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  1. 27 minutes ago, Vaml77 said:

    Rubico prime, kuva bramma, kuva tonkor, kuva ogris,

    You lost me pretty much immediately. These weapons are boring with the exception of Kuva Bramma which is the most interesting of the bunch. I mean, hell, Rubico Prime is literally just a sniper rifle. Kuva Tonkor and Ogris are both just normal launchers.

    We have other primaries with "depth" and "quality." In-fact, the primary slot has the second most diverse selection in the game, while secondaries have just about nothing. Just about all secondaries are regular guns or launchers, the few that break the norm are just traps. There's only one type that's truly unique, and one weapon that's unlike other guns in its execution. Non-lightning link beams, and Zymos. 

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  2. Exergis? 

    You're going to need to elaborate more on your post. What do you want? Are you making a suggestion, or do you want help finding a new weapon? What does "laser pellet" mean to you? 

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  3. Things like this have been suggested to death, and they're still not even talked about by the dev team. Your ideas are fantastic.

    We gave frames like Limbo a full ability on roll, many Warframes could use this treatment to add an ability onto their kit that's more useful than the 1 while also giving them their own flair. Dash and mobility type options should be bound to roll, such as Tidal surge and Slash Dash. 

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  4. The only agreement I can have is with grapples, but only because they do not miss. In fact, several times they will interrupt dodge roll mechanics, and force you into a knockdown animation. 

    Otherwise, enemy stun mechanics are mostly avoidable and not noteworthy, even farming Orb Vallis where after a little bit of time, all the enemies have grappling hooks and a nullifying bubble while jumping on top of you with radial slams. A handspring or prime sure footed makes this a non-issue, and several frames outright ignore it. 

    They don't need to be turned down, they just need diversity. Being hit by the exact same type of CC is what makes it annoying and frustrating. Instead of every faction having a grapple, give more grenade types like the ones in index. Have them disable certain types of abilities like the Scrambus. 

  5. 13 minutes ago, (XBOX)TehChubbyDugan said:

    Guaranteed death from a proc isn't an issue if you gimp your build to prevent an overpowered source of damage from killing you!  If a single proc of electricity was doing this much relative damage to enemies they'd have nerfed it already.  I should not be able to have a single electrical proc show up and rapidly blast down all my health with operator being the only option for not dying outside of the worthless advice of using a mod like Lightning Rod.

    Yes, you're most definitely gimping your build with the ability to survive for more than five seconds to use all the other mods that are completely worthwhile and useful while you're dead. 

    Enjoy not living because you refuse to take actual advice, or read any of the other three options.

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  6. I don't get it, what is the actual problem here? 

    You're saying you have a problem with a single damage type and proc, we have four separate mods for that. You don't need all four of them for it to not be a problem, any single one of them removes the issue entirely.

    Adaptation, Lightning Rod, Rolling Guard, and Rapid Resilience.

    Mod for the issue and the issue disappears. If you don't want to make a build for the specific problems or situations you're having trouble with, that's your issue as opposed to balance.  

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  7. These are side effects of an ability that are not meant to proc consistently. Say, if Pull consistently gave 25 energy for a few enemies affected within say 3 seconds of hitting them with pull, energy has no meaning on Mag. If Oberon gave a health orb for every enemy hit by Reckoning, Renewal suddenly has very little point. 

    Ironically, DE threw that old type of balancing away when they created mods like Synth Deconstruct, Synth Fiber and Energizing Shot. Arcanes like Energize. The entire Zenurik Tree... Adding something like this would only make those problems larger.

  8. 5 hours ago, TheMostFrench said:

    Haha I'm glad I followed this one since your preview didn't work for me. I've never seen or heard of this show before, who is the character? I'm guessing they do something like what I described?

    His name is Bakugo from My Hero Academia. Essentially, he's able to create explosions of all types, like a stun grenade or just a giant dynamite blast. It'd be pretty close to what you were describing if they emulated his grenade gauntlets. 

