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  1. Exactly, it's just bad design and should be fixed. I can max my Simaris by playing the game and capturing random targets anyway.
  2. I hope this isn't intended. Was excited to use Hildryn for this update... She's not horrible for it, but pretty much any other frame would be better as a pilot. I hope they fix this soon, bring the scaling down a bit so you don't have to wait so long to cast abilities. Sad...
  3. See title. Please give us the option to turn off the vignette effect (darkened edges of the screen). Thanks.
  4. @nslay You kind of proved my point by bringing up Khorra. That build sounds nice but the fact that you need to CC enemies for the sentinel to stay alive defeats the purpose of the sentinel since the build diversity is limited. I guess that could be intended but I doubt it. You mentioned status immunity. Do sentinels receive immunity from the warframe, or do you mean through a buff like Nezha's halo? For my build as an example, Hildryn is, by all meanings of the word, invincible. I'd sacrifice a whole ability slot if it meant making my sentinel invincible too lol. Just going to stick with
  5. @LeqesaiYou can mitigate some of the issues, sure, but I'm directly(and fairly) comparing Sentinels to Kavats, Kubrows, Moas and the infested variants. Primed regen revives the sentinel three times, but all the others can be revived indefinitely. Putting a weapon on a sentinel is a bad idea too because they'll just die faster, meanwhile most of the other pets can do pretty good damage while also staying around for the duration of any mission. I may have been a little dramatic but I'll stand strong that Sentinels aren't at the level of other pets in the game. They're just not worth using o
  6. So, I wanted to add Taxon to a build for a specific mod only it can use (Molecular Conversion). I sunk three forma into the sentinel before giving up completely. The frame I was going to use (Hildryn) even buffs Taxon's defenses, but it just didn't make a difference; a dead sentinel is not useful... I know Taxon is one of the weakest sentinels, but its EHP isn't so much worse than a Carrier Prime that I'd be willing to drop my complaint (from experience carrier primes die at high lvl anyway). In response to my disappointment I'd like to revive the discussion about sentinel EHP, starting h
  7. ohhhh ok. I guess I never noticed because I only ever use pizzas in Steel Path these days lol. I wouldn't mind having that in all missions. It helps since I accidentally use way more than intended by spamming. Cooldown prevents that, saving me resources.
  8. Can't spam pizzas anymore. Stealth patch? Either way, pizzas have cooldowns now.
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