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  1. I got banned last night, typical "banned until 2035" message. I think I'm safe saying that I haven't done anything that would get me banned. The most recent thing I did was buy 50 dollars worth of plat... So my question is, how good is DE at fixing false positive bans? I have over 2,000 hours game time on Steam and have spent hundreds of dollars on this account, so if the ban doesn't get lifted I guess I'm never playing the game again. Has anyone been banned and not gotten a response back from DE or not had the ban lifted? I've heard it can take weeks to get a response (rip daily logins). Then again, I guess if someone did get permanently banned they wouldn't be on this forum to answer my question... TL:DR - spent 50 bucks on my favorite game and got banned for it, RIP dreams of getting Primed Sure Footed.
  2. The affect on sentinels is that is makes them useful in some way. /s How does it make the game better though? I've never used this "exploit" as you call it but DE has a history of removing incremental buffs like this and other actual synergies. It's more of a pervasive issue I've noticed over years, not specifically related to this change.
  3. Cool, so now I'll never use a squishy warframe again. Shield gating isn't broken at all and it needs that "exploit". The more comments I read the less I want to play this game ever again :) No wonder it's gone to S#&$ if these kind of changes are what the playerbase wants.... Without synergy THE GAME HAS NO DEPTH. Without depth THE GAME IS BORING. Just.... it's so simple... So, so simple...
  4. What's wrong with decaying dragon key shield gating? You want even more synergy to get deleted? Why? That's literally the fun in any RPG, finding out what different things boost each other to create a build. Take all that out and there's really no point in doing anything. You just level up weapons and Warframes, use whatever with whatever, then get bored of the game because there's zero depth. Ya'll are actually unhinged aren't you.
  5. Abuse?? IT'S SYNERGY DUDE. What so bad about making things work together? What's so fun about HAVING EVERYTHING NOT WORKING WITH ANYTHING ELSE? Yeah, such a cool change. Poggers. The one reason anyone ever used a certain sentinel has been removed from the game and the fans act like it's a good thing. This happens every time they remove "unintended synergy".
  6. Really? Synergy removed means sentinels are now fixed? What a bad take dude.
  7. Does it work with Titania Dex Pixia? Someone above mentioned it doesn't work on Mesa so I'm guessing the answer is no.
  8. Exactly, it's just bad design and should be fixed. I can max my Simaris by playing the game and capturing random targets anyway.
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