  9. To start, these are not back-breaking requests that I'd like to make for the future of the game. Dropping formalities and getting right to the points: 

    1.) UI elements should have the ability to be colored separately. This is a feature many games have, though not all have them to the extent of choosing each and every color individually. Things like the health meter, (over)shield meter, ability and energy meters should be able to have their color changed for visibility. To this day, I still don't think I've ever seen the low health warning overlay when I wasn't actively looking for it due to its color, where-as in some other games I put it to a far more striking color so that I know I'm low health without needing to check the boundaries of my screen or check my health meter constantly. It should be especially noted that this needs to happen with UI mission text as well. "Player is downed!" "2/4 waiting at extraction" and so forth should also be allowed color freedom. 

    2.) A toggle for Buffs and Debuffs to always show its name. There are more than a handful of times where I'm blind-firing and staring at the top left of my screen to wait for an effect to activate to thus do some other part of my build. There is an animation by the gun, or on the warframe when some of these activate but it's the same animation for pretty much every other buff. A quarter second long blue ribbon over the hands. More-over, there's several times where I'm running items that have similar activation requirements, or requirements that can be activated by doing a single action(e.g Headshot Kill Arcane as well as a regular on kill arcane) but have only a chance to activate. Several buffs in this game use the same icon, and while many of the arcanes have discrete icons... Well, put bluntly, who in their right mind thought any player was going to specifically remember the exact icon of several DOZEN arcanes, especially when pretty much all of them are completely abstract to anyone but, like, the art and lore people on the development team? I know, I know... You can't have that many arcanes on. You have to make a build before entering the game, so you should know exactly what icons to look for. Counterpoint: I doubt pretty much anyone can tell me from memory what these two arcanes are. 


    310?cb=20200224034343 310?cb=20200224034342

    Obviously, the one on the left means that when the planets align, Mercury is going to turn into a giant hoop that Venus has to jump through, portraying the player and the abysmal drop rates of any of the companion 60/60 mods, while Earth -- being the center of this diagram, which is the only true and accurate representation of our solar system -- will shoot out two death lasers each at exactly 23 degrees from from its Prime Meridian. This symbolizes the Lotus, the center of our Universe as Tenno, being utterly confused as to her purpose in life, and the existential crisis of Nature or Nurture; is she what she was created to be, or is the path she's walked more important than the plans her creator had for her? Can a being created only to destroy learn to create? 


    Quite clearly, the one on the right tells of none other than the symbol of the Illuminati. The pyramid with a misshapen, impossible cap. The circle in the middle with a single, solitary pixel that stares into your soul; your very being. As you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back. Be wary, as it sees a light in your eyes. It will reach its hand to grab it, as it seeks to consume what little will to farm you have left. 


    If you ever see me in a game standing AFK just know that these are the deep thoughts I'm contemplating as I try to understand what, exactly, these damn arcane icons are supposed to mean. 

    I've used these regularly for the last few weeks, I don't even know which is which from memory. When I take that instant to look at the top left of the screen and see somewhere in the ballpark of 4-13 different buff icons while also looking for a circle with a vague triangle shape and some dots somewhere in there at not even a 1/5th the size of those images with no backing on, say, Mot where all the walls are white and the overlay is light blue, I have no idea which is which. These arcanes are Arcane Blade Charger(left) and Arcane Primary Charger(right). If I'm using something like the Glaive and Basmu and one runs out, I don't know which one did until I double check my damage numbers, or wait for the random time that the name pulses on the screen. If there was a toggle, it wouldn't even be a problem. Certain things can be abbreviated, because of course something like Arcane Blade Charger and Arcane Primary Charger would mix in the UI to look something like... 

    Arcane PrimarAyrcaCnhearger Blade Charger. 

    A simple abbreviation would work for these. APC. ABC. Theorum Contagion(T. Cont.) That way you would know the slot (A = Arcane) and the effect (PC = Primary Charger). Shorter arcanes wouldn't need full abbreviation, like Pax Bolt (P. Bolt) 

    3.) UI elements to be scaled differently. This is probably the largest request, as animations of the UI are dealt with as a single piece for most games. But, it would be quite nice if I could maximize the size of things I need to see all the time, such as shields and overshields while not making the things I couldn't care less about, or have expandable options, absolutely massive, such as the minimap and ammo counts. 


