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  1. IMO, even Synthesis Target beacons are more accurate, even if they're annoying as all hell. Just use those for extraction and it will be 100% more consistent than what we have. Additionally, instead of having a tiny marker on the edge of the minimap, which is also wrong, it should just give the tile in question a green outline.
  2. I just wanted a quick idea thrown out, instead of leaving it entirely in uncertainty. I'm always open to changing any of the ideas, so long as it just fits the theme and isn't totally overpowered. As opposed to what the others think, I don't want to make it harder or slower to move around, but just more unique for every frame and still be effective for something.
  3. Ideally, we have tweaks for all of these abilities so that they function the same as rolling does now in terms of speed, distance, and gravity. I haven't used Hydroid much, but from what I understand his Tidal Surge is very quick, and heavily affected by gravity and such. We would match the dash ability to the general animation time, distance, and gravity to how it would be when we had rolls and they're untargeted (in the event there's a roll ability that can target) Otherwise, I suppose we could just add new abilities in general to all of the dash frames, but in my opinion the dash abilities as purely movement abilities are weak, and the damage of most of them are, also, quite weak. They should be changed for the way the game works now, being as most of them need heavy focus into their range to be even roughly equivalent to momentum stacks. But, as an idea for Hydroid in the meantime we could definitely make him leave a miniature undertow tentacle trap. He'll leave a small puddle wherever he started his roll from, spawn a tentacle that does a radial spin attack to knockdown some enemies in range, and suck in one enemy with x meters to be trapped halfway into the puddle for like 5 seconds.
  4. I play arbitrations all the time, this has only happened to me one time, like six months ago.
  5. The community has had ideas similar to this for a while, DE just doesn't seem to care. With the advent of Limbo's 2nd(3rd?) rework, his Rift Walk was moved to his dodge which basically makes him the only frame I can think of with 5 abilities. They should do the same with many frames: Every Dash Frame should have their dash moved to the roll, and granted immunity during its duration. E.G 1.) Excalibur's Slash Dash on roll 2.) Rhino's Charge on Roll 3.) Gauss' Mach Rush on Roll Frames without a Dash should get an ability linked to their dash that makes sense within their kit. E.G 1.) Valkyr's Augment Hysterical Assault should be her roll function 2.) Wisp's Roll could leave an after image for 1 second that distracts enemies and lowers aggro against her when she's not actively doing damage 3.) Frost's roll leaves an icy trail that increases Ally movement speed for 5 seconds, and procs enemies with cold who touch it. This would give Warframe movement each a unique feel and effect instead of 90% of warframes having the exact same movement, giving use to some of the lesser used abilities in the game(most people don't use Rhino charge for anything but Ironclad, most people don't use Slash Dash for anything but Surging Dash, Mach Rush is actually pretty good though, I don't want you to think that it's not), and making room for newer, updated abilities that are better for how the game plays today.
  6. Starting out, it isn't really fun to solo. After you get drift maneuver and drift evasion, it's a complete #*!%ing joke, it just takes slightly longer. Otherwise, I've stopped playing it seriously or often because it's just not fun with or without a group. Shoot 90 enemies, walk into 6 crew ships, and then do an easter egg hunt for 5 minutes.
  7. Yeah, no. That would be a "just slap on Quick thinking, flow, and rolling guard" instead of anything that was actually risky. There are frames like Garuda and Inaros who can already care less about being less than 30% health at any given time, Hildyrn and her absurdly low health pool just doesn't care in general, and then the obvious major downside that this brings is that there's going to be more people in things like ESO and Hydron leeching harder than before by just equipping straight damage or whatever as well as Undying Will to be in bleedout forever. Public matchmaking would be even worse as those who already do nothing in other missions decide to bring unleveled frames and weapons that already can do little damage because they don't have their mods bring no survivability at all because it gives them more XP. All around this is a terrible idea.
  8. Most of us agree, the randomness within this game's reward system is abysmal, disgusting, and is causing more and more players to stop playing. But "skill" isn't just playing the mission in question solo, because in a lot of areas the mission becomes easier that way. A team-win time limit is going to be terrible in this game because we don't have the population to do everything everyone wants to do. So a lot of people won't find groups to the content they want to play and if it's populated through public matchmaking you have no indication of their skill level; being MR 26-28 doesn't stop a player from bringing a newly forma'd weapon or other unranked/improper gear to a mission and, in this sense, throw the game. Warframe outside of very few player-driven scenes is, in no way, competitive. However, I can easily see a solo incentive siphoning players from matchmaking, as well as a team-win timelimit causing people to be toxic in mission. "Lol, Warframe community isn't toxic." Yeah, maybe you'd be surprised at the amount of people die once or twice and start typing away in chat, or get very upset when they decide not to stay with the team, lose their reactant because they're not where it's dropping, or tridolon groups in general. Suddenly having a tight team-win timer that will, likely, require some sort of buffer, buffer, trinity, DPS meta composition and being 1 second off because someone wasn't up to snuff is just going to cause people to lose their S#&$.
  9. Again, Synth Fiber. An unlisted benefit to this mod is that it allows for all Health Orbs to be picked up without needing to be below full health.
