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  1. More than a few people get banned for typos, obscure words, phrases or commonly accepted terms from other media. This is probably also due to the fact that a lot of other big games that people come from have competent reporting systems with support staff or automatic detection systems capable of taking on such a workload. Onto OP: Phrases can still easily be harmful through context. I'm sure you can think of a few on your own. If you honestly can't think of a sentence where censoring or bleeping a single word can still give you an accurate idea of what that single word is, you
  2. This seems like an overcomplication of what multishot does, with the drawbacks of how they originally intended multishot to work, while also being completely useless on single shot weapons such as Exergis due to working off fire rate rather than simply adding another shot. Hard pass.
  3. "What's the point of the Helminth system if all abilities are good?" Pretty much follows the logic for the tremendous balance issues the game has where some things just have no use even as 'starter' equipment. Onto OP: In all likelihood, frames that are just completely not worth using in the face of other options even with the Helminth system may be reworked if there is extremely high demand for it, otherwise it'll just be put off as a pet project for if someone in particular wants it done at the company. Individual powers are more likely to be buffed rather than the frame and its usabil
  4. Consider that there are higher drop chances and a smaller pool for killing the Gantulyst than there is capturing it for certain arcanes. Killed 3x Eidolon Shards Arcane Strike 18.25% Arcane Awakening 18.25% Arcane Guardian 15.68% Arcane Phantasm 10.20% Arcane Eruption 10.20% Arcane Agility 10.20% Arcane Acceleration 10.20% Arcane Precision 7.02% Captured Flawless Sentient Core 3x Eidolon Shards Brilliant Eidolon Shard Radiant Eidolon Shard Gantulyst Articula Arcane Strike 14.63% Arcane Awakening 14.63% Arcane Guardian 11.92% Arcane Phantasm 9.25% Arcane Eruption 9.2
  5. Likely, DE's answer would be to purchase configuration slots. My answer, the same, really. There are so few mods for Exalted Weapons that matter, the largest deficit would be umbral forma and that can still be solved with just one umbral polarity, and using regular forma around it. Certain melee mods can be used at a lower rank for not much difference at all, as well.
  6. They stack multiplicatively. The interaction would be that one of them reduces damage say 50%, then the next would reduce the remaining damage (so, the 50% you're taking) by say 80%. If you were taking 100 damage in this case, it would be reduced by one half to 50, and then that 50 would be reduced by four fifths, to 10. Whether or not you run adaptation on top of immolation depends on the content you do, and the enemies you face. If you're facing level 30-40 Grineer, you can just shrug off damage in general due to shield gating. If you're facing level 120 infested, well you might want t
  7. TL;DR: I say that DE is a good, loving group of people and that you're a terrible person, not giving DE enough time to do what needs to be done, you monster. They're not defending DE with all their might, they're just explaining that saying 'we'll work on cross save'/'we are working on cross save' doesn't mean "cross save will be out soon" and doesn't mean "cross save is a profitable venture that's worth the development time, so we're going to get it out as soon as possible" Try to remember that you're interacting with a company, and not just some person. Unless it is explicitly stated t
  8. Pretty sure it was confirmed only a few devsteams ago to be in the works by a single person. Even if there was cross save, that alone doesn't bring players back to the game. It just means it's less of a headache managing multiple accounts for friends across different platforms. Cross save still needs approval, as it introduces security vulnerabilities, exploits and so forth in many games. It's a lot more overhead than just allowing your save to travel across a server.
  9. 1.) This already exists. The Lua Survival spawns sentients. 2.) Camping is simply the most viable strategy for survival due to how spawn works. Moving from room to room means that mobs spawn more erratically, and take longer to get to you. Instead of spawning a mini-boss that dies in 2 hits instead of 1 as opposed to all the other mobs, maybe up the spawn rates to both increase difficulty and potential drops of life support, as many people have been asking for for actual years.
  10. Irrelevant, and does not address the point of the post. Some of the old content creators also addressed that Chroma is actively hampered by the loss of self-damage, and that Mirage being unable to set herself on fire making Eclipse far less accessible in normal play on-top of its general issues of... Not actually knowing where light and dark is, as the shadows and logical general areas don't actually represent when the ability should have which buff. To the OP: No, this only puts a bandage on the problem, the frames simply need their powers to be reworked in a way that is consisten
  11. Personally, I don't think they need to be any more obvious than the general aura that all eximus units have. However, an indication of their range would be appropriate. A light circle on the ground around them (similar to interception points) would fulfill both the range and location indication.
  12. Please define leaches. I'm not trying to be a jerk; there are almost a dozen enemies that fall under the general term of leach/leech. There are subspawned enemies, Deimos enemies, and eximus units all that fall into the category.
  13. As it's your point I'm fleshing out, since clearly no one else was willing to make the simple observations and weren't taking "not the right company you're complaining to" as an answer.