    As a minor note, it'd also be nice to have buff icon for being in the rift. One technically exists, but it's only for having been banished. There's been a few times in the past, when I saw more Limbos, that Cataclysm would glitch out in several different ways. Certain graphics options and a Limbo running certain black shades would make the bubble effectively invisible with only air distortion having any indication at all without being in or on the border of it. There's also some times where the bubble itself functions properly, but the graphics do not and there will be permanent dummy cataclysms all over the map, making it difficult to tell if you're in or out of the rift because you see that you're in a cataclysm bubble, but it doesn't actually exist anymore. Just having a buff icon that tells you when you're in it ever would be nice for the future if something breaks unintentionally. Maybe put it down by the energy bar to also alert newer players that it causes energy to regenerate slowly as well, and allude to the fact that abilities are the only thing that crosses rift's barrier as newer players obviously aren't going to understand that Limbo affects the majority of how they interact with enemies when they first encounter him. 

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  10. 19 hours ago, ECACA said:

    1. NOT if you are fighting in loud area..  And if Limbo sound overwhelmed other sounds??  what would you do? And you want me to look at shadows while in melee?  Ok.  and I hope you understand your existence does not require You to know you exist.

    If you're fighting in a loud area, that's what all the visual clues are for. I do not understand what you mean by "if Limbo sound overwhelmed other sound" unless you mean it's overwhelmed by other sounds, then yes. You can look for shadows pretty much anywhere on the screen. They're everywhere. There's also a bubbling overlay, as well as a deep fading of all of your colors with a harder outline. If the last part is a retort to me complaining about how Limbo has a sweeping effect on all of your gameplay and perception information, I don't know how to respond. 

    19 hours ago, ECACA said:

    2.Numbers above my crosshairs?  Not that I can see.  And Im pointing and shooting.  But not in melee?  And AM I paying attention to a Screen, looking for x? number of msg that are possible to get my attention?  NOPE. Love text..Would really love to read it, over a colorful display, but WHITE ON WHITE ISNT GOOD READING, TEACH them what Anime LEARNED LONG AGO.  OUTLINE THE TEXT.  that goes for the Sniper Aiming also.  you dont make it as WHITE as the snow.  This is an advanced race?

    The text is outlined. It's incredibly obnoxious, in fact. I cannot stop paying attention to it especially if I'm running with a Vulpaphyla, as every few moments I'll see the message "PANZER VULPAPHYLA IS DOWN!" "PANZER VULPAPHYLA HAS BEEN REVIVED!" The crosshair, also, is outlined. It's quite a lot brighter than many other games, actually. Most games will have thinner, more faded and transparent crosshairs. 


    19 hours ago, ECACA said:

    ANd for the others NOPE, NOT on the mini map either.  Generally not fighting with the OTHERS.  And the CHAT, set for the mission, is STUPID, as it randomly pops up and down, NOT WHEN a person SAYS ANYTHING.  And Im not looking Down near my feet for my next target.

    The chatbox can be moved anywhere on your screen, as some streamers and DE team members have it so close to their crosshair I wonder how they play the game at all sometimes. 

    19 hours ago, ECACA said:

    And as you mentioned it first.  Yes I have many handicaps.  Want one?  I think you need one... Just 1.

    If only I could take your burden with me, alas. In context, I mentioned that you can post a proper thread in another channel where you can make an appeal for features that you need to play the game closer to your comfort. Since you seem entirely unwilling to do so, I'll make a thread about the accessibility and visibility of certain powers and the crosshair and give examples of how they could be made more inclusive of those who play games differently. 

    In the meantime while I make a plan I can allow you an option for crosshair visibility, as unfortunately the only way to increase visibility of the UI messages when teammates extract is to turn the UI scale up to maximum, which I'll simply assume you've already done: 

    Applications like Custom Desktop Logo allows you to port images and make them stand above most, if not all, applications. You can put a crosshair that you make yourself, even, in the center of the screen with whatever color you find the most suited for you. 

