start -- which people have spoken out on -- so moderation of the channel is likely at a loss of what to do. As such, the name of the channel is Question and Answer, but in reality since Region Chat is disabled by default it's Region Chat 0.5 with worse rules and thinly spread moderation that you will almost never know is there, as they don't have their own nam
  12. How unfortunate that people couldn't bother to respond seriously. The Parkour 2.0 HyperThread was up for years before Parkour 2.0's first reveal -- which was canned -- was even released and it was a gateway for what Parkour 2.0 currently is. Were it not deleted, it still had more suggestions for improvement over the current system that would make the system more flowing, less clunky, and more aesthetic, but I digress. These stats are too high. You've given her invulnerability skills, damage reduction, speed and energy efficiency. She does not also need this extreme spread of base stat
  13. Even if everyone stopped using it, it would take three years for it to be at any meaningful riven disposition. Good luck asking people to remember this for more than a week.
  14. Your connection to the host was disconnected. This is a non-answer, but it means many things. Your connection could be being rejected by the host, your ISP could be doing maintenance and giving light interruptions, you're losing too many packets, your modem connection to anything along the way is faulty or weak, blah blah. Effectively, we can't tell you exactly what's happening. You have to inspect your own devices to see what happened. If it's only you being kicked, it's a problem on your end. Edit: Noting that you also play on PSN, that can also affect some things, but I have
  15. Then you have dilution of matchmaking, and the problem becomes "why play any other mission type than capture?" Capture is removed "why play any other mission type than exterminate?" This goes on until we're back where we started. DE have stated that they don't intend to balance their games for content past what they make immediately available
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