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  1. Yeah that could work too. Definitely some kind of change should happen. Self damage is in a bad spot.
  2. I'm saying I want that. What's your point? You haven't given a single reason as to WHY it shouldn't change. My reason for it is that it doesn't make much sense, since our Warframes can tank quite a lot of damage. Self damage is overtuned when compared to pretty much every other damage source in the game. A cap would fix that and would allow weapons to be individually tuned separate from their base damage/damage type (balancing lesser used self-damage weapons, of which there are a lot). This would be necessary for my other change which would be to make self damage more pervasive across multiple systems. Note that I low-balled the cap numbers, as was discussed, if that's what you're worried about.
  3. Sorry but this thread is about fun, not nerfing or buffing anything.
  4. Seems solid. I still think the flat damage idea is better though, since it's easier to maintain. If damage output is ever modified at all, then that .05% damage may once again be too much. With flat damage, there is less balancing that needs to happen, and each weapon can be investigated individually. Even with flat damage, arming distance and cautious shot still have their place, but wouldn't be necessary for a weapon to be comfortable. If anything cautious slot would be actually pretty cool because currently it's kind of a waste of slot. If it negated almost all damage (because less damage in general), then that would be a thing people would build around with squishier frames. Arming distance isn't as useful (even now) but it's such a fun gimmick that it doesn't really matter, and people who like it really like it. Honestly everything is already in place for most of these changes, DE just needs to implement them.
  5. Yeah I low balled the damage you're totally right. It does depend a lot on the weapon too as you said! Like if they made blast damage into self damage like I mentioned, it would have to be lower seeing as the weapons it can be used on. This can actually already be seen in action on the Zhuge Prime! When I said 150 I forgot shields exist lol. Certain weapons could be up higher, like 700 - 1000 so most frames get one shot, while some weapons should allow even the weakest frames to survive multiple hits. As for the electricity, I meant it BEHAVING like my proposed blast damage change, wherein you don't have to "hit" an enemy for the proc to happen, so you can put electric procs on the ground around enemies. Maybe it could hurt operators though 🙂 Warframes seems pretty electric resistant to me lol
  6. Sounds fun. Would obviously come with its downsides like no punch through, but yeah that would be cool. Also as for the question about diversity, sure, a lot of people use Arca Plasmor because of how good it is. that said, they are CHOOSING to use that weapon. I am perfectly OK with freedom of choice in Warframe, even if that freedom means min-maxing to some people. Homing arrows might not even be strong if they ever add it you know. Depends on a lot of factors.
  7. I have always been anti-self-damage in Warframe, but a recent discussion on Reddit opened my eyes a little. Self damage can be a good thing, but three important things need to change first: 1. Damage Cap The current self damage scaling means you are bound to kill yourself. The problem isn't that you can kill yourself, but rather that you WILL kill yourself with self damage outside of a few specific frames. Even some very defensive frames, specifically defensive casters like Saryn for example, cannot survive the explosions. It is OK if Ivara dies in on explosion. It is not OK if Nezha dies in one explosion. Capped damage means each explosive weapon can have damage based on its effectiveness. 50 flat damage would put some frames in the red after a couple mistakes. 150 would be a death sentence to some, but frames that are made to survive would be able to shrug off this damage like they realistically should be able to. 2. Consistency Self damage is not consistent and is therefore not immersive (and therefore not fun). There are many weapons that should have self damage but do not. Self damage needs a full rework so we can clearly understand exactly what self damage 'is'. I think one good concept would be to just make self damage and blast damage the same thing. Anything that deals AOE blast damage (including blast procs) should deal self damage (Add capped blast proc damage to self damage on innate self damage weapons). This way there is a sense that explosion=can hurt you, so it is much more acceptable when it happens. To make it balanced, and to generally increase the effectiveness of the blast status, just let blast cause explosions anywhere, not just on contact with enemies (gas should work this way too, maybe even electricity?). By modifying blast damage and adding innate self damage to every weapon that should have it, most of the issues with self damage would be solved (assuming the other two changes are also implemented). 3. Eliminate Friendly Fire Other players having hitboxes we can interact with is a mistake and should be removed for all weapons. This is especially important when considering self damage. There is a certain level of predictability to enemy movement and world geometry, but that goes out of the window when you consider other players. Hitting another player with a self damage weapon (resulting in death, or damage after this proposed rework) is not fair and is therefor not fun. This goes for other weapons too. Players should never block your line of sight outside of some theoretical hardcore mode where we can damage each other. In review, I REALLY think you guys should rework self damage. Hell, make a whole update out of it! I had an idea where you could add in another weapon slot for grenades, kind of like in the original Mass Effect. These would be a purely self-damage weapon type that could be modified with various elements and would have very limited uses outside of ammo refills. This could be the "meat" that would be a decent excuse to make an entire update out of fixing self damage. Please closely consider what I said here. I do not take ownership over most of these ideas as most of them came from this Reddit discussion:
  8. Rebind the key. Of course that depends on alt fire and melee heavy attack being separate hotkeys. If they are, then rebind the key.
  9. Why do you want nothing to interact with anything in this game? Wukong toggle sprint. Mirage Ephemera nerf. It's stuff like this that adds variety and complexity to the game. Then you remove it for no good reason because it's "not intended"? What happened to the DE that allowed negative power strength Nova to work the way it does? Stop trying to rip the soul out of the game please! EDIT - On review, the Wukong thing was a decent nerf. I stand by that the Mirage synergy with the ephemera was really cool. Either way these are small things but they can have huge ramifications to players of the game.
  10. Path of Exile lets you play with 6 people whenever you want. Starting to think the problem is that I should be playing a better game instead of Warframe. The latest patch notes were so out of touch I don't even have words.
  11. 5 or 6 would be perfect, and as stated above, just limit this to clan-only. Regular Railjack missions work "fine" with 4 people. Something like this would be more of a luxury for people who play the game with friends. This change would literally be the single biggest thing Warframe could do to get me and my friends playing and spending more often. 4 players works for the base game, but now they're adding open worlds and space combat. Those are literally different games that don't work in the "corridor shooter" model of the base game. Railjack needs a higher cap for clans and harder missions. Open worlds need a higher cap period, especially in public matches. Players bring life to the game and the open worlds feel crushingly dead with 4 people who are often spread out.
  12. Solo? Where? I play with my clanmates, and there are six of us. Your problems are not universal, and adding the OPTION of more players doesn't hurt anyone.
  13. It's not about "need" it's about want. I want to fly around with all of my friends. Plus, it would be fun; add some dynamics to it. I agree that 8 is too much, but 4 is definitely too little.
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