    If you feel the need to update your monitor in the near future, consider an Asus monitor. It has a larger array of crosshairs to choose from in red and green, unfortunately you cannot color them any differently but they can range from minimal sized dots (about 4 pixels) to the very large, stereotypical sniper optics with mil dots. 


  11. Apparently, OP wants to know when Limbo puts you into the rift, and when teammates are extracting. 

    1.) Limbo has sound, visual, and context clues. You can hear when you enter the rift, as well as the difference of when you're in it. There are visual differences as well as differences in how shadows are displayed when you're in the rift. Energy will regenerate at an increased rate and weapons may or may not hit enemies. If you can pay attention to NONE of this, I don't know what to tell you. I'd rather not, along with this laundry list of annoying bullS#&$, have my chat get constantly spammed and create more annoyance on my screen due to him simply existing. 

    2.) When teammates are extracting, there is a large, capitalized sentence that states something along the lines of "X/4 TEAMMATES ARE WAITING" right above your crosshair. There's a timer that starts at 60 seconds for most game modes. The announcer of the game mode sometimes will say a special voiceline that alludes to the fact that you're leaving the game. Your teammate's markers will no longer be inside the box of your minimap. When they actually leave the game, your player list will disappear, assuming you have it active. Most of the time, people will say in chat that they plan to extract at some specific interval of time, or simply say "gg." 

    We don't need more things cluttering the in-mission UI. There are more than enough hints that both of these things are happening in the game. If you have a problem with visual or auditory cues, such as them being too subtle or you being unable to properly assess them due to disability, please make a thread in https://forums.warframe.com/forum/18-art-animation-ui/ 

    This sub-forum is used for players of the game to help other players. Not to demand features from the developers. Posting threads in the wrong sub-forum can result in warning points being added to your account, which can lead to suspension from the forums. 

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  12. You can only gain conclave rank from conclave games. There is no medallion, sigil, or otherwise that allows you to gain standing from outside of conclave. 

    If it's a certain weapon or warframe augment you desire, it can potentially be dropped from Nightwave. Some other Conclave mods that work in PvE drop from various sources, such as Conculysts and Battalysts on Lua and otherwise. 

    If it's not available as a drop from either of these, your options include trading and waiting for a game. 

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  13. 16 hours ago, quxier said:

    Take some (mobile) defense or excavations. You stay in one place.

    And in these cases, you can use Cataclysm. Maximum range enemies stop moving. Minimum range the objective is nearly invulnerable. 

    The only game modes where this is a relevant problem are Hijacks and Sabotages as those require you to stand in an extremely small area or pass through short AND narrow corridors multiple times in quick succession, respectively. You are limited in no such way for any other game mode where cataclysm doesn't solve the problem immediately. 

  14. Tiles are large, the tear in the rift lasts for 5 seconds. This is not a relevant problem for most game modes. 

    The purpose is for the unlikely case that a teammate would like to enter the rift, but they don't feel like actively communicating with you for them to be banished, so they can enter of their own volition. It will not be going away

  15. 49 minutes ago, DrivaMain said:

    How will you deal with people that invest on it? A huge backlash will be guaranteed.

    I think Universal Energy Regen is a good middle ground.


    13 minutes ago, AriaSTG said:

    ah yes, the obligatory Universal something something, surely wont hurt to those put on sweat and tears on farming or buying these high quality items

    whats next? Universal Grace?

    Please actually read the post before commenting. 

    1 hour ago, Bakaguya-sama said:

    And finally, tying off loose ends : With Arcane Energize's effect becoming built-in, what do we do with existing Arcane Energize? Well we would want to exchange it with something equally useful, while not as ubiquitous. Perhaps change it to On Energy Pickup: %Chance to Increase % Ability Strength  for X seconds. This effect should still be very powerful and useful on many builds, but other offensive arcanes maybe able to compete for the slot, depending on the player's preferences. Yay variety.  


    1 hour ago, Dauggie said:

    this will make energy focused abilities completely useless like trinity's/harrow and some other who drops energy orbs. so that would trigger unnecessary "rework". 

    Firstly: This change would only equip arcane energize on everyone. How would that make Trinity, Harrow, or Dispensary useless? In short, it wouldn't make them any more useless than they are now.