  14. From about fifteen seconds of using right click: <Error> <Code>AccessDenied</Code> <Message>Access Denied</Message> <RequestId>9RFSBS2SDZ6Q0WBG</RequestId> <HostId>GqUtO6bFS6ynWw4lMkAB9N3ba9t746cy1V1a/UvEYx00QMTGGBssHbjZB6HSKqWqBVRHWnXAG2Y=</HostId> </Error> from content.invisioncic.com which is a forum platform from https://invisioncommunity.com/buy/cic/ It could be denied for multiple reasons, but one of the most basic reasons could be... In
  15. Mmm... No? Honestly doesn't make any sense that Teshin would have any, nor does it give any real reason to farm more Steel Path. Yes, I know it gives you like 5k Focus and allows you to unbind waybounds, but if you're at the point where you're doing arbitrations, and thus have the ability to unlock Steel Path you likely don't really need any more Focus. There's only a handful of good nodes. Universal medallions are essentially dead as a resource and an idea. Unless you get amounts rivalling the regular, specific faction medallions in which case makes syndicate medallions pointless, th
  16. So, basically all rivens? What is your point with this post? Even if they had plans for infested variant weapons like 2 hours from now, they would all be at terrible dispositions regardless, making most if not all rivens far less worthwhile than slotting in regular mods for months, as has been the trend for most new weapons.
  17. I meant to expand more into this, and then go into a theoretical on a stance that gets more headshots and is a great IPS distribution against the right enemy, versus one that fails all previous listing but I ran out of time. Thank you for going into it with critical tiers.
  18. Firstly, weapon categories matter due to stances and multipliers. So, choosing not to tell us wastes a lot of time. Secondly, IPS distribution against enemies resistances and weaknesses are a huge margin. The difference between impact at 10 damage versus armor and puncture at 10 damage versus armor is massive since puncture ignores a % of armor, and also boosts it's damage against it by the same amount, while whimpy impact gets like -50% base and is then reduced by the full amount of armor reduction. Third, critical tiers and headshot multipliers. During a headshot, your critical dam
  19. Bumping, please for everyone who has this issue check your ee.log before reopening the game, or before closing it. It's being caused by one of two script errors, the first general one that causes chat to bug out is: Script Error: attempt to perform arithmetic on a nil value: In ChatMessageReceived(4746) originating from /Lotus/Interface/ChatRedux.lua::ChatMessageReceived(5480) from parent Update The second, which causes you to lose all functionality in the game is: 1396.523 Script [Error]: Script Error: attempt to index a nil value: In onRawInputEvent(10954) originating
  20. There is one other, Expedite Suffering, which uh... Only works on two/three frames who can nuke... But, like, not really though? Nuke frames have more utility than Warframes that just debuff enemies. Like Equinox, who heals, enhances power strength, nukes, CCs. Mesa, who nukes, CCs, and tanks more than frames that have no way to directly deal significant damage. Saryn, who nukes, buffs other player's damage, CCs, heals herself, gets movement speed boosts, strips armor, globally increases damage on anything that takes abilities/status effects. Octavia, who nukes, makes ot
  21. That's probably due to the way Volt's ability works in the first place, and how it actually needed a buff in the first place to be usable at all. When it had a damage cap, no one could even make use of it. You say "not much vids" which I'm going to assume you mean there weren't many, yet... There are clearly many, from many types of content creators, on reddit, on THESE forums, and people ask about it constantly on region chat and nine people respond with builds that all look pretty much the same. And, Xoris went viral? As I see it, Brozime's video about Xoris has 44k views... Yet
  22. https://lmgtfy.app/?q=ESO+saryn+warframe What are you even talking about? These videos happen literally all the time. Here, I'll even give you a bonus. https://lmgtfy.app/?q=eso+volt+warframe
  23. Naramon Dash also trivialized Disruption. Revenant still trivializes disruption, more easily and scaling to infinity. Octavia, Wisp, Khora, Wukong, Banshee, Ivara, Gauss, even my Excalibur -- hell even a well built BANSHEE -- completely trivialize Disruption. Even before they nerfed health and armor scaling, yet after they changed melee to be less powerful at the higher end did these frames S#&amp;&#036; on Disruption. There is only ONE target that matters, Ash wasn't doing better than any of those frames nor does he have the plethora of utility these frames contain for the higher leve
  24. Like... What is this, honestly? Marked for Death wasn't an overwhelming pick because it was powerful, as it was slow and clunky, and was nearly impossible to reliably get to work for its worth when you, I dunno, have more than one person in the game, not even mentioning someone like a Saryn, Mesa, or Nuke Volt in the lobby killing your target during your casting animation. The ability was just fun, and actually effective on maybe two or three frames in edge cases. Not to mention: This is a triple nerf to the Arcane that could only truly see any use on Ash even with Marked
  25. You get more mother tokens. Like... 27 more. Pro-tip: You can't be underwhelmed if you didn't expect to be whelmed in the first place.
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