  10. Synth Deconstruct. Synth Fiber. Nezha Specter.
  11. Somewhat already happens. Already happens for weapons and frames, and this feature alone would require massive rebalancing of a lot of single game modes, such as Disruption which already has in-round modifiers per console. Also, the recycling of older concepts into newer concepts makes the older concepts just a bit less interesting. We already have nightmare debuffs in nightmare, I don't want it just thrown into Arbitrations. See above. A lot of maps already have "hidden" parkour tiles, and adding new ones into old maps would require making a completely new tile for existing tilesets, which that effort is currently going into the New War and Devuri Paradox. They don't have time for this. We already have the Syndicate system. At most, a more reasonable request would be allowing Assassins, and increasing the spawn chance during arbitrations of your respective death squads. I pick Survival Arbitrations to randomly play defense every now and again? I play Disruptions to suddenly stop playing my primary objective to babysit some random operative that has no reason to be there? No. That doesn't add diversity or any unique aspects to Arbitrations, it becomes even more tedious than it already is. Arbitrations already have little challenge outside of 1+ hour runs, I don't want to suddenly stop playing the mission type I selected to play something I don't want to play, in every single Arbitration. I cannot voice my vehement dislike for the fact that I've had several days where I didn't want to play a single Arbitration because it was the exact same mission type for 6 or more hours in a row, for even multiple days in a row. Defense into 4 more defenses into Infested Salvage into Defection into Defense into Interception into Defense. This is one of the most mobile games of its type, and I'm standing still to only move slightly every 3 or so minutes to keep the game from marking me AFK... For playing the mission as it was intended, with the only variant being that the defense target can sometimes walk slightly to the left or right, and shoot sometimes making the mission even easier when they get themselves stuck somewhere that the enemies can hardly shoot them, or have ridiculous aim and damage to one shot anything that gets close. I digress. The want to make Arbitrations more unique is mutual between nearly the entire playerbase, however it requires new ideas, not the same ideas that already exist somewhere in the game to be shoved into the mode.
  12. I'm a fan of Planetside 2 ESF fighting, so maybe I was predisposed to this opinion. My most liked things are Pilot Intrinsics Drift Maneuver, because I can basically reverse thrust maneuver and avoid massive amounts of damage and destroy smaller fighters. My next most liked are the toxin cannons, because they're basically 1-to-1 with the ESF standard guns. My last most liked is, again, Drift Maneuver but for another reason. Because I can drift backwards, and then slam my face into the enemy forces at the speed of light, annihilating almost half of their forces while ignoring 90% of the damage they tried to hit me with and immediately getting to cover.
  13. ... What are you even talking about? Most people I've talked to regard Revenant quite highly, and yes that his survivability is quite high the only caveat when he gets dispelled or hosed, and yes they obviously recommend Rolling Guard just like you would on say Limbo or Ash.
  14. It's unpredictably Window's fault. So, long story short I've had to reinstall Windows 10 17 times on this machine just to get my hardware working properly. Until the 14th time, I couldn't even play games fullscreen despite having the specs capable of running maxed 1080 at unreasonable FPS. There could be nothing wrong with your board, your HDD, your connections or anything, it could just have been something in the window's installation process that's putting unnecessary stress on the processes involved. Say, it's having trouble getting the authority to communicate with BIOS to get the sata to boot up. Or, it doesn't recognize active processes and is slowly trying to put the hard drive to sleep, yet there's an active process so the hard drive wakes up instantly again, creating lag from literally nothing.
  15. Can I be honest? There is no good reason to make an "Umbral Mag" as two mods in the set are almost entirely useless to you. In two slots, you can still get the same amount of power strength or more. Ideally, you want mods that increase both your survivability and increase the effectiveness of your abilities, so items like Augur Reach, Augur Message, Augur Secrets and Augur Accord give you a passive boost to your shields (Accord also happens to be a direct bonus to your shields) while you cast abilities. It will start shield regeneration immediately as well, and they were fixed to allow stacking your set bonus' effects up to the overshield cap. While Adaptation is good for Mag, she can't take a hit in the first place even with her large amount of shields. So, what you'll have to be prepared for is to compensate for what Mag doesn't have in survivability with pure mechanical skill. Using a Sword and Shield weapon, you can build resistance to damage types before taking the actual damage (for non-explosives only). You can do this with any weapon, but the Sword and Shield have the largest parry radius. You want it to be as forgiving as possible so that stray shots don't kill you. Do not go into dedicated melee mode, because that requires extra input in order to block, auto-block happens to be more effective and will block damage during times when you're usually not supposed to, like in the frames between melee attacks, or during revives/casts. Another option could be Rolling Guard in order to avoid damage in-between casts of Magnetize, which is Mag's best survivability tool. Enemies can't kill you if they can't hit you. Knockdown being fatal to Mag, you want to use Constitution in there somewhere. You don't need the massive increase that is Handspring, and duration is very helpful for Mag. Toxin and Slash procs are usually fatal extremely quickly. Either you can compensate for this with mechanical skill, and swapping to operator immediately or you can run Wyrm with Negate to hopefully keep yourself alive. Sentinels, Moas, and Kubrows can provide extreme bonuses to your survival as well, but across those three categories are quite a few options. In short, all of those categories have something that can vastly increase how long your shield lasts. Applying the arcanes Aegis and Energize completes this gameplay loop. You'll be very hard to put down as long as you keep casting and keep moving. The only thing that will kill you are one shots or shield bypassing procs.
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