    Secondly: Trinity, still needs changes regardless due to her complete lack of use anywhere but endless farms and Eidolons. Harrow has always had problems working in a team environment, as half of his useful team abilities require that he get the kills in order to have any effect without adding a third ability and an augment. 


    Onto OP, simply no. If there needs to be anything done with the energy system it shouldn't be multiplying energy orbs. There should be a mechanic to charge energy in exchange for making you vulnerable for a time being if anything is to be done about it at all. Though, nothing needs to be considering the plentiful ways of obtaining energy in the game.

    You say it's difficult, I have had no problem with several builds lacking energize at all. 50 energy per orb is enough(base is 25, by the way. I don't know why you keep saying 50, as those are only given by containers) As everyone already knows, there's Zenurik. You mentioned energy consumables, you forgot Specters. As simple as using one protea specter per mission unless you're playing endurance can keep you fully sustained. Energizing Shot in the exilus slot of everyone's favorite secondary, the Kuva Nukor allows free collection of double energy orbs. Zaw arcanes, kitgun arcanes, companions, regular mods  you get the point.

    The energy system isn't outdated, you're just trying to use it expecting never to need anything more than the resources dropped by enemies and containers. If it were designed like that, what's the point of arcanes, mods, gear, or the operator? There would be no point for all these options if the resources right out of the gate are that excessive. And, on that note: 

    2 hours ago, Bakaguya-sama said:

    Perhaps change it to On Energy Pickup: %Chance to Increase % Ability Strength  for X seconds.

    This, essentially, exists as Pax Bolt. Do you know what maximized ability strength is? https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Maximization#Temporary_Maximized_Ability_Strength It's not even funny. "Variety" and "Ability Strength" are mutually exclusive when we talk about Warframe. 

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  16. 2 minutes ago, -CdG-Zilchy said:

    You're gonna hate this game buddy. This test is incredibly easy and used throughout the entire game.

    If I remember correctly... The corpus ciphers on that MR test are actually harder than any cipher that's actually in the game for the last two batches. They're not hard when you've solved dozens or hundreds of them at maximum cipher level, but someone who's only had two or three nodes at most since they started the game, this is out of left field.

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  17. You can practice Mastery Rank tests at no penalty in a relay up to +1 of your MR. Visit Cephalon Simaris. 

    If I remember, the MR test you're on is a lot of Corpus. A good tip is to do the outside first until you know it's facing the right way, and then spam the middle until it clicks. E(or W/M) shaped nodes always face toward the middle. Anything on it's left and right side must face it. From there, it's usually not very difficult. 

    There is the Intruder Parazon mod, as well as Auto Breach that should allow you to get one or two hacks that you previously couldn't before. They can be farmed or transmuted if you're willing to gamble 

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  18. Firstly, we here at the forums cannot help you as we have absolutely no idea -- unless one of us happened to be there -- who or why you were banned. These matters should always be taken up with support at the zendesk as they can gather logs. 

    Secondly, some chat moderators will send you a message to inform you of what you did wrong via PM, or if you happen to remember the name of a moderator and know that they are online, you could send a direct message to them. 

  19. Maybe it's currently different on PS4... But when I was on 29.5.5, no. None of this was true. It was also not adjusted in the last two patches, nor can I find anything on cyanex changes in the last 3 patches on PS4 dating as far back as November 16th, and as I test this while typing it: 

    Arcane Consequence and Hydraulic Crosshairs were able to be procced often enough to refresh in its duration with just the primary fire at a decent distance away on bipedal Grineer enemies while modded with multishot. 

    After proccing enemies with void on the head using the secondary fire, the primary fire consistently hits headshots no matter where I aim or where the projectile starts tracking. 

    Regardless of anything, the Cyanex's Primary fire wasn't designed to consistently hit headshots in the first place. It's purpose is being incredibly imprecise, but tracking and bouncing to spread status effects, with the absolutely precise alternate fire meant to do damage at range. 

  20. So, this is just buyer's remorse for not even, at the least, checking the codex or linking it to yourself in chat? 

    You can bind firing a weapon to scroll wheel. You are, by no means, forced or required to use this weapon. 

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